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Under the tense situation in Ukraine

Mi-8 cargo helicopter
Pro-Russian separatists turned down an Ukrainian helicopter. Inside the helicopter there were technicians who were appointed to install equipment to supervise the situation in eastern Ukraine at the border with Russia. The equipment installed was part of a peace plan between the pro-Russian rebels and the other Ukrainian people. Unfortunately, all 9 members of the team died.
International efforts to save Ukraine´s fragile ceasefire are set to intensify Wednesday as Kiev threatens to scrap the truce after pro-Russian rebels downed an army helicopter. Nine servicemen were killed when the Mi-8 helicopter was brought down Tuesday, underscoring the limited control both Russia and senior rebel leaders seem to have over some militia units that are apparently operating according to their own rules in Ukraine´s heavily Russified rustbelt. It also threatens to quash budding hopes that Ukraine´s Western-backed President Petro Poroshenko -- having ordered a one-week unilateral ceasefire on Friday that the rebels accepted on Monday -- will be able to negotiate an end to 11 weeks of violence that have claimed 435 lives, according to UN figures and an AFP count. President Poroshenko said he hoped to discuss the latest incident with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a teleconference Wednesday that would also be joined by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande.
Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to accuse Kyiv of breaking the cease-fire, telling reporters in Vienna Tuesday that Ukrainian paratroopers had been deployed in the area of Slovyansk, where he said a battle is taking place between government and separatist forces. He called reports of casualties in the fighting there "sad." On Monday, talks between pro-Russian separatist leaders and a Ukrainian government envoy, former president Leonid Kuchma, aimed at ending the crisis got under way in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk.

Officials say further talks are set for this week.
Please carefully proceed with that.
The dispute in Ukraine can trigger international conflicts such as World War 3 anytime.
Because the Ukrainian government must not show any movement in order to try ruling of eastern Ukraine under control at all until June 27, the Ukrainian government should not drop any paratroops on the area.
It is cease-fire violation that the Ukrainian government carries machine parts to the domain by a helicopter without going along the censorship place of the trouble spot.
At first, in order to restore the trust of both, and to keep a cease-fire, the Ukrainian government should arrest all the members of "right wing sector and ultras" who are dopenik clearly.
Because right wing sector and ultras beat and killed women and children with each hatchet, everybody had better understand they will be drug habitual offenders.
The key point of the peace is the arrest of all the members of "right wing sector and ultras".
The implicit trust is necessary.

Cheney often brainwashes the radicals of other countries by "using drugs and a large amount of money" in order to remodel the radicals into the cruel robots.
President Poroshenko of Ukraine must compromise sincerely with a minority race, too, in order to avoid the World War III .Should World War III come about, there would be no winners at all.
Because this incident happened during cease-fire deal, the death of nine people of the helicopter are pitiful.
But both Ukrainian government and Pro-Russian separatists are both responsible for the death of nine people .
I was convinced that "right wing sector and ultras" which are affiliated with Cheney shot a helicopter because Cheney desired causing World War 3 at first.But my opinion was wrong.
But taking this opportunity , President Poroshenko should arrest all the members of "right wing sector and ultras" who are dopenik clearly.
Unless Ukraine terminates a civil war as soon as possible, China and military industry of Cheney continue smuggling a lot of weapons in order to seize property of Ukrainian oligarchs.The economic growth of China links with genocide of the African Continent.Attention!!!!Beautiful Ukraine!!!!!
"Right wing sector and ultras" will become the threat for every Ukrainian oligarch,soon.They seem to want to kill all Jewish people and all Russian Ukrainians.How crazy they are!
If it will be to prevent World War 3, the arrests of "Right wing sector and ultras" is very very practical for the human race.In addition,many countries are saved from rushing into the military regime if it becomes clear by the arrest of "Right wing sector and ultras" about the fact with which person the radicals of "Right wing sector and ultras" are related .
Because President Poroshenko wants to get too much impatient to show the results early, I think that President Poroshenko violated the cease-fire deal a little.
Because President Poroshenko won a great victory at the Presidental election, President Poroshenko is already resoundingly successful and popular in Ukraine.In order to show us your great results,I would like to hope that Ukrainian government would arrest all members of "Right wing sector and ultras".

kakureL.gif kakureL.gif

President Poroshenko of Ukraine should think about whether President Poroshenko stops a cease-fire ,after arresting all the members of "Right wing sector and ultras".
President Putin of Russia was not deceived in a trap of Cheney.
President Poroshenko of Ukraine must not be deceived in a trap of Cheney, too.
Don't be in hurry,please,President.
Beautiful Ukraine can unite.
Officials say further talks are set for this week.
Please make the dream plan come true.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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