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Ukraine and world peace

There might be the minimum damage in Ukraine, but I think that Ukraine advances to the direction of the peace and I am very glad for it from bottom of my heart.
I would like to hope that they reward Japan if Japan had been able to arbitrate a dispute.
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Chambord castle 
Champ du tournesol Loire
1.I would like to hope that President Putin would have consideration for Japan to be able to purchase a lot of Russian natural gas cheaply.
I would like to hope that Russia would give a service for Japan about the natural gas more than China.Aozora loves the country which is generous enough.
I hope that northern territories dispute between Japan and Russia will be solved soon.If the northern territories dispute between Japan and Russia does not progress better at all while only the economic cooperation between Japan and Russia advances, it is comical seeing Japan as if Japan were a silly woman who is exploited by a playboy.Regarding the issue of the northern territories, Japan wants to accelerate talks aimed at signing a peace treaty with Russia.It is very nice for us.
2.If Rompuy President of theEuropean Council will promote EPA and FTA between Japan and EU more and more, Japan can build the Japanese superior monorail cheaply in Europe.I think each European famous historic remain is too far from each station of the railroad in Europe.
When I studied in France, I always brought a bicycle into an electric train of the National Railways, and I traveled round old castles of the Loire. The beautiful sunflower field was endlessly continuing until old castles, and it is my important beautiful memory. But I felt that European traffic did not develop as enough as Japan.
The European monorail construction escalates the employments of EU and will relax the unemployment rate of the young generation of EU.My recommendation is Hitachi for the construction of the monorail.
If EPA and FTA will be concluded for the construction of the railroads and monorails even if "all products except transportation business" are not targets, the employments of EU will surely increase.
3.Because a pipeline for Germany and a pipeline for Ukraine are not separated, I hear there are much injustice of Oligarchy about the pipeline of Ukrainian natural gas.I would like to hope that Ukraine will provide "a chance of the construction for separating the pipeline" to Japan by all means. Japan will surely cope faithfully fairly. In addition, this infrastructure business provides the big employments in Ukraine, and the dispute will calm for this infrastructure.
Japan should settle a world dispute faithfully, and Japan should provide the Japanese superior techniques and should develop splendid monorails and railroads and infrastructure business in the world.
Because Japan is a country of the sun, Japan should shine once again.
Hold My Hand,Hold My Hand of Aozora.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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