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Let's defend Sinai Peninsula from Antichrist beyond a concept like friends and foes.

Aerial photograph of Sinai Peninsula
The human race had ruined by the nuclear wars three times, and the human race repeats a re-start from a primitive era four times. This world is the fourth period of human race. The world conquest with the nuclear weapon ruins leader group itself after all by the nuclear fallout.Fallout is an aftereffect of a nuclear explosion.The world conquest with the nuclear weapon does not go well.
If we see the aerial photograph of Sinai Peninsula, we can see the vestiges of the ancient nuclear war clearly.
The surface soil of Sinai Peninsula is essentially comprised of white limestone and a red sandstone.The black soil can't be formed from " white limestone and a red sandstone", but the southern part of Sinai Peninsula is covered in "the tektite" which is formed so that the rock which melted suddenly at a high temperature gets cold.
There is an opinion that the tektite of Sinai Peninsula had been formed by an ancient nuclear war.There is an opinion that a gulf transforms the shape in the nuclear war before 4000 years from now, and became the salt lake called the Dead Sea.
I am convinced that "each town of Sodom and Gomorrah" appearing in the Old Testament had been ruined in a nuclear war.In the history, it is usual that a description to insult a loser is left by the winner.Therefore we should not criticize public morals of Sodom and Gomorrah,I think.
I feel like my heart is going to break every time I look at the trace which burnt of Sinai Peninsula by an aerial photograph.According to the aerial photograph,there is the trace that the Arabian Peninsula burnt.We must not repeat a nuclear war.As for the human being, everybody does not want to die by being murdered. All the people want to live.
However, this world seems to be able to evade the extinction by the nuclear war by an effort of the human when I read the Apocalypse and a prediction of Nostradamus deeply.Therefore the human must know who anti-Christ is.
Xi Jinping2013
Xi Jinping
The numerology of gematria
numerology of gematria
I wrote the other day that the red dragon of the Apocalypse was the Chinese Communist Party.Therefore naturally I am convinced that Xi Jinping who is a leader of a red dragon will be the Beast,anti-Christ.
In his name, the number of the Antichrist of 666 is hidden.
The numerology of gematria has 11 kinds, too.And I thought suspiciously why Jinping of Xi Jinping had g in the last of the words.Though everyone does not pronounce g of Jinping, it is written as Jinping in English by all means.Therefore as a result of deleting g from Jinping, and having calculated it in numerology of gematria, "666 of Beast,anti-Christ's numbers" appeared.

Xi of Xi Jinping expresses the number indicating the sacrifice of 11 of satanist.
Yes,he is.Just Xi Jinping is the Beast,anti-Christ.Just Xi Jinping persecutes a lot of Christians ,a lot of muslims and a lot of buddhists in China. The country of the beast is China.
And "Carved Seal" of the beast is hidden in Emblem of the People's Liberation Army.

Because the People's Liberation Army was founded on August 1, 1927,the Chinese numerals of 8 and 1 are written in this emblem.八 means 8 and 一 means 1.The number that upset 18 hides.18 is a number of 666 of Beast.These just match a description of the Apocalypse.
A great sign appeared in heaven. a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.(12-1)
Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems.(12-3)
A red dragon persecutes people of God.(12:13-17)
A beast appears from the sea in order to intend to fight against people of God.
the thing which the name is not written down in a book of the life worships this beast.
John saw the beast "rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy." (13:1)
The beast was like a leopard, with feet like the feet of a bear, and had a mouth like a lion. One of the heads of the beast had a deadly wound but the wound was healed causing people to wonder and follow the beast. (13:1-10)
The other beast gets out of the ground. It has the carved seal of the beast.(13:11-18)

