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World conquest plan of China

Dear sir, German Chancellor Angela Merkel,
brandenburger-tor-nachts.jpg Whenever I watch a photograph of beautiful Brandenburg Gate, I can't but think about the peace.For German Chancellor Angela Merkel,the Brandenburg Gate is now the symbol of German unification.And for me,the Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of the international peace.
day after day.
The German national daily newspaper Die Welt reported on October 24 that a telephone number of a portable telephone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel had been listed in confidential documents of the National Security Agency (NSA) which the Snowden suspect of the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) former staff possessed .
Because a demonstration is taking place in Germany, I think that German Chancellor Angela Merkel protested the United States through the media by considering on the intention of the nation.
However, I think that also China grasps a phone number of German Chancellor Angela Merkel because both Snowden and Assange are Chinese spies.
I think that Snowden and Assange will confess that a wiretapping act of China is far more terrible than U. S., if the U. S. Government can capture Snowden and Assange.
871488287f3710f08f05089e9ebd2935.jpgThe more Xi Jinping torments President Obama by Snowden and Assange, the more the destruction of "Xi Jinpin's" life will becomes close.
The plot of Xi Jinping will bring down ruin on himself.Xi Jinping became an everlasting enemy of President Obama.I am convinced that President Obama will revenge Xi Jinping through this critical situation by all means.
Xi Jinping is always threatened by all Chinese armed forces.Xi Jinping acted that way only because he did not want to lose his position solely for the purpose of defending his own interests.
China will move on with that planning of a world conquest vigilantly and secretly.But Xi Jinping who looks just like a pig can't conquer all over the world.
It is because Xi Jinping,you do not have a natural virtue.The ludicrous, foolish pig!Nothing can save you. Resign yourself to your fate!
In his name of Xi Jinping, the number of the Antichrist of 666 is hidden.
Xi of Xi Jinping expresses the number indicating the sacrifice of 11 of satanist.
I assert that Xi Jinping is a beast who was born by a pig and a human gene manipulation because his face and head look just like a pig .

