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Hot? It's no name for it. It's scorching.

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Yoshitaka Shindo
Furuya Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission
Inada Minister for financial services and administrative reform
Hi,all members of Aozora fan clubs of all over the world, how are you?In the season of the anniversary of the end of the war, Japan is the hottest.
In Japan the money is paid to the shrine when requesting a prayer is written as 'tamagushi-ryo' . Japanese prime minister dedicates tamagushi-ryo to Yasukuni shrine where the Class-A war criminals are worshiped as Gods, in order to restrain the nuclear weapons of China and a North Korea , and, in this season, the Japanese prime minister is detested every year by all over the world.
Prime Minister Abe did not go and worship directly this year in Yasukuni shrine, but the three cabinet ministers of following pictures went and worshiped in Yasukuni shrine.
It is something like a harassment rather than the restraining to worship Class-A war criminals.A part of Japanese politicians who go and worship to Yasukuni shrine sometimes think ,"Don't make such a fuss; it's only a pinprick."I think that they ought to know better at their ages.
This is the negative side of Japanese character.In Japanese society, they say insidious forms of bullying are on the rise.Japan should have the grace to apologize.
Yasukuni Shrine enshrines 14 class-A war criminals but Japanese government should separate them from Yasukuni Shrine.

Prime Minister Abe suppresses facts of Fukushima Diichi!!!
However, there is a hot topic which is more dangerous than Yasukuni shrine.
Prime Minister Abe suppresses dangerous facts of Fukushima Diichi because Prime Minister Abe has a guilty conscience.It is said,that as a result of having been going to hold a nuclear weapon secretly at the age of the first Abe Cabinet, Prime Minister Abe was made to get a depleted uranium by Cheney, and, Japan was cheated of vast money from Japan's tax.Because The depleted uranium must be concentrated for a long term,it is said that a depleted uranium was concentrated in Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant.
However, Prime Minister Abe leaves diffusion of the radioactivity of the first Fukushima nuclear power generation unmended though radioactivity might scatter the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant after an accident than Chernobyl because Prime Minister Abe wants to cover the secret that is dark of the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant.
There are approximately 14,000 nuclear fuel rods in the first Fukushima nuclear power generation from the first reactor to the sixth reactor and "a pool for common use" in total .Only in the fourth reactor, there are 1,535 (including the unused fuel rods) spent nuclear fuel rods in the pool of the depths of 30 meters water for spent nuclear fuel rods.
According to the calculation of Dr. Robert Alvarez who is acknowledged to be the highest authority on the subject about the used fuel pool, there is cesium of 5000 atom bombs of Hiroshima with the minimum only in this fourth reactor and it is 10 times of Chernobyl.
Dr. Robert Alvarez
Senior Scholar Nuclear Policy
There seems to be usually radioactivity from 20 times to 50 times of Chernobyl .
If an explosion happens, 85 times of radioactivity of Chernobyl seems to be scattered.
This corresponds to the radioactivity from 50,000 to around 100,000 of the Hiroshima atom bomb.
It is more serious than the anniversary of the end of the war....
Dr. Robert Alvarez insists that at least 3,000 km must need to shelter for Japanese people.
In the first reactor, the second reactor, and the third reactor, hydrogen erupts, and the reinforcement work is not carried out since an accident because they cause meltdown.If an earthquake of seismic intensity 6 is generated, it is said that Japan is destroyed.
The pipes (the plumbing of the circulation cooling system) of the cooling system are made by plastic not an iron and they are the interim pipes of the emergency.
The meltdown will be caused even if a hole becomes happening in the pipes of the cooling system somewhere.And if it arrives at the groundwater, it is said that the reactors will do phreatic explosion at a stretch.
If a hydrogen explosion is caused, the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant seems to expel 170 times of the radioactivity of Chernobyl accident .

Gregory B. Jaczko, center, NRC chairman
Department of Energy Dr. Steven Chu
Mr. Bill Borchardt the Executive Director for Operations at the U.S.at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
1.I would like to hope that the US government send three people of "Gregory B. Jaczko, center, NRC chairman","Department of Energy Dr. Steven Chu", and "Mr. Bill Borchardt the Executive Director for Operations at the U. S. at the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission ", in order to investigate the risk of the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant.
2.I would like to hope that the Obama Administration will force on Abe government of Japan to build the cooling system and the wall of concrete preventing the reinforcement of radioactivity diffusion.
3.I would like to hope that the Obama Administration will force the Abe Administration to declare "the evacuation advisory of citizens of Fukushima" and " the closedown of Fukushima prefecture".
Though it is emergency, Prime Minister Abe conceals it.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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