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Nostradamus and EU

Dear sir,President Herman Van Rompuy of the European Council

Allen Bergh Castle
Catholic University of Leuven which President Herman Van Rompuy learned for school days is considered the oldest Catholic university still in existence.
Because I respect President Herman Van Rompuy with devotion, I hope to speak to President Herman Van Rompuy in faithful manner. So I read a profile of President Herman Van Rompuy.
Whenever I think of "the deep inquiring mind for the culture of Catholic University of Leuven" and "the beautiful Allen Bergh Castle in the campus of Catholic University of Leuven" , I feel that Catholic University of Leuven was the origin of President Herman Van Rompuy.
That in the good ground, these are such as in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, hold it tightly, and bring forth fruit with patience.
President Herman Van Rompuy can compose "Haiku" pretty well.Haiku is a Japanese poem in seventeen syllables having a 5-7-5 syllabic form and traditionally containing a reference to the seasons.President Herman Van Rompuy published Haiku2 which is the second book of the splendid haikus in October in this year.
And then President Herman Van Rompuy always supports EU with patience and faithfulness.I am convinced that President Herman Van Rompuy is the person who leads EU to the right direction by his own natural virtue and educated mind for the culture.
Because President Herman Van Rompuy made an effort for economic recovery in Europe by getting over many risks and problems by sense of cooperation and the solidarity power of EU, the state of the euro area improved much more in comparison with last year.
By an effort of President Herman Van Rompuy, the crisis of the economic ruin of the euro area became extinct.The budget deficit of the euro area is reduced to half from 2008.
But the euro economy is in dire need of a jumpstart for unemployment rate policy of the young people.

When Comet ISON approaches the sun on November 28, 2013 ,Comet ISON will shine the most brightly and leave.The world will greatly change in the turning point of this brightness of Comet ISON .
According to the prediction of Nostradamus ,a person in high places seems to pass away at this brightness of Comet ISON.I could decode one of the poetry of the prediction of Nostradamus, but I will not announce the details here because it may cause serious confusion in the world.If I guess from a nuance of the poetry, a person in high places does not seem to be assassinated.A person in high places continues protecting China, but, by his death, China will begin to ruin.

However, about the other one of the predictions which I decoded , because it will not cause the confusion, I will intend to announce it.
Tasche de meurdre, enormes adulteres,
Grand ennemy de tout le genre humain:
Que sera pire qu'ayeuls, oncles ne peres,
Enfer, feu, eaux, sanguin & inhumain.

Nostradamus Quatrain siècle 10 Quatrain 10   
Stained with murder and enormous adulteries,
Great enemy of the entire human race:
Who will be worse than his forefathers, his uncles but not fathers,  
In steel, fire, waters, bloody and inhuman.

Nostradamus Quatrain Century 10 Quatrain 10


This Antichrist of this poetry is neither British Prince William,nor North Korean Kim Jong Un.Both of them are not shamelessly womanizer.
About the third line Nostradamus wanted to say,"his ancestors and uncles are wicked, but he will be far worse than them . In addition, he doesn't seem to be excellent father's generation."
I suppose that the Antichrist whom Nostradamus expressed is Xi Jinping in this poetry.
Because the husband of the aunt of Jinping's wife worked in Taiwanese Whampoa MilitaryAcademy, at the time of Cultural Revolution, her family was criticized as the anti-leather of the right wing.But it isn't a great problem.
"The words that father of Xi Jinping had written" were skillful, and his father was a blameless politician.
But Xi Jinping's foolish look and gross features make an impression like a salacious uncastrated male hog.His leering eyes let me imagine that he may have more than 20 lovers.I think that the number of women who were cheated by Xi Jinping will be more than 1000 people.
In Japan, we often hear some informations that his wife, Peng Liyuan supports his husband without being discouraged by the several rumors about her husband.Xi Jinping will be a successful womanizer.

Xi Jinping is Antichrist, and Nostradamus warns the human race that we must not fall into his plots. Though China does the wiretapping that is much more terrible than the United States , Xi Jinping tries to let the world criticize President Obama harshly.Xi Jinping commit bribery with a lot of American system engineers by a vast fund in order to let them leak informations.Xi Jinping desires to isolate President Obama in the inside and outside.

And I worry about one thing through another prediction of Nostradamus.
If EU corners President Obama too much in a strategy of Xi Jinping , each EU country may come to have to run away from the associated facilities of the United Nations which includes headquarters of Geneva.

If we fall out with one another, that'll be playing right into their hands of Xi Jinping of Antichrist.
In his name of Xi Jinping, the number of the Antichrist of 666 is hidden.
Xi of Xi Jinping expresses the number indicating the sacrifice of 11 of satanist.

China intend to throw a nuclear weapon in Jerusalem finally so that China lets the fighting spirit of the Judaists, the Zionists, the Christians, and the Muslims lose, in order to monopolize Middle Eastern oil and natural gas.
Please wake up not to fit in into the trap of Xi Jinping of Antichrist.I am convinced that after that , Xi Jinping of Antichrist will hand a lot of weapons to European unemployed persons in order to cause slaughter such as "the African Continent" because Xi Jinping of Antichrist desires to absorb European wealth.

What should EU do to escape from a plot of Xi Jinping ?
1Each country of EU should talk about "a menace and intrigue of China" to the each citizen faithfully, and each country of EU should unite with President Obama with strong ties.
2Let's unite to arrest Assange by surrounding an Ecuadorian embassy of London in the UK where Assange lives .
Both Snowden and Assange are Chinese spies.
I think that Snowden and Assange will confess that a wiretapping act of China is far more terrible than U. S., if the U. S. Government can capture Snowden and Assange.
3Let's unite in order to persuade Russia so that President Putin delivers Snowden to the United States .
If President Putin delivers Snowden to the U. S. Government, the world should give Putin next term's Nobel Peace prize.
I am convinced that President Herman Van Rompuy is the person who leads EU to the right direction by his own natural virtue and educated mind for the culture.
I would like to hope that President Herman Van Rompuy will lead these 3 suggestions of Aozora.
Xi Jinping is going to cause World War 3, but if the world evades World War 3, the China's economy collapses, and an internal disturbance happens in China, and the human race can evade the extinction by the nuclear war.
And EU can revive economy by a civil war of China, and EU will solve the unemployment problem, too.

President Herman Van Rompuy often says that international disputes must be settled peacefully.
Yes it is.
If we can evade World War 3,we only have to wait the peaceful day comming.

Sincerely yours,
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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