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I never forget the peace of Iran that I love. I always worry about Iran.

Probably I think that it is Mt. Damāvand of Iran, but because there is not Japanese notation I don't know the name of this mountain exactly. Because it is too beautiful, I mention it.I think that anyone who looks at this beautiful mountain and lake, think hoping to make the peaceful society come true .Won't you tell me the name of this mountain and lake?
The difficult point of the nuclear issue of Iran is that Iran is a large country of the Islam. Because the armaments of Iran and solidarity power of Iran become the menace, I think that the enemy state becomes oversensitive .
It is "doubt" that turns "good" into "bad".However, Japan can remove this misunderstanding.
The solution is simple.
If a Japanese company can take charge of a section reprocessing nuclear garbage of all Iranian nuclear sites by always staying , Japan can prove that Iran does not produce plutonium for the world and IAEA.
Between these ten years, several hundred times of the inspections were carried out for the Iranian nuclear site , without any notices to check .In addition, approximately 27 times of inspections were carried out after each notice.I've never heard of such a news that someone can get even only one evidence that Iran abstracts plutonium .
I think that the doubt fades away if a Japanese company will be stationed in all Iranian nuclear sites in order to inspect them.It becomes one security for both sides.

"The plutonium 239 used for a nuclear bomb" can be made in Heavy water reactor which used heavy water in Neutron moderator by irradiating a neutron to uranium 238 of natural uranium.It is necessary to separate plutonium from uranium which is nuclear garbage on this occasion.If there are 8 kilograms of materials of this plutonium, and if it will be possessed on one missile , it will be enough to produce nuclear warheads.
Since possibility exists, I think that it becomes the menace.
If a Japanese company can take charge of a section reprocessing nuclear garbage of all Iranian nuclear sites by always staying , the menace will be disappeared naturally.
Port Island
Of course Japan should start a plan to build the reclaimed land at the Mediterranean coast for Israel simultaneously when Japan enters the Iranian nuclear site.
It leads to solution to build the base of the trust.
Japan has the most advanced technologies to reclaim the foreshore from the sea.If an Israeli tourist party would inspect a famous "Port Island which is a the reclaimed land in the sea", they will be overwhelmed in the Japanese technique that built the new town where there is a luxurious hotel, many high‐rise apartments and beautiful parks . Of course monorail are fully equipped there .
Because Japan did not have energy resources, and there were not the armaments, I think that Japan has worked many times harder than any other countries in order to polish the ability,the skill and the technique.
I have an idea that the Middle Eastern countries would provide huge sand of the desert for Japan's company in order to make the reclaimed land at the Israeli coast . On the other hand, Japan's company can plant palm trees at the place that removed sand at the desert by introducing "Water desalination plant" of Israel.
I think that the Japanese technique can contribute to the peace between Middle East and Israel.I want to contribute to boosting Japan's presence.
Everybody wants to walk in peace.
The road to peace exists there.
The dream of global peace will surely come true.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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