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"Cheney behind Snowden and Assange" is for China.

Movement of Snowden became active. Assange and Snowden are Chinese spies, but I think that within the United States, there is a big-name politician cooperating with China for American security leak .Many Japanese people suspect that the wicked big-name politician will be Cheney.It is because Cheney let American military secrets leak out since quite a while ago.I think that I want to tell all leaders of EU about surprising information.
The following story is famous in Japan.
Richard Bruce Dick Cheney
Cheney ex-vice President
Ehud Olmert ex-prime minister of Israel
Ehud Olmert ex-prime minister of Israel
There is an information that power of Cheney and Israeli Ehud Olmert ex prime minister of Israel has support a nuclear armament of the Abe Administration in strict confidence since the time of the first Abe cabinet from September 26, 2006 to August 27, 2007 .They continue supporting current Prime Minister Abe.
The following address is Japanese sites, and I translate a famous summary in Japan in order to explaining to all leaders of EU .
With closedown of Rocky Flats Plant (nuclear weapon manufacturing facility) of 1989, its possession nucleus was transferred to BWXT Pantex Plant (American nuclear warhead facilities). Cheney stole this nuclear weapon and has delivered it to the first Abe Administration.While ex-President Bush and then ex-Prime Minister Abe of the first Abe Administration talked together in Camp David on April 27, 2007, 500 organized guards of BWXT Pantex began a 45-day strike as if they had concerted a plan of operations with Cheney .In June of 2004 before three years from this day, Albuquerque office of National Nuclear Security System was hacked, and the personal information of 11 federal employees of BWXT Pantex and 177 contractors and secret handling permission data were stolen.The strike of the guard of BWXT Pantex of April 27, 2007 was planned since three years ago by Cheney.Someone else in BWXT Pantex communicated secretly to Cheney.Even if the guards for the shift really failed in an examination, the BWXT Pantex authorities gave them the standard points and adopted them and prepared for the strike on April 27, 2007.According to the inspector office of DoE, the professional persons to prevent the strike were employed, but it was not able to get a lot.
Between the strikes of this 45-day by guardmen, a truck which had a warhead core seemed to go out from the gate of BWXT Pantex plant.
They put the nuclear warhead of approximately 16 tons cut down in a container refrigerated for prevention of nuclear fission and it was pulled by a truck and was loaded on the Israeli government management shipping line ship owned in Houston Port.
The radioactive material was managed under the federal program to prohibit weapons of mass destruction by port inspector Roland Carnaby of the private contract in those days.However, because, on April 29, 2008, the Houston Police chased Roland Carnaby on a highway, and shot him dead, the contract about the harbor monitor of Roland Carnaby's security firm was transferred to Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering(NICE ) owned of the Defence Force officer of former Israel based in Israel.And the nuclear warhead of approximately 16 tons was carried from the Huston Port to Japan.
However, uranium and plutonium made in the United States have the purity of 99.9% with the purest nuclear material in the world.Then Israel desired this good nuclear warhead of the planned purity that was carried from this Huston Port to Japan earnestly and stole it.So NICE (Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering) sent the old nuclear warhead which deteriorated to Japan.
Then Prime Minister Abe was angry furiously and required returning the cost for the inferior warhead which would need concentration uranium, but Israel refused this.Here, Cheney and Prime Minister Abe become complicated once, and Prime Minister Abe who lost support resigned in the autumn of 2008.
Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry couldn't but concentrate of uranium about a part of approximately 16 tons of the nuclear warhead by the first Fukushima nuclear power generation because the inferior warhead needs concentration of uranium.Japan continued concentrating uranium all the time from 2008 when Japan received it from Cheney.
Because the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant stays in the enough far-off place to avoid the discovery by the nuclear nonproliferation inspector, the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant was easy to hide the fact that Japan was concentrating of uranium.Hitachi and GE developed a laser extracting method for plutonium, but it needed electricity of enormous quantity , and the first nuclear reactor had to operate more than planned operation.When an earthquake of March 2011 attacked it, the first nuclear reactor was operating the unplanned operation.
The Democratic Party won the change of government during these periods, and because Japan has the rumor that was going to make a nuclear weapon secretly, Japan provoked antipathy from the Western countries, and the Israel secret service has begun to attack Japanese nuclear site with Stuxnet virus.

Until Tohoku great earthquake disaster, a firewall did not allow Stuxnet virus to come near. However, because Tohoku great earthquake let six transmission towers which there was behind nuclear power generation collapse, a blackout collapsed a control system, and the earthquake stopped a firewall for a while.
When the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant became online, a computer was invaded by the Stuxnet virus, and because the Stuxnet virus shut down a spare coil again, for 20 minutes between an earthquake and the tsunami, a pump and a valve of the Fukushima first Nuclear Power Plant did not move.
And the flow of the coolant to a storage pool stopped, and evaporation quickened and had the division of an overheated nuclear warhead, and the turbine room set off a nuclear explosion.
The residents of the mountaintop of the Iitate village around the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant witnessed the mushroom cloud of the nuclear explosion, and the air tasted bitter like metal.

