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Prime Minister Abe left from Japan to Belgium for the G7 which would begin on June 4-5.

G7 summit will be held in Belgium from June 4 to 5.
China lets the power of the radicals spread through Bitcoins and, China pushes forward the plans to cause several internal disturbances of EU or the Middle East in order to cause the world conquest by China.
Syrian radicals are gathering the unemployed persons of EU or the Middle East in order to let them become the terrible terrorists after brainwashing with the drugs.
About global prohibition of Bitcoins and the expansion of the railroad and monorail in EU by importing Japan's new technology for job growths of EU , I would like to hope that all leaders would talk in G7 seriously.
It leads to preventing a world conquest plan of China.
The EU is the major export counterpart for China but China wants conquering EU and the Middle East in order to overcome China's economic crisis.China plans to use Bitcoins to conquer the earth.
I hope from the bottom of my heart that USA, EU and Russia are reconciled with each other as soon as possible so that a world conquest plan of China does not advance .

And the Nigerian President should decide the exchange of the hostages of the missing girls immediately,if the Nigerian President knows the whereabouts of girls.If the Nigerian President can't perform the exchange of the hostages of the missing girls immediately,all participating nations of the G7 should decide the asset freeze of the main members of the Nigerian government.
The Nigerians should be no longer killed in terrorism.Missing girls should throw themselves into the arms of their each mother and should feel secure in their each mother's arms.
Chief Alex Ekwueme(Left) and President Goodluck Jonathan(right) 
Xi Jinping2013
Xi Jinping 
I think that China handed a bribe to the Nigerian President to let "the incident of the abduction of more than 200 girls" delay until digging of the oil of the East China Sea can be reached to a convenient step. I estimate that China may hope attracting the world's interest in Nigeria, in order to deceive this situation, so that China does not receive any sanctions even if China force an oil drilling of the East China Sea.
The main members of the Nigerian government are venal politicians.If G7 warns them of the asset freeze, missing girls will be rescued soon.
Of course, I want to suggest "my idea to protect the Middle East and Israel from world conquest of China" a few days later.

Prime Minister Abe departed from Haneda airport. 
Prime Minister Abe intends to talk about "the peaceful settlement of the problems in Ukraine", "China's use of coercion to assert of the East China Sea claims", "result and economic reform of Abenomix" in G7 summit.
No matter who looked, Prime Minister Abe looks very gentle.And I guess Prime Minister Abe will also talk about the North Korean problem as his foreign policy.However, Prime Minister Abe's negotiations with North Korea are based on an illegitimate transaction. Prime Minister Abe is a devil in human form.Prime Minister Abe intends to imitate a method of the rescue of 13 abductees that former Prime Minister Koizumi succeeded in.But that is an illegitimate transaction.
koizumi former Prime Minister
Prime Minister Koizumi
If Kim Jong Il former general secretary recognized abduction, at a Japan-North Korea summit meeting of 2002, Former Prime Minister Koizumi decided "a secret agreement" that a Japanese side would provide 11400 million dollars (approximately 1 trillion 360 billion yen) of the economic cooperation fund as compensation after the war."Chan Chol Hyon who was Former executive of an undivided front department of North Korean military organization which was the special duty organization of anti South Korea" testified it , on Monday in September 17 in 2012.
Furthermore, in May, 2004 Former Prime Minister Koizumi visited North Korea again in order to rescue the children of the abductees who returned to Japan by leaving their children in North Korea .
Former Prime Minister Koizumi promised the food support of 250000 tons in the beginning of the Japan-North Korea summit meeting, and Former Prime Minister Koizumi talked to Kim Jong Il that there had been 100 billion dollars to his airplane in order to rescue five children.
Most of the vast funds which Former Prime Minister Koizumi contributed to North Korea were used for nuclear development, and the nuclear development of North Korea developed drastically.
It was their secret agreement between former Prime Minister Koizumi and Kim Jong Il that former Prime Minister Koizumi abandoned more than 500 abductees who are still in North Korea.