Ozawa and Chinese ex-President Hu Jintao
China supported "Ozawa who was a wicked politician of the son of the Korean residing in Japan" for a long time and pushed forward a plan to slaughter the Japanese people, and to arrest whole Emperor's families in order to execute them in Beijing.
However, because President Obama prevented Ozawa who tried to receive a fund from China by the superior Amemrian monitoring system, Japan could avoid the slaughter , and President Obama protected the lives of the whole Emperor's families from the terrible Chinese government.
I cried many times when I wrote a lot of letters to the Obama Administration.And all the time something within me was crying for a decision.Ozawa group existed in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, and Japan was in a very dangerous condition until this spring.
Alto Mayer201210
Minister of the Environment German Alto Mayer and Ozawa group
Especially, I started trembling when I read one news that Ozawa visited Germany,to meet Minister of the Environment German Alto Mayer, and Ozawa talked about anti-nuclear power generation on October 17.I suspected that Ozawa might have received the huge fund from China, in Germany.
Ozawa intends to perform slaughter Japanese people such as Cambodia. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had better recognize that Ozawa is a terrorist.
Ozawa has boasted, "U. S. Forces in Japan were enough only in the United States Seventh Fleet". And when Ozawa was Chief Secretary(now he is an official representative of the Party "Seikatu no to(It measns life's party)") , Ozawa took 143 Democratic Party Diet members in December, 2009 and visited China. And Ozawa said to Chinese ex-President Hu Jintao,"Figuratively speaking, I (Ozawa) am the field commander of the People's Liberation Army of China ".
Therefore, in about October, 2012, I was convinced that Chinese ex-President Hu Jintao intended to provide a vast fund to Ozawa to begin the seizure of Senkaku Islands simultaneously with the progress of a coup d'etat of Ozawa.
I sent the letter to beg the Obama government so that the Obama government would prevent Ozawa who was trying to receive a vast fund of the money laundering from Chinese ex-President Hu Jintao, and President Obama helped Japan.In this letter,I wept and cried out.Japan was saved by a hair.
At the time, in my terror, my mind went blank.So,I wrote a lot of heartfelt expression of thanks for President Obama and American brave politicians but I forgot completely the existence of Great German Chancellor Angela Merkel.The shock was so great that I forgot the important existence .
I notice today that also Great German Chancellor Angela Merkel cooperated with U. S. for saving Japan.Just I am foolish.I sincerely apologize for the delay in my heartfelt expression of thanks for Great German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
I will kneel to Great German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and I am deeply appreciative of Great German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Because I am a common citizen, I can't grasp any informations under the surface of the water of politics.Ozawa suffered a crushing defeat by the Lower House election, and the Ozawa group which had 49 people were reduced to 15 people.
Therefore I guessed that Ozawa failed to receive a fund from China in Germany.I apologize heartily for telling the words of thanks so late to you.
Because there was some time lag, I overlooked an achievement of Great German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
It's the afterword .
After that Ozawa seemed to have tried to receive a vast fund of the money laundering from China at the ceremony of Korean President's inauguration.However, because it was prevented by the great Obama Administration quickly, Ozawa suffered a crushing defeat by even the Upper House election , and now Ozawa's political party of "Seikatu No TO(Life Party)" has no more than nine people now.Ozawa lost his position virtually.
Now, Ozawa often says, "I can't bear to die leaving things like this." and aims at an opportunity to revive vigilantly. Ozawa watches for an opportunity to intrigue against his rival.
Ozawa is as spiteful as an adder.
Ozawa built a wonderful villa in Okinawa island. Because China contributes a fund to "the Koreans residing in Japan who are in of Okinawa island " in order to support independence activity of Okinawa island, I am afraid that Ozawa's villa of Okinawa may be in the base of this suspect activity.
The Hangul Alphabets are always written on the posters of the independence activity in Okinawa island. People doing independence activity of Okinawa are "descendants of Koreans living in Japan" who are supported by China .Because their activity forms a secret society, they are very dangerous for people of Okinawa.
In any case,Japan escaped from the crisis of the mass slaughter thanks to both of Great President Obama and Great German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 1brgn5_e0line.gif
I came to intensely regret that I had a experience once to make a caricature of Great German Chancellor Angela Merkel. I will throw myself on the ground in order to apologize to Great German Chancellor Angela Merkel.I am terribly sorry for causing so much inconvenience.
However, I want to tell German nations about the terror of the world conquest plan of China.
It was the Chinese Communist Party to have led slaughter of Cambodia, and several executives of the Chinese Communist Party directed the Khmer Rouge to throw the Cambodian people into the pool of the crocodiles.If China occupies Germany, the Berlin Zoo will change in the German execution ground by the fierce animals.
It is "China " to have smuggled huge amount of weapons in the armed group of the African Continent.It in not North Korea.I am convinced that North Korean agents smuggled the Chinese weapons, and China framed the false charge of the merchant of death into North Korea .However, it is China to have done vast economic growth and is not North Korea.
The African armed group did economic sanctions by cutting the foot of inhabitants so that they couldn't work .I suspect that the Chinese Communist Party might have instructed the cruelty of the armed group of the African Continent as the Chinese Communist Party had done in Cambodia.
Chinese a large quantity of emigrant policies is a part of the world conquest plan of China. And China intends to cast a nuclear weapon in Jerusalem to finally dampen the fighting spirit of all Judaists, all Zionists, all Christians and all Muslims.
world map
Aerial photograph of the world map
The human race had ruined by the nuclear wars three times, and the human race repeats a re-start from a primitive era four times. This world is the fourth period of human race. The world conquest with the nuclear weapon ruins leader group itself after all by the nuclear fallout.Fallout is an aftereffect of a nuclear explosion.
The world conquest with the nuclear weapon does not go well.
  If we see the aerial photograph of the world map, we can see the vestiges of the ancient nuclear war clearly.In a third period, the nuclear war seemed to have happened focusing on "the northern part of the African Continent" , Sinai Peninsula and the Arabian Peninsula.
In the third period, the coast of the Pacific side of the North American Continent and the South American Continent seemed to have received nuclear attacks, too.In the third period, the whole area of the present China seemed to have received nuclear attacks, too, but China did not seem to burn more than Africa.In the third period, Australia seemed to have received nuclear attacks clearly, too.In the third period, the African southern part and Iberian Peninsula seemed to have received some nuclear attacks, too.
We do not know what kind of process it was in the third period but can suppose that in the third peiod China made a preemptive strike of nuclear attacks earlier than Middle East or Australia.
That really doesn't have any meaning by the action of preventing a nuclear war by threatening the aggressor with total destruction.
It is important for China to destroy the enemies' nuclear weapons by attacking them first.
Therefore we must remain vigilant against China which is going to isolate President Obama now.
We must not grow away from President Obama.
Let's defend Jerusalem's hallowed soil from Antichrist beyond a concept like friends and foes.
The human race can evade the extinction by the nuclear war if we unite in order to defend Jerusalem without being deluded by poor plot of Antichrist .
Let's defend Jerusalem's hallowed soil from Antichrist beyond a concept like friends and foes.
1Let's unite to arrest Assange by surrounding an Ecuadorian embassy of London in the UK where Assange lives .
It means that we protect Jerusalem from a nuclear weapon.
2Let's unite in order to persuade Russia so that President Putin delivers Snowden to the United States .
If President Putin delivers Snowden to the U. S. Government, the world should give Putin next term's Nobel Peace prize.

I would like to hope that Great German Chancellor Angela Merke would introduce my blog to German people.
I am convinced that the German nation will listen to my voice.
Great German Chancellor Angela Merke,please cooperate with me,sir.

The human being wants to let someone be always subordinate.

However, True love never let someone be subordinate .

The human is born to know the true love.

Best Regard,

By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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