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Soft power of Russia

Hi everyone!My computer has been in bad shape all along again until yesterday.My monitor of PC was turned on only for two seconds after being switched on.So yesterday,I dismantled a PC, and I cleaned it to lower the heat of the CPU of my PC. The dust was very bad in My PC.But my PC wasn't improved more than this situation.I was greatly embarrassed because of failure and I thought whether I should dismantle my monitor or not, in order to clean the dust in my monitor.When I looked the back side of my monitor closely, the cable of my monitor leans to one side and was connected.I made the cable straight , and I tightened the screw of the cable more strongly.And then my monitor was just improved.
I cannot live without the PC.The resolution and the cleaning of the PC were a little hard and were not a direct cause in the trouble of my monitor, but it was good that I could clean a beloved PC..
By the way, my monitor was made in China.After all I can't trust China.
China makes the equipments of the PC carefully which will be exported to the United States , but I am convinced that China cuts corners to make the equipments of the PC which will be exported to Japan.At the U. S. and China summit meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping behaved as if he were a gentleman, but Chinese President Xi Jinping is the risky man who wants to always make ‘the Japanese politicians as if they were chickens' change into fried chickens.China deploys approximately 100 of the nuclear missiles which were leveled at Japan.
The plan of Chinese illuminati to let Japan sink by approximately 100 of the nuclear missiles at the World War 3 advances certainly.Japan must stop World War 3 in order to survive. Of course Japan must mediate the United States and Russia.
All members of Aozora fan clubs of the all over the world may be surprised if you hear that Japan has the good impression for Putin President of Russia.There are many Russian politicians having anti-Japan sentiment, but, in fact, Putin President always soothes them.The Putin President aims at the reform of the Soft power.
I think that many people of the world have a scary image for Russia by oppression and invasion of Stalin.However, the great President Putin makes the effort for good image-building with great patience in order to escalate the export of oil and thinks to change Russian economy more wealthily.Because economic reform of President Putin is too novel,neither Russian people nor the Russian politicians can follow his logic so much.But the reform of the Soft power of Russia is very important for huge development of Russia.
I sometimes criticize Russian politicians which have the anti-Japan sentiment, but I never criticize President Putin at all.It's because I know that President Putin is very charming.
President Putin has tough sinew, and President Putin has the high technique of the judo that is the martial arts of Japan .The judo world of Japan was going to present a black belt as a gift of the first grade to President Putin at once,but President Putin insisted that it was not fair and declined a proposal of the judo world.He was called a man among men in Japan in those day.President Putin loves the martial arts .

Data of January, 2012
Containing capital outflow normally requires maintaining domestic interest rates at an extremely high level, with adverse effects on economic growth.Unlike the first term and the second term that was supported by high crude oil prices and that economic recovery went ahead, because the economic growth of Russia hit the peak around 2010 and have steadily decreased since then, it is very difficult for Russia to prevent capital outflow .
But I pay attention to Russian Saratov Oblast.
Saratov Oblast is ‘the rich mining area of crude oil and natural gas', and monthly wages is 403.08US$(16, 000RUB by Data of May 31, 2012), and ‘the labor costs' are lower than Beijing city of China.
I suggest that President Putin will build the special economic zone in Saratov Oblast and will build the rapid freight railway to communicate Moscow city directly.
If a package of the big business contract that will be included "a cheap electric bill contract by ‘the abundant oil and natural gas energy of Russia'" and "the foreign investment's contract of building the special economic zone and the long railroad" with overseas manufacturing industry comes true, President Putin should be able to invite the huge foreign capital to Russia.I think that Russia may build the international airport in Saratov Oblast.
I want to name my suggestion "Putin dream energy city big project". .
Of course "the fund which flowed out from Russia into the foreign countries after 2010" will return to Russia as "direct overseas investing".
The Putin Administration had not better take measures favorable towards the place, for example, preferential tax treatment for Russian Industry within Russia, in order to let Russian economy revive.
It means that Russia may take measures favorable towards preferential tax treatment for foreign capital industry except Industry of Russia.
And the labor costs of Hanoi are lower than Saratov Oblast, but Russia is a world's best oil-producing country.If an electricity bill is bargain, besides, and if ‘the labor costs' of Saratov Oblast are lower than Beijing, Russia can invite foreign capital industry, and Russian economic growth should come true.
Russia must make a certain decision, in order to let "Putin dream energy city big project" succeed.
Yes it is. I think Russia will invite vast foreign capital in the special economic zone of Saratov Oblast if Russia delivers Edward Snowden to the United States.
Snowden is anything but a gentleman or a hero. Snowden is an only burglar.I suppose that Snowden received a little less than 1 billion yen(10,077,000 US$) bribe from China.That nerdy Snowden should not have a qualification to fall in love with a beautiful woman like Chapman or Miss Universe of Venezuela.
The human has thought since the ancient times that God was unfair .However, Aozora glories in honourable poverty.But、God,God,Please Listen!!!Aozora will become a delinquent if God gives huge wealth and beautiful women to a thief like Snowden.
Snowden must criticize the United States from now on, and Snowden will invade the Russian military secrets sometime soon because Snowden is a slave of Assange of WikiLeaks.I am convinced that Snowden will betray Russia by all means.Russia will be damaged seriously if Russia will trust a trickster such Edward Snowden.Because Assange of WikiLeaks hopes that Chinese illuminati conquers the world, he will target Russia in order to let Russia weaken.
However, "Russia of the country of art producing ‘the best ballerina of all over the world such as Ulyana Lopatkina'" , or "Russia of the country of art producing a splendid figure skating coach like great Tatiana Tarasova" should not be deceived by Snowden who is a slave of Assange or Assange who is playing the part of cheap-looking Arsène Lupin.
Ulyana Lopatkina and Tatiana Tarasova are the great national asset of Russia and they are the symbols of Soft power of Russia.Russia of the country of the art should not become the friend of the thieves.
If "Putin dream energy city big project" succeeds, Russians in the whole country will fall in love with all cabinet ministers of the Putin Administration.Soft power of Russia is necessary.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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