Prime Minister Abe desires providing a vast fund to North Korea by "the method of rescuing a few abductees that Former Prime Minister Koizumi succeeded in" .And in order to establish the government for a long term, Prime Minister Abe will behave naturally as if he were a Japanese hero .Prime Minister Abe is too old a bird to be caught with chaff. He believes that nothing can prevent his doing what he likes with his own.
It was said that Prime Minister Abe had related the structural calculation forgery problem by Aneha design engineer, but eight or more persons concerned died by several suspicious methods in order to let them become silent for some reason.
I guess that Prime Minister Abe always thinks that he can be happy if only Aozora would die.Even I am afraid of Prime Minister Abe.However, the God let me develop dyspnea if I want to stop the resistance activity.I have never any spiritual ability and I don't have the human virtues so much.But if I try to stop the resistance activity,the God will kill me.From the viewpoint of the God, I am nothing more than a sacrificed piece.I can't live the happy life like a common citizen.The only thing I can do is to work on the resistance activity.
Prime Minister Abe, are you going to contribute a nuclear weapon development fund to let 2 million citizens of the innocence be burned to death in an instant for North Korea in order to establish your own long-term government?
However, if Prime Minister Abe contributes a vast nuclear development fund to North Korea at the next Japan-North Korea summit meeting, North Korea will surely develop "the terrible system to produce the electronic jamming" against the interceptor missile and the Aegis-equipped destroyer , and this system will deprive the ability of "Japan and the United States" to intercept Taepodong-2.Japan must not contribute any funds to North Korea.
Japan must not pay any funds to North Korea, for nuclear weapon that "around 2 million of Japanese innocent citizens of Tokyo and Osaka" and "around 2 million of American innocent citizens of the West Coast " are burnt to death at the rush hour .
North Korea insists that Japan should retain the Headquarter of Chongryon as a condition of the Japan-North Korea summit meeting.
Chongryon is the total headquarters of the secret society for China's strategy to execute the Emperor's family as the war criminals in Beijing.
Besides, Chongryon is a den of robbers of drug trafficking, arms smuggling, abduction, imprisonment, a torture abuse massacre show, and the human traffic.
At the first, the center of "China's plan to make Japan rush into militarism for Japan-China War in order to execute Japanese imperial family in Beijing for war criminals" is the Headquarter of Chongryon.
Japan must not rush into the military regime.Japan must advance to the peace.
Everybody,wake up!! And let's advance to the road to peace.Let's protect His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress.
Abe Prime Minister wants to govern Japan by military power and establish period of brutal suppression thought to resemble the Reign of Terror of the political system of the Nazis.  1brgn5_e0line.gif
Prime Minister Abe intends to establish a military regime which is affiliated under American Cheney.
Cheney should not be the Asian King.
Prime Minister Abe hopes to let the huge vast fund smuggle out illegally in secret by an airplane to the North Korea at the next Japan-North Korea summit meeting by hiding from several surveillance systems .
It is just a right way for Japan to do exile negotiations of Kim Jong-un by cooperating with USA and South Korea on condition of the rescue of all the abductees and the liberation of all concentration camps.
On condition of the liberation of all abductees and all North Korean concentration camps, Japan, the United States and South Korea should persuade Kim Jong Un that Japan, the United States and South Korea accept the exile of Kim Jong Un.
And Japan, the United States and South Korea should plea-bargain so that Kim Jong Un is not found guilty at all in the International Court of Justice.
This is the sole right way to rescue abductees from North Korea.
Changes in this generation are big.
After that Kim Jong Un executed Jang Sung-taek who was an intermediary between North Korea and China, China comes to feel a menace to the North Korean nuclear weapons and China intends to continue economic sanctions to North Korea until North Korea will ruin.
And Nostradamus foretells that North Korea will ruin, and the Yi Dynasty revives, and the Korean Peninsula is governed by Korea.

 Century 10 , Quatrains 72
The year 1999, seventh month,
The reign of terror will begin suddenly (from the sky ).
You can get a chance in a million.
After happening an arrangement before and after Mars
( the Planets form a line in series)
The great country of the Angolmois (Korea)goes back to the starting point again.
The North Korean concentration camps became serious terrible from July, 1999.Nostradamus dared to emphasize July, 1999 to deliver the message for human race to release all the North Korean concentration camps.
"We must wait for collapse of North Korea", without providing any funds , and without relaxing any economic sanctions for North Korea.
I would like to hope that G7 would warn Prime Minister Abe with strong advice "including the asset freeze of the main members of the Abe Administration" to wait for collapse of North Korea", without providing any funds , and without relaxing any economic sanctions for North Korea .
I must overthrow the Headquarter of Chongryon which is the center of "China's plan to make Japan rush into militarism for Japan-China War in order to execute Japanese imperial family in Beijing for war criminals" .
If North Korea is faithful to Japan, North Korea has no cause to expect the continuation of Chongryon.
The Japanese imperial family is a family of the noble Aaron of the Lewi group.
We must protect the descendants of Moses kindred clans.
And more than 80000 people who were abducted from all over the world and 160000 people in the concentration camps wait for our rescue.
We must not mistake the method to rescue them.
I would like to hope that G7 will express an opinion definitely so that Prime Minister Abe should not retain the Headquarter of Chongryon which is the center of "China's plan to make Japan rush into militarism for Japan-China War in order to execute Japanese imperial family in Beijing for war criminals.
Japan never ruins because I love Japan truly.
In Okinawa, there is the "Okinawa Rosetta stone" which is the popular name ."Okinawa Rosetta stone" is the mystery line engraving slate which was written with various pictographic scripts.
When the tribal chief of the Hopi watched this slate, he said," The white persons who had the slate which became another pair will come from the solar country. There is a legend to say that this persons apply for our older brothers. We have the slates ourselves, too. We continued looking for it all the time."
And the tribal chief of the Hopi predicted that Okinawa people might save the human race from the war.
Because I have a quarter of my blood of the minority race of Okinawa island in my body, I will work hard in order to do political suggestion for peace.
By the way,did you read the message of the Hopi?I can't understand what the Hopi wants to say.In a word, does it mean China should take the strong measures against the pollution and global pollution is an issue that should be addressed by the entire world?He gives a long-winded speech so much.By saying it in a roundabout ambiguous way, they may not want to make an enemy of China.About that the tribal chief of the Hopi predicted of Okinawa people, I often feel that people of the Hopi seems always talking something on a whim.
According to the Hopi's message,we should plant vegetables in the garden?
As the Hopi tells us that for now, I bought the seedlings of a cucumber and the green pepper at the discount shop and planted them on 2 flowerpots. But "even a flowerpot " is good ? It is not a garden....I have only a small veranda.....ummmmmmmmmmmmm
Oh, well!Let's progress toward peace.People all over the world are anxious for peace.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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