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Edward Snowden

The room of The Mira Hong Kong which Edward Snowden Has Already Checked out.
Hi everyone.
Because my monitor of PC turned dark until July 7, I was not able to type any letters.I was sad that I couldn't see you for a while.
Because I made collage of Assange of WikiLeaks which wore bikini of the Chinese national flag, I thought that my small joke would have brought Assange's anger down on me.I installed the device of the monitor again and continued performing recovery of my PC.But the cause is not far to seek.However, the cause of the trouble of the monitor is because the screws of the cable of the monitor were only loosened.
I was convinced that Assange was a super hacker.I am convinced that he can loosen the screw of the monitor of the users by his own psychokinesis and telepathy,if Assange will be too angry .
How terrible Assang is!I desire earnestly that the armed forces will surround the Ecuadorian embassy where Assange stays, as soon as possible .
Apart from joking.About Edward Snowden, I want to do peaceful suggestion.
Russian President Putin does not want to clash the relation with the United States, but there are many Russian politicians of anti-Americanismin in the Russian political world. If Russian President Putin delivers Edward Snowden to the United States, Russian President Putin can't save his honor.
On condition that the country of South America such as Venezuela will tell the whereabouts of Edward Snowden by all means so that FBI captures Edward Snowden, Russia should deliver Edward Snowden to South America such as Venezuela,I think.
The South American countries are dangerous enough to encounter robbery at only less than 100 meters from an airport.A country must become rich to revive the public peace of their each mother country.The anti-Americanism often accounts for poverty.
There should be the country which wants to stop anti-Americanism in South America.They should stop anti-Americanism to become the country where world investment is concentrated like Myanmar.
The Obama Administration is different from the former Bush administration, and I guess that the South American socialization was a stratagem of the former Soviet Union.By former Soviet Union, the public order of of the South American continued to deteriorate.
If the South American countries set up the economic reform team by ten economists and if they carry out a public works project with the calculatedness, and if the job growth of South American countries can come true, the anti-Americanism should be eased.
The serious unemployment rate deteriorates the public peace of the South America.
South America can almost establish the production base of the personnel cheap expenses that are about the same as China for foreign capital industry, and there is a rich grain belt in South America. Because the economic ruin in China will be soon, the world company should change one part of their the production bases to South America.
Because there is not a concrete plan of the economic reform, the South American economy does not progress.Because the former governments of South America were the American yes-men, the thought that a difference of the poverty and wealth escalated is buck-passing.
The former governments of the South America ran for their own bribery to monopolize wealth of South American politicians under the protection of USA.The former governments rather than United States are bad .
The United States and Russia and the South American third nation should push forward talks under the surface of the water for the South American country with a concrete economic reform bill to accept exile of Edward Snowden on condition that the South American country will cooperate so that FBI can capture Edward Snowden easily.
It is nonsense that United States and Russia and South America collide by a stratagem of Edward Snowden which is a spy of China government and Assange's wikileaks of China government which is a cyber spy association of the Chinese government.
If Edward Snowden refuses exile to South America, Russia should send back Edward Snowden to Hong Kong.I am convinced that Edward Snowden has received about 1 billion yen(101,020,000,000$) bribe from the Chinese government in order to steal national secrets of USA. Therefore, Russia should not have to take responsibility of Edward Snowden .China will wait for Edward Snowden to starve to death while China is frightened by the United States.
I know that several American politicians speak for Japan like that Japan should not ruin the reputation of Chinese politicians preparing for a summit meeting between Japan and China.
I did not write any derogatory remark against China for one week, and Chinese stock market stopped tumbling.
But China has begun to plane the coral of the Japanese territory to enlarge the contiguous zone of the Chinese side during one week.
If the Chinese government and Chinese military will plane Japanese coral further, Aozora continues appealing for Chinese economic ruin, and the China stock will slump again.
I would like to hope that the U. S. Government will tell China to stop chipping of Japanese coral .
The coral reef formed close to the shoreline is purifying the water of the sea. China should not slaughter the coral.
China torments the U. S. Government by making many American programmers change into spies of the Chinese government.
If Chinese people and the Chinese spies insist as if Edward Snowden were their own hero in order to give damage to the approval rating of President Obama, I will insist that I am the brave hero who gives more menace and more damages to Chinese stocks by the right social justice and the right economic analysis.
I respect and love great President Obama heartily who prevented Chinese terrible plan to slaughter Japanese people .The monitoring system of the Obama Administration is ‘not only self-defense to terrible terrorism and slaughter', ‘but also being helping other countries from ruining by China'.
I never believe China but I believe President Obama by all means.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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