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Every American citizen needs right recognition

End the war in VietnamAlthough "US forces" was winning predominantly militarily at the Vietnam War, because American citizen opposed the Vietnam War, the Vietnam War ended for the peace.
This is the very impressive history for human race.This is just the true United States."The history that many American citizens stood up for the right to live and the lives of human race , and won" shows the great courage and the holy honor of Americans.
Great American citizens proved that right courage brought peace for human race.
This is just the true United States.
When President Obama was reelected, I thought that modern American citizens' conduct was worthy of the great honor history that American citizens made the Vietnam War end.At the time, I felt this is just the true United States.
There seem to be dangerous developments that may surely enter into a reign of terror and World War 3 in the United States.In this terrible situation,President Obama is the great President making great efforts in order to avoid World War 3.
American citizens should support President Obama who makes an effort to prevent that the world rushes into World War 3 more while Cheney says as if President Obama were weak-kneed and useless.President Obama does his best without being discouraged so that the world does not enter into World War 3 , although President Obama is abused as a coward , by Cheney and his friends.
It needs great courage to do what President Obama is doing.Can you do the same like President Obama although Cheney throws a laser beam from his eyes and launches many interceptor missiles from his mouth? Cheney is the strongest old man in the world.

American Cheney criticizes President Obama badly, but the human race must not put the cart before the horse.Cheney hopes that his own companies of military industries are profitable by causing World War 3 somehow.Those who love money for itself mistake the means for the end.
However, heads of states avoiding the third world war are the true brave politicians.
Cheney insists that 160,000 people died of a civil war in Syria because President Obama stopped participation in a war in Syria.However, World War 3 certainly may be caused, and 4 billion or more may perish if the United States would participate in Syrian civil war.Cheney is the devil who can tongue moves very skillfully by using several numbers.
I respect and love President Obama heartily.Cheney is a devil in human form.
God blesses just President Obama.


M. Pokora - On est là 
Heads of states avoiding World War 3 are the really brave politicians.
It is a universal truth and also the eternal verities.
It is the imperishable truth,too.
President Obama will be rated highly one day.
In the not-so-distant future,President Obama will win a great victory.
They said we are offside
We had thought more every moments
But we should leave from those
who can only know going and going ahead
Oh oooooh oh ooooooh oh
On est là
Pour mener la danse
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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