After that Prime Minister Abe won by an election for representative of the Liberal Democratic Party and achieved change of government, and Prime Minister Abe became the prime minister again afterwards. It is said that Cheney plays a key role in the second Abe Cabinet, and Cheney supports the militarism of Prime Minister Abe. However, movement of current Prime Minister Abe is too doubtful. Though Prime Minister Abe behaves as if he acted the pro-USA and anti-China, Prime Minister Abe is very insincere for President Obama. Prime Minister Abe is only close to the Cheney not President Obama. Prime Minister Abe participated partly in a coup d'etat of the Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren which the Chinese government which tried to prevent TPP participation of Japan supported . Prime Minister Abe spoke that Japan should answer as a country about TPP, after the Upper House election of July 21, in those days of early 2013. Although Prime Minister Abe understood that the talking stage of American Congress needed for three months , Prime Minister Abe tried to put off a problem of TPP on purpose , Prime Minister Abe hoped bringing Japan for TPP nonparticipation. Because a coup d'etat of the Federation of Economic Organizations came to a deadlock, Prime Minister Abe expressed the participation of TPP against his own will. In addition, Prime Minister Abe tries to generalize the disinformation like that Prime Minister Abe had threatened President Obama at Japan-U. S. summit meeting by saying that Japan will hold nucleus weapons.By the black propaganda, Prime Minister Abe hopes to brainwash Japanese people,
However, actually, it became extinct by Tohoku great earthquake disaster.

"The explosion of third reactor of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant " was a nuclear explosion.
Because Japan will receive serious economic sanctions if Abe Administration becomes the military regime with the nuclear weapons which is puppet government of the Cheney ex-vice President of USA , the Japanese economy receives great damage.
Prime Minister Abe intends to make a law to unite each family to help each other in order to get over a critical situation. It is an obscure law.However, many Japanese people will starve to death if Japan will receive economic sanctions because there are not energy resources in Japan.
Cheney ex-vice President of USA may want to cause World War 3, but China intends to let Japanese Islands sink with more than 100 nuclear weapons if World War 3 breaks out.
Prime Minister Abe tries to start a military regime affiliated with Cheney , and the combination between Cheney and Prime Minister Abe seems shady.
Cheney ex-vice President
abe731aircraft.gif o0300041711144151485.jpg
Using Snowden and Assange, Cheney leaking information in the Chinese government watches the spectacle that President Obama suffers, and I think that Cheney will laugh at it.
However, Cheney tries to be independent from Bush for starting several military regimes affiliated with Cheney in each Asian country, and Cheney hopes for World War 3.
Cheney and Chinese Xi Jinping have shared mutual interests for starting the World War 3.
The North Korean nuclear weapon are made by Israeli Eisenberg, And the manager of Israeli Eisenberg is just Dick Cheney.
Snowden111.jpgGerman politician Hans-Christian Ströebele (right) with the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in Russia.Hans-Christian Stroebele, a lawmaker with Germany's opposition Greens is a prominent critic of the NSA's alleged actions. This foolish German lawmaker met Edward Snowden in Moscow on Thursday, and said that the National Security Agency leaker is prepared in principle to help Germany investigate allegations of surveillance by U. S. intelligence.
He does the advantageous action for Cheney and Chinese Xi Jinping who are going to cause World War 3.
Would German politician Hans-Christian Ströebele receive a bribe from Cheney?
I will be round with German politician Hans-Christian Ströebele,
" Fix the shape of your beetle brows by cutting and pulling strands out.It is sure that you can buy T-TYPE RAZOR FOR CUTTING EYEBROW if you receive a lot of bribe from Cheney!!!!".
Although Ströebele is thin at the part, Ströebele has bushy beetle brows.Your doing is always reversing the logical order of things.

We must stop World War 3.

Snowden and Assange are terrible curses of the World War 3.
Each politician of EU should never contact with Snowden and Assange to avoid World War 3.
Even if Ströebele will not cut beetle brows stubbornly, German Chancellor Angela Merkel should cut bonus of Ströebele.The careless action of Ströebele should receive something blame for international peace.
I say again We must stop World War 3.
Say what you will, I continue protecting President Obama till the last.
China supported "Ozawa who was a wicked politician of the son of the Korean residing in Japan" for a long time and pushed forward a plan to slaughter the Japanese people, and to arrest whole Emperor's families in order to execute them in Beijing.
However, because President Obama prevented Ozawa who tried to receive a fund from China by the superior Amemrian monitoring system, Japan could avoid the slaughter , and President Obama protected the lives of the whole Emperor's families from the terrible Chinese government.
Say what you will, I continue protecting President Obama till the last.
Therefore we must remain vigilant against Cheney and China who are going to isolate President Obama now.
We must not leave from President Obama.
Wake up everybody!
Let's unite for the international peace.
I am convinced that Xi Jinping of Antichrist will hand a lot of weapons to European unemployed persons in order to cause slaughter such as "the African Continent" because Xi Jinping of Antichrist desires to absorb European wealth.
China intends to cast a nuclear weapon in Jerusalem to finally dampen the fighting spirit of all Judaists, all Zionists, all Christians and all Muslims.
And Cheney loves his own fund more than Jerusalem.
The human race can evade the extinction by the nuclear war if we unite in order to defend Jerusalem without being deluded by poor plot of Cheney and Antichrist Xi Jinping .
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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