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Snowden wants to provoke the Cold War again between the United States and Russia.

AFP correspondant Maria Antonova tweeted this screen grab from Russian TV station Rossiya 24 showing what they report is the back of Edward Snowden's head as he leaves the Moscow airport
Now that the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union had been over, the world situation changes drastically.But Furious White House threatens to cancel summit with Putin after Edward Snowden is granted asylum in Russia for a YEAR and leaves Moscow aiport.
It's as if we were back in the Cold War Ages.There is supposed to be something that Japan can do too.
If World War 3 breaks out, China intends to let Japan sink with around 100 nuclear weapons.Because Japan should prevent World War 3, Japan must arbitrate the United States and Russia.If Japan tries desperately to arbitrate the United States and Russia in good faith, the world needs Japan, and Japan is never ruined.The sincerity is the only way Japan can survive.
Russia is a country with the world's largest territorial possession, and the economic reform is very difficult in Russia.On condition that Russia will deliver Snowden to the United States, Japan should support an economic policy of Pressident Putin of Russia.
Of course the U. S. Government should neither torture Snowden nor sentence him to death, in consideration of public opinion.
Instead of reducing the punishment of Snowden such as sentencing penal servitude for around three years, the U. S. Government should seize all the bribery amount of money that Snowden received from China and Russia, in order to donate Snowden's money for the medical bill of the children of leukemia.
I hear that the son of the guards of Former President Bush is leukemia, and I pray that he will be saved from leukemia .
If the U. S. Government converts "money of the bribery that Snowden got" into a humanitarian fund, the public opinion will not blame the U. S. Government very much.
By the way, then,what can Japan do for Russia?
The huge demonstration to destroy many Japanese cars in Beijing happened last year, and a Chinese man who owned a Japanese car encountered Lynch by the Chinese people, and he is suffering yet complete paralysis of the lower half of the body usually resulting from damage to the spinal cord .
If the companies of Japanese car can't increase sales in China , I suggest that Japan should let them move their bases of the Japanese car from Beijing to Vladivostok of Russia.
The personnel expenses of Vladivostok is slightly higher than Beijing, but the Japanese companies should withdraw from Beijing because the China's economy collapses soon by shadow banking.
China's manufacturing Purchase Management Index (PMI) announced by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing rose 0.2 percentage point from a month earlier to 50.3 in July. But I am convinced that it's a lie.
I know that the Russian Far-Eastern area is a high-risk market. Actually, even if foreign firms go into Russia with being attracted by economic growth of Russia(The international market expects 6-9% of inflation rate in 2013) and Russian future , if Russian people come to be able to manage it without Japanese help, several Russian firms cause a trouble on purpose in order to let all Japanese people get out from their companies.I hear that there are many examples such as this case.
Because a way of thinking of unsociable socialism of the former Soviet Union is still left in Russia, there are some tendency like that "Russian people can not trust the outsiders but they hope using outsiders" .
A Japanese company side must worry about all the Russian procedures from transportation to customs clearance, or the Russian procedures of the arrangement of the transport ships.
The bad quality of the service for the foreign firms blocks development of the economy of Russia.
If President Putin recommends to Japan about several Russian companies which is responsible to work all the Russian procedures from transportation to customs clearance or the Russian procedures of the arrangement of the transport ships, the business between Vladivostok and Japan will make rapid progress.
The business in the Russian Far-Eastern area is difficult, but there are many success example there. The Japanese companies can get big success if the Japanese companies can find their reliable Russian partners.
Yes,he is.The most reliable Russian partner for Japanese companies is just President Putin.
Primorsky Krai(The Russian shore state ) authorities adopted a plan to build the special economic zone for industrial production in Vladivostok on July 24, 2013.Primorsky Krai authorities intends to develop "motor parts production based in Ssang Yong(Sorrel Far Eastern factory of Vladivostok)" .
Ssang Yong has ability to produce 30,000 of Off-road vehicle of Ssang Yong, 50,000 of cars of Mazda, and 12,000 of cars of Toyota("Land Cruiser Prado" ), in the year now.
Ssang Yong Off road vehicle2013
Off-road vehicle of Ssang Yong
CX-5 of Matuda
Matuda 6 of Matuda
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Ssang Yong
"Sorrel Far Eastern factory "of Vladivostok
The left photographs are the cars which are formed in the parts' factories of Ssang Yong of Vladivostok.
Lexus, Nissan Motor, Mitsubishi Motors, Honda, Subaru, Daihatsu should cooperate with Ssang Yong of Vladivostok,too.
If Russia delivers Snowden to the United States, Japan should give the tax concessions to the car manufacturers cooperating with Ssang Yong of Vladivostok about Capital spending reduction of taxes.
If Russia delivers Snowden to the United States,Japan should talk with Russia about LCC( low-cost carrier) between Vladivostok and Haneda interval and between Vladivostok and Niigata interval to go into service.
An airplane can arrive at Vladivostok from Niigata for a one hour.Russia is a Japanese neighboring country.If Japan can cooperate with the success of the economic policy of President Putin, the plan to return half territory of the four northern Islands (Kuril Islands) to Japan that President Putin had suggested progresses, and Japan can conclude Japan and Russia peace treaty.
If Russia delivers Snowden to the United States, Russia can get big business opportunity.
A company of Hokkaido opens a discounter similar to the 100-yen shop in state capital, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk of Sakhalin and the company of Hokkaido gains success.
Because "Sakhalin project" to mine natural gas from the bottom of the sea off Sakhalin advances, in the Russian Far-Eastern area, various foreign capital industry steps forward for this local area.
If Russia delivers Snowden to the United States, President Putin should back up several fishermen's associations to cooperate with the sushi chain stores such as Kappazushi, Sushiro, the Mutenkakurazushi.
If Russia delivers Snowden to the United States,Japan should talk with Russia about LCC( low-cost carrier) between Sakhalin and Haneda interval and between Sakhalin and Niigata interval to go into service.
The marine products of the Russian Far-Eastern area are particularly delicious. The coast of the Russian Far-Eastern area has the sea of the treasure.
The Russian Far-Eastern area can get Japanese tourists if these sushi business succeeds.
The mean temperature of August is 23.3 degrees,but Vladivostok may be beyond 30 degrees for a few days in August.The climate of Sakhalin resembles Vladivostok closely, too. Vladivostok and Sakhalin are most suitable as the fresh cool summer resort. If the air fare is cheap, if there are the town of the pretty lodgings where tourists can eat delicious sweets and yummy dishes in the summer resort like Karuizawa city of Japan, Vladivostok and Sakhalin will become popular .In "voice of Russia" ,I read the information that Russian tourists increased because Russia extended the construction of the nice lodgings .I recommend Kremlin so that Russian government let some cake craftsmen of Vladivostok and Sakhalin study abroad in Kobe city of Japan because Japanese people love the cakes of Kobe city.Because "the cakes of Kobe city" are elegant sweetness without being too sweet , Japanese people please to the sense of taste of the cakes of Kobe city.I think that Russian cake tastes too sweet for Japanese people.If "several cake craftsmen of Vladivostok and Sakhalin "practice training the skill in "Pâtisserie GREGORY COLLET" or "HEIDI" in Kobe city of Japan or Monsieur Makino (It isn't Kobe city but this cake shop can make the world's most delicious cheesecake), the towns of Vladivostok and Sakhalin will be popularity by all means as the nice summer resort.The bread of Kobe is my recommendation, too such as Ca marche,Isuzu Bakery,Place de Pasto,Le Dimanche,and Boulangerie Comme Chinois.
If once Russia consents only to deliver only one scumbag like Snowden to the United States, the dream of Russia spreads very much.Russia is free to do what Russia likes with Snowden as its own possessions, but Snowden is too old a bird to be caught with chaff.Delicious Russian food and a delicious cake and delicious bread are much more wonderful than the chicken which seems to be bad such as Snowden.
If Russian government holds the Russian language study training for the Japanese elderly persons in Vladivostok and Sakhalin for summer one month, I think that Russian language study training in Vladivostok and Sakhalin becomes popular because Vladivostok and Sakhalin are cool in every summer.A Japanese youth likes going to Okinawa to swim in summer, but a Japanese elderly person likes summer cool resorts.If they can get qualification of Russian language, the employment of the elderly persons will increase in Japan.
If Russia will delivers Snowden to the United States, a bright future is assured for Russia and Japan.
Japan and Russia can establish "the association between Japan and Russia" for the language study training of Vladivostok and Sakhalin, if Russian consulates hold the study sessions of Russian language for Japanese elderly persons.
Because the Abe Administration is criticized that the Abe Administration does only the economic reform that is advantageous to rich persons, if the Abe Administration can make the environment that the Japanese elderly persons can work as the interpreters of Russian language, it can support the approval ratings for Prime Minister Abe.
It is the chance that the Japanese elderly persons can become the tour conductors of the Russian Far Eastern area.
Sakhalin nature
Sakhalin natureSakhalin nature2

