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Diplomatic policies should be changed

Poroshenko army1 The European Union warned Russia of deeper sanctions unless it stops a separatist rebellion in Ukraine in three days as the government in Kiev announced the extension of a cease-fire.However, I think that Ukraine can't get the cooperation of the NATO forces enough that President Poroshenko expects it if Ukraine is going to gain control of Donetsk and Luhansk. President Poroshenko is overly optimistic for the victory. Things won't turn as President Poroshenko expects. Putin army1
It is because the world economy is unstable, and the United States and EU and Russia want to reduce the war expenditures. If President Putin surrenders to economic sanctions and withdraws all Russian soldiers hiding in Ukraine , "Right wing sector and ultras" will be mad with joy and brandishes each ax or gun in order to slaughter the citizens of Donetsk and Luhansk.And then I think that "Right wing sector and ultras" in the armed forces holds power and they execute Ukrainian oligarchs in order to seize their private property by force.
As a result, Russia will be made to participate in Ukraine, and World War 3 will happen.
Almost world considers as if President Putin were a bad person, but will each country pay "compensation for bereaved family" for "all survivors in Ukraine " in a responsible way when "Right wing sector and ultras" causes the fierce genocide as a result that they do economic sanctions to Russia one-sidedly?
China and Cheney always use radicals and discontented elements of society of other countries very much.And Cheney is always connected to China for some reason.
I'm convinced that China and Cheney control "Right wing sector and ultras" in order to cause World War 3.
Even if Pro-Russian separatists shot the Ukrainian military during a cease-fire, just each process to reach the incidents is worthy of note. I am convinced that "Right wing sector and ultras" which is controlled by China and Cheney shot at first.
China and Cheney always just looks on indifferently with acting as if they didn't get involved directly in the civil war although they participate secretly .
President Poroshenko must not begin genocide for cease-fire violations. Pro-Russian separatists considers that Ukrainian army did cease-fire violations ,too.
Ukrainian government by itself can't purge "Right wing sector and ultras".USA and EU should cooperate with Ukraine in order to purge "Right wing sector and ultras".

China intends to let China's economy grow up on military industry by causing World War 3 in order to get the huge wealth.
However, China struggles with adversity now, too.China's real estate bubble starts to ruin now.An income gain (rent income) by the housing investment reaches the situation less than the interest rate of bank deposits as a result that a property price of China soared too much.In 2014 , the drop in price of the property price began in each Chinese urban area.In a situation that rate of return of the real estate is less than deposit rates , "a drop in price of the real estate" spreads, and the process of the bubble burst in China begins .Even if the Chinese Communist Party performs "the control of the property price", it will not be useful by serious environmental pollution.
And the struggle for power of the Chinese government intensifies, and several plots to assassinate Xi Jinping which is feigned to be terrorism of the Uygur occur frequently.Water pollution and air pollution escalated into an out-of-control environmental pollution that involved the entire nation in China. China's environmental pollution is caused in the urban areas by political corruption of the Chinese Communist Party.Because they can no longer live in China by environmental pollution, the Chinese well off emigrate to the foreign territory.In this situation China will become only PM 2.5 and poor people.
The world's companies should already withdraw from China.If I say frankly, I think the coup d'etat of the Chinese military authorities is imminent.
One party rule of Chinese Communist Party is the root of all evil.

If the world stops a civil war in Ukraine and waits for a military coup of China, USA, EU and Russia can let economy grow up by enlarging the military industry of each country .
We must prevent that China and Cheney always chuckle to themselves with kissing their huge wads of money which are gotten by Ukrainian civil war.
We had better wait the coup d'etat of the Chinese military authorities.
The coup d'etat of the Chinese military authorities will bring us more fruitful business deal than Ukrainian civil war.
We must not give "the chance that China's economy survives " to China. 1brgn5_e0line.gif
The world should expand the term of validity of the Ukrainian cease-fire. And USA and EU should cooperate with Ukraine in order to purge "Right wing sector and ultras" in Ukraine.

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In cease-fire negotiations,I'll pray that their each fate and mind and "all words which they talk" will be protected by God.
The extinction of China is foretold in the Apocalypse.
China must compensate for slaughter of the African Continent,and slaughter of Cambodia.
That is the will of God.
We should think about a hint given from God, and we should build a course of the peace.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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