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Down with the Dictator Abe!

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日章旗Abe's "Japanese National Secret Bill" will lead to the preparation of the reigns of terror.
Hey Abe!!!Did you think that I continue being quiet to "A Japanese National Secret Bill" ?
To be frank, I am afraid of Prime Minister Abe than Ozawa.But I must fight against Dictator Abe.I imitate of Japanese General Ieyasu's strategy to wait for a chance , and I was waiting time to fight against you.
Base on Samurai spirit!!And Down with the Dictator Abe !
Abe's thought control sparks the opposition movement against Abe's "Japanese National Secret Bill" all over the Japan.
For the Obama Administration, Prime Minister Abe insists that Japan must approve "A Japanese National Secret Bill" in order to protect military secrets to share with several allies.But that is Abe's fake.All those tricks Prime Minister Abe is got up his sleeve make him a formidable client for the United States.Prime Minister Abe cooperates with Cheney since the first Abe Cabinet (from September 26, 2006 to August 27, 2007), and current Prime Minister Abe tries to found the military regime under Cheney. The Abe Administration will torment President Obama by all means by Cheney's leading if Prime Minister Abe will succeed in a thought control in Japan.
Cheney ex-vice President
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Cheney is a spy of the Chinese government.
The Chinese government continued supporting a wicked politician Ozawa for decades in order to plan the Holocaust of Japanese people, and to execute every family of Japan's Emperor as war criminals in Beijing.
But because Cheney is a spy of the Chinese government,the Abe Administration may do "a wicked act like delivering the Emperor's family as the war criminals to Beijing" and Japanese Holocaust .
Opposition movement of 2,000 Nagoya citizens

Opposition movement of 10,000 Tokyo citizens
[A Japanese National Secret Bill]
Article 22
In a bill (original bill) submitted in the Diet, Article 22 shall limit the main constituent of the crime to "people engaging in the duties about the specific secret" and shall punish them.
Article 23&24
A person who acquired a specific secret by the unjust method and accomplices such as complicity or the instigator are punished without limiting the main constituent of the crime .
Article 23&24 is dangerous to every citizen.
In other words Prime Minister Abe can apply a crime of conspiracy and the instigation to a citizen if a citizen writes an opinion in the blog at the internet about it when public information of the Internet is appointed in a specific secret unfairly by Prime Minister Abe.
I see a great danger in Abe's plan.
Wow, that's awesome!
Prime Minister Abe intends to arrest Aozora.
By an indomitable Samurai spirit,         
       I will fight against Prime Minister Abe!
Prime Minister Abe intends to threaten every citizen in a crime called conspiracy and sedition by using the police and can oppress the power not to comply with Prime Minister Abe's will thoroughly.
Every citizen may be arrested under this legislative bill without knowing the reason.
This is a legislative bill that it is a secret what is a secret.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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