In "voice of Russia",I read the news that President Putin had caught 21 kg of a rainbow trout , and Japanese old men like fishing very much.In the area of the subarctic monsoon, they can catch a huge river fish. If President Putin prepares for the guards teams who protect the Japanese fishing visitors from the terrible bears, Vladivostok and Sakhalin island will become popular for Japanese elder persons.
Of course "Sakhalin project" is very attractive for Japanese economy, too."Sakhalin project" needs investment from several billion yen to more than 100 billion yen .This business manages in five places in total of "one ward and 2 wards of Sakhalin", but "the development of 15 mine lots in total" is planned in the future to six wards of Sakhalin.
Because the Sakhalin project will need the time of approximately 40 years per 1 mine , the business of the Sakhalin project will be continued for at least next around 100 years.
Because the Far Eastern area of Russia can acquire rights and interests or a deposit during 100 years, income level in the Far Eastern area of Russia will rise , and we can expect that the service for "the representatives of Western firms or American firms" in the Far Eastern area of Russia should widen to local people.
If Russia delivers Snowden to the United States,the Sakhalin project and special economic zone of Vladivostok will develop the economy of Russia.
If Russia delivers Snowden to the United States,JOGMEC and Toyota TSUSHO CORPORATION and Teikoku Oil Co.Ltd should cooperate with the Sakhalin project .
If Russia delivers Snowden to the United States,UFJ Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Mizuho Bank, and Resona Bank should finance the Sakhalin project and Japanese car companies of special economic zone of Vladivostok at the low rate of interest.
If Russia delivers Snowden to the United States,the prestige of President Putin will become more powerful.
If Russia delivers Snowden to the United States, Russia can get big business opportunity.
1.I would like to hope that Obama Administration of USA will persuade Abe Admistration of Japan so that,JOGMEC and Toyota TSUSHO CORPORATION and Teikoku Oil Co.Ltd should cooperate with the Sakhalin project if Russia delivers Snowden to the United States
2.I would like to hope that Obama Administration of USA will persuade each Japanese bank that "UFJ Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Mizuho Bank, and Resona Bank" should finance "the Sakhalin project" and "Japanese car companies of special economic zone of Vladivostok" at the low rate of interest, if Russia delivers Snowden to the United States.
3.Because they feel some menace each other between Japanese politicians and the Russian politicians by the history of "the aggression of Stalin" or "Russia-Japan War", I would like to hope that the Obama Administration can understand that the intermediation of the Obama Administration is necessary for the economic cooperation between Japan and Russia.

