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Just a bit more patience.

ukraine and Russia
Russia and Ukraine blame that both sides's armored cars do territory invasion each other.But it is important for the world to protect the national prestige of both Presidents.I think that both Presidents surely hope terminating the civil war and make an effort very much together.
A little while ago,I read dire news that the warplane of Ukraine forces on which at least 49 people boarded was shot down by the Russian group radicals in eastern Luhansk city.
Because I was in the middle of writing this blog for the peace of Russia and Ukraine from this morning of Saturday, I received a great shock.
However, I must not be discouraged.I must stop World War 3.Should World War III come about, there would be no winners at all.So ,I must not be discouraged.
I would like to hope that Ukraine would receive food support and medical support from the world and President Poroshenko would suspend "the attack to wipe out the areas of the Russian radicals" temporarily, without retaliating against the Russian radicals.
Decision that Ukraine starts an offensive against the Russian radicals isn't right because there are no abundant fund and no economic skill and no solidarity power of the whole country in current Ukraine.I think that President Poroshenko underestimates Russia.
If President Poroshenko starts an offensive against the Russian radicals , everybody understands President Poroshenko never admit a system that allows for self-government for Russian Ukrainians.
The Ukrainian first priority is economic revitalization and education.Ukraine must not deprive the education of Russian language in the Ukrainian trouble spot.
  If Ukraine tries to defeat the Russian Ukrainians in order to silence them,they will fight at the risk of life till the end until World War III starts.
Because the Ukrainian government receives financial support from all over the world, I would like to hope that Ukraina's government would announce a concrete plan about "the right of the autonomy of the Russian Ukrainians, and the education of Russian language", to the world, in order to avoid World War III .
The financial support to Ukraine is provided from the tax of each citizen of each country.
Every citizen thinks that the financial support to Ukraine is not an expense to cause the World War 3.
The financial support to Ukraine is an expense for the peace.
USA and EU must not label President Putin as if President Putin were a person who cause a civil war.And President Poroshenko just became the President, and he can't hold the Ukrainian military.
As for the natural gas negotiations between Russia and China, I heard that it is from 350 dollars to 380 dollars per 1000 cubic meters. So I think that a price of 385 dollars per 1000 cubic meters that Russia showed in Ukraine is the very conscientious price. However, the economic ruin of Ukraine is considerably serious and Ukraine can't revitalize the economy at the price that Russia showed in Ukraine,I think.
Relations between the two countries strain to the breaking point, but we must bring the peace to the both countries.
Because I have the blood of the minority race of Okinawa in me, I'll express my suggestion on the situation of the minority race.
Both the Russian radicals and the inhabitants commit robbery in many supermarkets, and the police does not function.In the trouble spots, the medicines of the injured persons are shortage, now.Besides all that, although they are so short of eatables, they have many weapons.
The thing which is necessary for these local people in now is "enough antibiotic and painkiller for the injured person", and "enough foods for inhabitants".
We should do food support and medical support to people living in the trouble spots in all sincerity.The inhabitants will wake up for the peace.
Because the Russian radicals tends to repel OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), I would like to hope that a group of the Russian Orthodox Church would bring food and medicine into the area.They never assail Russian Orthodox Church group.
Of course Japan should contribute food and medicine as much as possible to Russian Orthodox Church group.
It becomes the peaceful settlement by all means, and Japan will come to be loved by Russia and Ukraine.
The nutrients for raising healing power necessary for an injured person is zinc, citric acid, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, Amino acid,Collagen and Cocoa.
zinc Canned food of an oyster and the short-necked clam,Dried cuttlefish ,eggs,cheese,beans parched, sesame, almond, soybean, corn
If Japan contributes food support of the set of the pasta, it will be convenient at a stricken area.

When you click each image, you can see the page in which you can purchase each product .
citric acid
vitamin C
Citrus fruits, pickled plum, kiwi fruit
The rate of absorption rises markedly when injured person consumes zinc with citric acid, and vitamin C at the same time.
Even sick person or old man can drink Mitsuya cider(Kiwi fruit juice) because it is soft and yummy.I recommend Mitsuya cider for a person who is lacking an appetite.
vitamin A
vitamin B
Liver, Dried shrimp, Spinach
When vitamin A is shortage, skin and a mucous membrane will be damaged easily.
When skin and a mucous membrane are causing inflammation, vitamin B has the natural processes to make skin and a mucous membrane healthy.
vitamin E Peanut, Pumpkin, Cod roe
The reproduction of the cell becomes early by taking vitamin E.
It becomes very yummy one dish just to mix "Japanese seasoned cod roe which is cut into small pieces" with pasta.
Amino acid Meat, dairy products, soybean product, fish
The amino acid makes most of the skin.
The protein is broken down in the body and becomes the amino acid.
CollagenJelly,A thick soup which is created through long hours of simmering pork and chicken bones,Cartilage
Sweets give the big joy for children who are in the disputed territory.It is important for children.
Cacao productCocoa and chocolate
Because President Poroshenko would be called Chocolate King, I think that probably President Poroshenko's company products the high-quality chocolate as if the Eastern Europe nobles loved. The Japanese chocolate may not have high quality as much as special chocolate of President Poroshenko's company , but the Japanese chocolate is cheap and yummy.
The seriously ill patient who takes cocoa everyday can get well early.
The minority race is not often treated as the important existence and even the existence is often ignored .
I think that the Russian Ukrainian is fighting at the risk of life for fear of being persecuted or for fear of being oppressed in the future.They are not same as barbarous students who break the glass of the high school.
It is important for them that peaceful life is guaranteed.
Ukraine in the situation of the economic collapse can't do any food supports and medical supports for people of the trouble spot of Ukraine.
The former Ukrainian government appealed to Europe and America for peaceful social realization, but, actually, the former Ukrainian government desired to persecute almost Russian Ukrainians.This is the most serious problem.
I hope heartily that President Poroshenko can build the new peaceful times .
Children who live in the civil war are also innocent.
From Monday of June 16 of the day after tomorrow, Iran and six countries will hold the fifth nuclear discussion in Vienna city of Austria.
Of course I never forget the peace of Iran that I love. I always worry about Iran.I intend to write suggestion of the peace about the nuclear issue of Iran in this blog after that I take a break a little.I read it over again many times on Sunday and intend to make modifications carefully.
I would like to hope that Iran and six countries would do food support and medical support for the Ukrainian minority race if possible.
I wish heartily that each country would accompany "the person in charge" of "food support and medical support for the Ukrainian minority race" at the meeting of Vienna, when each country would attend.
Ukraine will develop into World War 3 if Ukraine does not stop fighting.This is an emergency.
Because the piano performance of Ingrid St-pierre is tender, I love it very much.
I wrote this blog today while hearing the piano performance of Ingrid St-pierre in order to suggest the peace with a gentle feeling .
I pray to God from the bottom of my heart so that Ukraine can stop fighting.

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