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Less than seven hours until the limit of the cease-fire of Ukraine

the cease-fire of Ukraine2 We have only less than seven hours until the limit of the cease-fire of Ukraine.I stared at this left photograph for a while.Probably I think that this woman is an elder sister of this soldier because a woman does not wear the glasses of such a thick black clumsy frame in front of her own lover.I think that probably she might have rushed to her younger brother without contact lens, and without making up because she wanted to see the figure of her younger brother who was safe .Probably she could have met a younger brother because it is in the cease-fire.Though I can't see his face of this soldier, he may be still below 20 years old.I think that his eyes fill with tears.We can see St. Sophia Cathedral of Ukuraine behind them.Yes,it is.That is St. Sophia Cathedral of Ukuraine that I love and I am always yearning for St. Sophia Cathedral.

President Poroshenko, would you mind continuing a cease-fire?

Unless Ukraine terminates a civil war as soon as possible, China and military industry of Cheney continue smuggling a lot of weapons in order to seize private property of Ukrainian oligarchs.The economic growth of China links with genocide of the African Continent.Attention!!!!Beautiful Ukraine!!!!!
"Right wing sector and ultras" will become the threat for every Ukrainian oligarch,soon.They seem to want to kill all Jewish people and all Russian Ukrainians. They are too crazy...

I worry about Ukraine because I know that China and Cheney use radicals and discontented elements of society of other countries very much.
China always deploys to let more than 100 nuclear warheads match the aims with Japan.For more than 40 years, China pushes forward a plan to execute the Japanese Emperor's family in Beijing and to let Japan sink with more than 100 nuclear weapons if World War 3 breaks out.
China had supported the wicked politician ,Ichiro Ozawa who was the son of North Korean residing in Japan until spring of 2013 and was going to cause an internal disturbance.In addition,the Ozawa group existed in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, too and Japan was very in danger.I go underground in order to fight against Ozawa, and I wrote a lot of letters to beg President Obama to help Japan .In the letter ,I wrote that "every soldier of the Self-Defense Forces who graduated North Korean school in Japan " should resign because teachers and students do the discussion to invade Japan after school every day in North Korean school in Japan.And now the Self-Defense Forces of Japan became safety.
Therefore,President Poroshenko should expel "Right wing sector and ultras" in the armed forces before fighting against Russian Ukrainians.
If "Right wing sector and ultras" in the armed forces holds power, I think that they execute Ukrainian oligarchs in order to take their private property.

Cheney is always connected to China for some reason.And now,Japan's Abe Administration is going to break into the military regime affiliated with Cheney.Japan will lose if it becomes the Japan-China War because the Japanese strategy may be leaked to China through Cheney.And after having executed the Emperor's family in Beijing in China, China will let Japanese Islands sink with more than 100 nuclear weapons .
So I always make effort to stop the World War 3.

At first President Poroshenko should expel "Right wing sector and ultras" from the armed forces and should let organization itself of "Right wing sector and ultras" ruin so that China and Cheney can't control beautiful Ukraine rather than fighting againsnt Russian Ukrainians.
And then President Poroshenko will find a way out in order to be reconciled with Russian Ukrainians, I think.

I pray to God so that President Poroshenko will continue a cease-fire more.
And I hope that the young man of this photograph does not belong to "Right wing sector and ultras".
I hope the gentle punishment for the persons except the executives of "Right wing sector and ultras" so that they can receive the rehabilitation of the drug .

kakureL.gif kakureL.gif

I think that probably the elder sister always pray to God for the safety of her younger brother every day in St. Sophia Cathedral.
I'll pray for this sister and brother ,too.
I pray for him not to be at the mercy of the period because of his youth.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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