Sirian frontier
Map of Syria
The first reason why I desire a U. S.-Russia settlement is that I want to stop Syrian slaughter.The internal trouble in Syria includes a factor to develop into World War 3.t is terrible for Japan.
Especially,I wept in sympathy when I heard of the pathetic condition of Syrian refugees.The human traffic or organs sale of Syrian girls of refugees becomes serious.There are some parents selling off their own daughters to the bad contraband traders.The 16-year-old girls of Syrian refugees are bought and sold at the price of 1,000 euros(1,327.50Us$,43,685.90RUB) per a girl.
On the other hand, Syrian military supporting the Assad government and shabbiha (militiamen) supporting government attack ‘several areas and the villages' which are sheltering dissidents, in order to repeat slaughtering them.
On the other hand, 450 people of the innocent Kurd were killed by anti-government member yesterday.In 450 people who were slaughtered , 120 children were included.Is it necessary to murder children?
Much of the city has been reduced to ruin in the civil war.
They are both to blame.The world must stop Syrian internal disturbance as soon as possible.
I have a proposal there.
Syria should be divided into 2 countries on the line which is deferred from Bāniyās to the border so that Syrian territory becomes half .
The civil war in Syria becomes war by proxy between "the United States and EU" vs. "Russia and Iran" .The world must stop the Syrian slaughter anymore.
The human beings who can stop slaughter of Syrian people are only two people. They are President Obama and President Putin.
It's essential to do everything in moderation.If President Obama and President Putin can meet halfway, the peace will come.
And I think that the country can stabilize the nation if each country makes a new law about "the prohibition of the arrest by the thought control" and "the abolition of the concentration camp" and if they decide not to accuse them about any crimes about the slaughter before the constitutional amendment.
I'll supplicate President Putin for clemency on my knees, and say ,"Please deliver Snowden to the United States".
Everybody does not want to die by being murdered .All the people want to live.
Of course,Syrian people want to live happily in the peace.

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The human race must begin to walk in the right direction.
We must never entangle the world in a scheme of militarism.
The world flaps the wings of democracy .
Soon, we will become knowing what is the peace .

Peace begins from knowing what is the human rights.
The human rights is a right to live happily without harming either someone else or yourself .
It is a duty for the human race to let harmony come true without persecution or oppression.

Let's muster up our courage.
Let's restore the human rights of people who are depressed in agony.
Let's widen a beam of hope in the world.
The peace begins from Japan.

The flowers of buttercup rustle in wind.
The cabbage butterflies fly in midair.
A summer day of such August.
In ordinary sunlight of usual days,
a new era is dawning.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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