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Nostradamus and President Goodluck Jonathan

Chief Alex Ekwueme(Left) and President Goodluck Jonathan(right)
Because Nigerian President has the name of "Good luck", Nigerian President is considerably very lucky. He is always poker‐faced under any circumstance.But the world will notice soon that President Goodluck Jonathan makes obvious lies.
After that the United States has deployed 80 troops on May 22 to Chad to augment efforts to find the missing Nigerian schoolgirls , Air Chief Marshal Alex Bedeh said on Monday May 27 that the government have located the more than 200 missing girls that were taken from their school in April, but cannot disclose their whereabouts.Correspondence of President Goodluck Jonathan and Air Chief Marshal Alex Bedeh is considerably suspicious and they are not faithfulness.
President Goodluck Jonathan has given approval for the members of the Boko Haram sect to be given amnesty as soon as the terrorists lay down their weapons.This piece of information was made public on Thursday, 29 May, 2014, by the Minister of Youth Development, Mr. Boni Haruna, while speaking at a programme to mark the nation’s Democracy Day titled ‘A day with young leaders of Nigeria’.
And their treatment in emergencies is too slow.It was rather late for the missing girls.They look like they're even enjoying themselves.My stomach turned at the mere sight of their photograph.I suspect that President Goodluck Jonathan might cooperate together with Abubakar Shekau who is the leader of the Nigerian militant Islamist group Boko Haram.If it is true that Abubakar Shekau will be discharged as previously described, there may be a possibility that President Goodluck Jonathan performs his own work in this case.I suspect them because their treatment in emergencies is too slow , even if President Goodluck Jonathan has given approval for the members of the Boko Haram sect to be given amnesty as soon as the terrorists lay down their weapons.

Because the very sight of hypocrisy of the Nigerian government made me feel sick, I looked for a prediction of Nostradamus desperately.
And I discovered 5 Centuries Quatrain 23. This is the just prophecy of President Goodluck Jonathan and Boko Haram commmander, Abubakar Shekau obviously.
Les deux contens seront vnis ensemble,
Quand la pluspart a` Mars seront conionict:
Le grand d'Affrique en effrayeur tremble,
DVVMVIRAT par la classe desioinct.

Century 5, Quatrains 23 
The two contented ones will be united together,
When for the most part they will be conjoined with Mars
The great one of Africa trembles in terror,
Duumvirate disjoined by the fleet.

Centuries 5 Quatrain 23
From March 2, 2014 to May 20, Mars moves backward in an orbit.Mars begins to perform direct motion in the same way as most stars from May 21 .Nostradamus predicts that we will find out that "President Goodluck Jonathan and Boko Haram commmander, Abubakar Shekau copulate behind the scenes", when the most part of stars will be conjoined with Mars.
Duumvirate will be disjoined by the fleet.
The incident happened in the middle of April, but, for three weeks, the President continued remaining silent about this incident.
Though 276 girls were kidnapped in Nigeria, the Nigerian government kept holding World Economic Forum Africa meeting without being canceled. .It is unbelievable that the Nigerian government kept holding this meeting without canceling it .
The First Lady called mothers of the victims directly out and seemed to do even persuasion ,"You should be quiet. Don't make so much noise. It will become the shame of the Nigerian country if such a thing is known".Nigerian women could not fall silent for such Nigerian correspondence of government and they appeared in the street and held a large-scale demonstration for the release of girls in the early stage , but the First Lady gave it an order to arrest the woman leader of such demonstration by herself and she has been taken into custody.
Through the Internet, the voice of the people in hope of the rescue of girls spread in no time in the world. Without such a public opinion, the Nigerian government was not going to move . After repeated requests the Nigerian government finally made up his mind to take up the problem.
The international human rights group Amnesty International announced the report on May 9 that the Nigerian military was not able to cope with appropriately although they know that Boko Haram went to the girls' school at least four hours before girls were taken away. This report was made which was based on the testimony more than ten persons including two Nigerian cadremen.

