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Threatening movement concerning Bitcoin

Chinese President Xi Jinping addresses China International Friendship Conference in Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) in Beijing, capital of China, May 15, 2014.
Former Prime Minister Hatoyama(the third from the left in the photo) attended at this CPAFFC .A couple of ex-Prime Minister Hatoyama was photographed with Chairperson of CPAFFC and his wife peacefully.
Japan should investigate as soon as possible whether Hatoyama receives vast war funds from China.

Japan should check whether Hatoyama receives Bitcoin from the Chinese government and the Chinese affiliates among other things.
Ozawa Devil KIng KOng2014koizumi former Prime Minister
Ozawa Devil King Kong(left) and ex-prime minister Koizumi(right)
Because Ichiro Ozawa who is a wicked politician is going to cooperate with ex-Prime Minister Koizumi for opposition party formation,they need the vast financing now.
Ozawa Devil King Kong revives anytime if he can raise a fund.Former Prime Minister Koizumi is too overconfident, and his attitude is unnatural.Former Prime Minister Koizumi gives a new party recently and that group upholds non-nuclear power.Though any support is never got by the Federation of Economic Organizations Keidanren if former Prime Minister Koizum holds non-nuclear power,,, he always chuckle to himself over his success.
I think that Former Prime Minister Koizumi thinks that he can get the vast Bitcoin and slush funds from China if he uses Ozawa.Ozawa would tempt Former Prime Minister Koizumi.Politics makes strange bedfellows.
Because there is certainly threatening movement in Japan, I would like to hope that the U.S. Government will cooperate with Japan in order to put ex-Prime Minister Hatoyama ,Koizumi,Ozawa and their neighboring people under guard about the flow of the fund and movement of Bitcoin.
I think that my intuition is right.

hatoyama2014515.jpgAbe government ignores the opinion of Japanese citizens by constitution interpretation and intends to rush recklessly into militarism forever. I guess that Prime Minister Abe intends to delete constitution Article 9 that is the symbol of the peace constitution by constitution interpretation.
I must fight to overthrow Abe government , but China is going to let Koizumi ,Ozawa ,Hatoyama,Kaieda and persons around him change into the Chinese assassinators for the Holocaust of Japanese citizens.
And China has a terrible plan to make Japan rush into militarism for Japan-China War in order to execute Japanese imperial family in Beijing for war criminals.
Ozawa Devil King Kong cannot be too careful around him.
"The right of many nations to defend themselves as a group" is necessary, but "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group" should be admitted by the constitutional amendment after a careful argument to the last.
Hey! Japanese politicians!
Work more seriously!
What do you do?
Recent old birds, shall you never recover?
They are tempted by China so seriously as if they were many pigs.
Hold your head high.
Bitcoin.jpgBecause there are an internal disturbance plan and threatening movement in Japan, Japan should immediately urgently prohibit Bitcoin in Japan.     
Al Qaeda and Taliban expand their own power suddenly focusing on Syria, and I read the news of the incident that Boko Haram abducts many school girls in Nigeria. As for this, may they raise a fund from China by Bitcoin? 

      A big Holocaust plan advances if we don't prohibit use of Bitcoin on a global scale.
In China, more than 500 terrorisms and riots came to break out every day from late 2013, and more than 800 terrorisms and riots a day happen as of now.In this situation, China prohibited the use of the Bitcoin in China quickly.Why?
I think that it is because China contributes itself a fund to al Qaeda and Taliban through Bitcoin .
 I would like to hope that it should be urgently talked about all-out ban of Bitcoin on a global scale.
In now when threatening movement advances, I worry about the security of the Hisahito prince.
As payment for a guard expense of the Hisahito prince, the Japanese Government should offer 100 million yen from the nation's secret expenses to the family of Akishinomiya every year.  
I would like to hope that the U.S. Government will confirm the Japanese Government about this matter.
Hisahito prince is ignored by many elementary school students now, but I think that it is unnaturally.I guess that a certain organization may move so that Akishinomiya's family can't receive the expense of Hisahito prince with hesitation.Chongryon often follow about a Japanese stalker victim collectively and Chongryon often spreads a made-up rumor about a Japanese stalker victim .
I think that in order to be easy to arrest Hisahito prince when Chongryon rose in revolt one day, Chongryon may contrive to make the situation so that "Akishinomiya's family can't receive a guard expense".
I think that the Hisahito prince certainly becomes their target.
Hisahito prince 2014
Chongryon brings many weapons into the hidden warehouses of all the metropolis and districts even if the Ozawa group in the Self-Defense Forces was purged .I think that Japan should strengthen the guard of Hisahito prince more.
About the principal and the class's teacher of the Hisahito prince, the Public Security Intelligence Agency apply the Antisubversive Activities Act and should place the principal and the class's teacher under surveillance.This class teacher deviates from common sense clearly.If princes of royal families become the students of his class, the teacher should be proud of the fact usually.The Public Security Intelligence Agency should investigate whether the principal and this teacher may be threatened by someone else.Hisahito prince is the last person to stand alone.His frankness makes him beloved of all. By the intention of some adults, they let the Hisahito prince be isolated.This is a difficult problem,but this problem should be improved.
The government should request a school to change the class teacher of the Hisahito prince in a hurry.Because Ozawa begins to move, the government should be cautious more for Hisahito prince. 
  Japan must protect the imperial family by all means.
It is the origin of Japan's sprit.
We live in order to build the peaceful society.
It is the origin of the human's sprit.
Honest men and knaves can possibly be saved in the same sprit.
Jerusalem should be built in each heart of the human.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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