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A peaceful settlement of Ukraine isn't difficult.

Dear sir,
President Putin
St Sophia Cathedral
St. Sophia Cathedral of Ukuraine
I stared at the photograph of Beautiful, pretty St. Sophia Cathedral and I am convinced that a peaceful settlement of Ukraine isn't difficult.If I make an earnest appeal to President Putin with my whole heart , I feel that I can protect St. Sophia Cathedral from the war.

During World War II, the main island of Okinawa became a battlefield and the whole town was devastated by war.
shuri castle
Shuri castle of Okinawa island
Because the former Japan forces installed the headquarters in the basement under the Shuri castle, even grand Shuri castle was destroyed by fire.Because His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress became the rainbow bridge between Okinawa and Japan devotedly, the beautiful Shuri castle was rebuilt after the war.
However, the culture that Okinawa island lost in World War II is too big.The Okinawa's culture suffered serious damage.All the musical instruments of the Imperial Court music, all musical scores and all players were destroyed in fire and the Imperial Court music of the Shuri castle are never revived.
I can see it just because I have the blood of the minority race of Okinawa island in my body.I shout that I desire protecting St. Sophia Cathedral from the war.The whole cityies of the beautiful Ukraine will be reduced to ashes , if we forget to shout for peace of Ukraine now.

It is not necessary for the European Ukrainian people and Russian Ukrainian people and Chechen people and the Russian people to die now. All of them have their own right to live.Their mothers gave birth to their sons and reared children with their all love . But their mothers shouldn't want to love their own sons , for this kind of civil war to destroy something.All their mothers pray to God for their sons's returning in safety.Probably their mothers just think about whether they shall make potato gratin or borscht, if their sons come home.

President Putin governs with strong authority. When once President Putin consents President Putin captures only one of a villain alone called Denis Pushilin and delivers him to the Ukrainian government, the dispute is finished in one week.
Denis Pushilin is only an insignificant person.If President Putin will take decisive measures, everybody will be loud in President Putin's praises.Everybody hates Denis Pushilin.If the great President Putin protect Denis Pushilin , this fact will give damage to the honor of President Putin.
President Putin is the President of the world's largest territory, and President Putin succeeds in the big many contracts of the energy resources.Because President Putin must control very large Russia, President Putin should make a concession to the other for the peace on rare occasions.I will entreat President Putin on my knees so that President Putin would stand up to capture Denis Pushilin.
Denis Pushilin
Denis Pushilin 
In addition, President Putin succeeded in a natural gas contract of a total of 400 billion dollars for 30 years with China , and a contract of the pipeline construction of natural gas between Russia and Japan is pushed forward now.Because a big contract with Japan waits President Putin, I would like to hope that President Putin would deliver Denis Pushilin to the Ukraine government by all means . And I would like to hope that President Putin would give priority to peace.
Because a natural gas contract of China is a contract of the advance payment, I surmise that President Putin would hope for Japan to contract the advance payment.However, I would like to entreat President Putin so that President Putin does not demand a payment in advance contract of natural gas to Ukraine which stands in the serious financial failure.I am worry about the financial crisis of Ukraine.
And because a big contract with Japan waits President Putin, I would like to hope that President Putin would reduce in price to 268.50 dollars per 1000 cubic meters of natural gas for the Ukrainian government.That is the original price between Russia and Ukraine .
And if Denis Pushilin is delivered to the Ukrainian government, Ukraine's government can start a constitutional amendment in order to accept the right of the autonomy to the Russian Ukrainians.
olive.jpg Through the simple good offices of a few chiefs of several states , the peace of Ukraine can be realized.
I think that President Putin had better take utility in an indulgently luxurious manner.

Sincerely yours,
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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