We must doubt human nature of President Goodluck Jonathan rather than Boko Haram commmander, Abubakar Shekau.
I estimate that President Goodluck Jonathan get huge money from China through Bitcoin , and I estimate that he cooperates with China in order to perform his own work in this case.
I estimate that China may hope attracting the world's interest in Nigeria, in order to deceive this situation, so that China does not receive any sanctions even if China force an oil drilling of the East China Sea.
Nigeria is an oil oil-producing country. There is someone else behind the curtain. I estimate that China will participate in this incident.
China often tries to attract world's interest to other incident to let an evil deed succeed.
I would like to hope that the U. S. Government would pressure Nigeria and all Nigerian neighbor countries to prohibit the use of the Bitcoin in order to rescue girls.
The use of the Bitcoin was started in 2009, based on an article which was contributed by Satoshi Nakamoto which was named himself.It is 2010 that Abubakar Shekau became Boko Haram commmander. A power of Boko Haram expanded suddenly from 2010.The power of the radicals links the Bitcoin.
In addition, the name called Satoshi Nakamoto is the name of Japanese, but probably I think that the Chinese government invented the Bitcoin.
Please give me your attention.
If Nigeria and surrounding nations prohibit use of the Bitcoin, Boko Haram will defeat totally.
The Middle Eastern countries should raise the price of energy resources to export to China in order to restrain an evil deed of China.
The United States and the U.K. should get the evidence of  "several flows of the slush funds and Bitcoin" between the Chinese government and President Goodluck Jonathan and Chief Alex Ekwueme .
I am convinced that the actions to steal oil from the Nigerian oil pipelines are happened by providing Chinese wisdom by China's government in order to let the European or American oil companies get out from Nigeria.
Just every Chinese company should be ousted from Nigeria.
Someone else starts a rumor in unnatural Japanese at the internet that" CIA made Boko Haram, and the United States and the UK cooperate with Boko Haram for the rights of the oil".I think that "a Chinese professor resident in Japan and Chinese students resident in Japan" make this rumor.

China smuggled a large quantity of weapons in the African Continent, and China did vast economic growth by the Holocaust of African people.I never believe China.

Japan Airlines Flight 351 was hijacked
I will show a samurai spirits for President Goodluck Jonathan.
On March 31, 1970, Japan Airlines Flight 351 was hijacked by nine members of the Japanese Communist League-Red Army Faction which was a predecessor of the Japanese Red Army .On March 31, 1970, Japan Airlines Flight 351 was hijacked by nine members of the Japanese Communist League-Red Army Faction which was a predecessor of the Japanese Red Army .The hijackers took 129 hostages (122 passengers and seven crew members), later releasing them at Fukuoka Airport and Seoul's Kimpo Airport.
Shinjiro Yamamura transport parliamentary undersecretary suggested to the criminal group that Shinjiro Yamamura transport parliamentary undersecretary became a scapegoat himself for the passengers, on April 3 when the negotiations of several days were passed , and his suggestion was agreed by the criminal group .
While scapegoat plan started in it in form that Yoshizou Tanaka which were one of the criminal groups and Yamamura were replaced, all passengers were freed sequentially, and liberation was performed in the form that Tanaka and the last one passenger who finally went down on the ground were replaced on the gangway.In addition, the cabin attendants among crews were allowed to go down the plane .
We can watch a scene of Yamamura's scapegoat plan at the point of one minute 48 seconds.Mr.Yamamura's action is based on Japan's Samurai sprit.
Mr. Yamamura was taken to North Korea by the criminal group, but the North Korean government was impressed by courage of Mr. Yamamura and sent back Mr. Yamamura to Japan.
Mr.Yamamura helped more than 100 hostages in only four days.
Although the incident of missing girls by Boko Haram happened in the middle of April, the Nigerian President cannot yet rescue a hostage.More than 45 days passes.
olive.jpg President Goodluck Jonathan should take the responsibility for the delay of the rescue, and President Goodluck Jonathan should become a scapegoat for the missing girls like Mr. Yamamura.
Hey,President Goodluck Jonathan.
You are not a gull. The Nigerian navy may cause a coup d'etat because Duumvirate will be disjoined by the fleet.
If you are a man,Remember the samurai spirit !!
President Goodluck Jonathan!!!Become a scapegoat to save girls immediately.

Your good luck has been already over.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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