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We must be a person that can make fair judgments.

The pro-Russias troops is dispatched in order to deliver the Ukrainian died soldiers
The pro-Russia's troops is dispatched in order to deliver the Ukrainian died soldiers. 
By the civil war of these past several days in Ukraine,many lives were lost in both sides.Ukrainian President Poroshenko announced the cease-fire plan about a battle continuing in the eastern part, but the armament group of the pro-Russia group shows will not to accept it.The civil war in Ukraine developing into genocide.
We must make a fair judgments in order to avoid World War 3.Ukrainian President Poroshenko insists that "Ukraine is good but Russia is evil". But I think his judgment is entirely subjective and therefore quite unfair.
After President Poroshenko forced genocide by a large amount of war expenditures, President Poroshenko called for a cease-fire temporarily.The pro-Russia group can't let the hatred and tempestuous rage fade away.
President Poroshenko is the influential person who made a big success for chocolate business, but I think that he considers the numeric data to be only a number.Businessman should judge everything from numerical value to do big success for business, and the excessively eager feeling may be unnecessary for businessman.Because President Poroshenko became head of state, President Poroshenko needs to be immediately responsible of the lives of all the nations.If the Poroshenko President tries to conduct a business with the pro-Russia's troops, I think that the Poroshenko President will fail every negotiation.
Poroshenko President needs more effort to love minority races.
Poroshenko President should say a concrete plan about a constitutional amendment about the autonomy of the minority race.Almost Russian Ukrainians suspect that the constitutional amendment may be only glib promises with insincere words.
Ukrainian National Housing Corporation should work to provide reinforced concrete housing complexes for Russian Ukrainians.
This infrastructure business provides the employments and their houses in Russian Ukrainians.
Ukraine should make effort to let "all of approximately 19,000 refugees from Ukraine who sheltered in Russia territory "return to Ukraine .
Ukraine must not deprive the education of Russian language in the Ukrainian trouble spot.
Because Ukraine had better extend trade with Russia one day, the lessons of Russian language will become Ukrainian national interest.
I would like to hope that the Ukrainian government would establish the scholarship system for able Russian Ukrainian children.
If the education system is enriched, they will open their heart.
Because the Russian radicals tends to repel OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), I would like to hope that a group of the Russian Orthodox Church would bring food and medicine into the area.
Both the Russian radicals and the inhabitants commit robbery in many supermarkets, and the police does not function.In the trouble spots, the medicines of the injured persons are shortage, now.Besides all that, although they are so short of eatables, they have many weapons.But they never assail Russian Orthodox Church group.I would like to hope that all the countries of the world contribute to the Russian Orthodox Church group for the food support and medical support for Russian Ukrainians in order to prevent that this confusion develops into World War 3.
I desire that a summit meeting between Ukraine and Russia would open formally.
It should be included improving cooperation with providing the energy resources and water in the Crimea .
Ukraine and Russia had better shelve the solution of the territorial problem of the Crimea into the future.
Ukraine should talk with Russia about an electric bill and a water rate of the Crimea.
I would like to hope that the world would wait a while before starting economic sanctions unilaterally to Russia so that President Poroshenko and President Putin can compromise.

The Livadia Palace in Crimea  
I believe that Russia no longer expands the territory and I would like to hope that President Putin would declare it clearly.
The Yalta Conference was held from February 4 , 1945 to February 11, for "the World War II meeting of the heads of government of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union" for the purpose of discussing Europe's and Japan's post-war reorganization in the Livadia Palace near Yalta in Crimea .Therefore,the Livadia Palace in Crimea is a symbol of the victory for Russia, and is a symbol of peace and security of Russia.
When the Crimea was annexed by Ukraine, Russia was in the confusion period that former Soviet Union collapsed.I think Ukraine made the Crimea become the territory of Ukraine through the doubtful inhabitants' poll, by taking advantage of Russian confusion.
When Russia loses both the Livadia Palace and Crimea again, I think that President Putin will lose his own political life even if President Putin is the powers that be .We need to consider these situations of President Putin.The Crimea is the special existence for him.
The former Soviet Union might have tormented Eastern Europe very much, but President Putin is not former Soviet Union.Because President Putin makes efforts to avoid the World war 3, we should not be prejudiced against President Putin so much.
In consideration of these circumstances, I think that the problem of the Crimea had better be shelved into the future temporarily.

Zazie/ Je Suis Un Homme
Head of state avoiding World War 3 is a really brave politician.
I desire that a summit meeting between Ukraine and Russia would open formally as soon as possible.
Everyone hopes it very much.
Everybody wants to walk in peace.

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