Red dragon of the Apocalypse
It is sure that the sign in heaven had appeared twice.
The Saturn approaches Libra now, but the Saturn goes to Virgo in the middle of May, 2013, and the Saturn comes back to Libra again in September, 2013 .After that the Saturn stays near Libra for a while, but moves to neighboring Scorpius one time in January, 2015.
Please confirm it at No.5 of this blog.
The Apocalypse foretells that a red dragon is defeated.
If we unite in order to defend "Sinai Peninsula where 3 Messiahs who are Moses, Christ, Mahomet were deeply connected" from a nuclear weapon, the human can evade World War 3, and the Chinese Communist Party will collapse soon.
If World War 3 begins, Xi Jinping intends to begin a world conquest plan.Xi Jinping is ambitious aiming to grab supreme power of all over the world.
Both Julian Paul Assange and Snowden are spies of the Chinese government.Their source of funds is the Chinese government.Xi Jinping sets a trap so that many American system engineers and programmers sell US's information to the Chinese government through a network of Assange.
Xi Jinping tried to revive the Cold War of the U. S. and Russia by an incident of Snowden and, using a crisis in Syria, intended to cause World War 3.
Fortunately, the human race escaped from a crisis of the extinction because President Obama and President Putin were great politicians with the wisdom.
In addition, on September 27, the historic telephone conference of President Obama and the Rowḥānī President of Iran came true, and the human race stepped forward the one step to peace.
I hear that Israel and Saudi Arabia feel this historic telephone conference very uneasy.But we should defend Sinai Peninsula from Antichrist beyond a concept like friends and foes because Xi Jinping of the Antichrist intends to throw a nuclear weapon in sacred place Jerusalem finally.
A Judaist and a Zionist and a Christian and the Muslim never drop a nuclear weapon in Jerusalem.The bitter conflict between the Shiah and the Sunni in the Muslim world is serious, but of course both the Shiah and the Sunni respect and love sacred place Jerusalem from the heart.
The human race must unite in order to evade World War 3 to defend the sacred place Jerusalem from a nuclear weapon.
The red dragon ruins itself if World War 3 can be evaded by an effort of the human race.Let's unite.
Professor ZHU Jianrong
on the Faculty of Literature
and Social Sciences
at Orient school University
Xi Jinping arrests the well-informed persons and the politicians belonging to Shanghai clique of the Communist Party of China now.
"Professor ZHU Jianrong who had taught at a Japanese university" was arrested in Shanghai and his whereabouts are unknown more than three months.Because Professor ZHU Jianrong appeared at the several Japanese TV programs many times, he is famous in Japan.The missing Professor ZHU Jianrong gave a shock in Japan.
However, before Snowden incident, Japanese blogs which slandered President Obama had appeared frequently in Japan.Because it was the strange Japanese sentence that the Chinese wrote obviously , I doubted that Professor ZHU Jianrong was a criminal.It resembled a strange Japanese language's characteristic to talk about of Professor ZHU Jianrong.If Xi Jinping aimed at Professor ZHU Jianrong for the purge though Professor ZHU Jianrong was faithful to the Chinese government, Xi Jinping will stand alone sometime soon.Xi Jinping appointed "the document which Professor ZHU Jianrong used" into a state secret forcibly and arrested Professor ZHU Jianrong forcibly.
Professor ZHU Jianrong belongs to Shanghai clique of the Communist Party of China.XI Jinping arrests a lot of members of Shanghai clique, in order to begin to capture the evidence of the bribery of Jiang Zemin . Xi Jinping desires to arrest Jiang Zemin of the leader of Shanghai clique.
Jiang Zemin 2013
Oh what shifty eyes he has!!
Just he is Jiang Zemin.
However, will Jiang Zemin become the imprisonment for life quietly?No,no,no....I don't think so.The more Xi Jinping tries to do something for his own protection, the better the civil war in China will break out.As a result of having carried out mass emigration from China for a world conquest plan, China became the extreme elderly person society, and the economic balance is just before failure.The pollution expands in China by bribery and corruption of the Communist Party of China, too, and China is already standing in a terminal stage.
If Xi Jinping tries to defy Jiang Zemin in such situation, Xi Jinping will perish soon.
Yes, it is.The civil war in China will be carried out in the near future.
Jiang Zemin is clever but tricky, but Japan and the United States had better support Jiang Zemin because Jiang Zemin is not anti-Christ if the civil war in China will be carried out in the near future.The defeat of Xi Jinping is foretold for 1,917 years in the Apocalypse.
The Apocalypse was written in about A.D. 96 by John of the Patmos Island.This year is the 1917th year from when the Apocalypse was written.
1+9+1+7=18 → 666.....
In this year of 2013, Xi Jinping will conflict with Jiang Zemin, and a civil war in China will happen,I think.

Prime Minister Abe tries to approve a dangerous legislative bill for the thought control called "a legislative bill to securely store secret information".
By his ego of Prime Minister Abe, he can appoint "everything which he doesn't want" as a state secret, by this legislative bill.
By "a legislative bill to securely store secret information", Prime Minister Abe can arrest a lot of citizens like an incident of Professor ZHU Jianrong by appointing a state secret without any permissions .
"A legislative bill to securely store secret information " of the present situation that the Liberal Democratic Party tries to submit to the Diet will cause many incidents so that many journalists and citizens will disappear like an incident of Professor ZHU Jianrong.
Prime Minister Abe is a tinpot Hitler who intends to establish a military regime .
However, Japan must never return to the military regime.
"A legislative bill to securely store secret information " should limit to the things relating to military secrets with allied nations which includes the United States at the start .
I would like to hope that Obama Administration will pressure the Abe Cabinet to limit a range of "A legislative bill to securely store secret information " definitely into "the things relating to military secrets with allied nations which includes the United States" .
If Prime Minister Abe becomes able to appoint everything in a state secret by only the official explanation so that it is a problem in the nation's security, a military regime and a reign of terror will begin in Japan.
Prime Minister Abe desires to do terrible things as same as Xi Jinping of the Beast, anti-Christ.
We need cooperation of the Obama Administration to stop reckless driving of Prime Minister Abe.
The cooperation of the Obama Administration is essential in order to solve this problem.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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