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"Right wing sector and ultras" of Ukraine is the perverts' murder group.

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko says he will not renew a 10-day unilateral cease-fire in eastern Ukraine, in order to mount new attacks on pro-Russian rebels and he declares "will liberate our land."
When I read the article that "Ukraine's cease fire" ends, I confirm the Peaceful plan of the President of Ukraine on the settlement of the situation in eastern regions of Ukraine, again.In these 15 items, an item to declare such that the Ukrainian government will purge "Right wing sector and ultras" isn't included .These do not make mention of "Right wing sector and ultras" at all.

Peaceful plan of the President of Ukraine on the settlement of the situation in eastern regions of Ukraine
1.  Security guarantees for all the participants of negotiations.
2.  Amnesty for those who laid down weapons and didn’t commit serious crimes.
3.  Liberation of hostages.
4.  Establishment of 10 km long buffer zone on the Ukrainian-Russian border. Withdrawal of illegal armed formations.
5.  Secure corridor for the escape of Russian and Ukrainian mercenaries.
6.  Disarmament.
7.  Establishment of units for joint patrolling in the structure of the MIA.
8.  Liberation of illegally seized administrative premises in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
9.  Restoration of functioning of local government.
10.  Restoration of central television and radio broadcasting in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
11.  Decentralization of power (through the election of executive committees, protection of Russian language; draft amendments to the Constitution).
12.  Coordination of governors with representatives of the Donbas before the elections (in case of the approval of single candidature, in case of discrepancies – the decision is taken by the President).
13.  Early local and parliamentary elections.
14.  Program of creating jobs in the region.
15.  Restoration of industrial objects and objects of social infrastructure.
It was reported that at least 46 citizens of Pro-Russian separatists had been killed by a genocide case of Odessa by "Right wing sector and ultras" which rose on May 2.
However, actually, "Right wing sector and ultras" might have killed more than 300 citizen in labor union Hall. "Right wing sector and ultras" shut in a citizen of Pro-Russian separatists in the basement of the labor union Hall, and woman and children's bodies were cut by iron hatchets, and they were given a blow with a stick and was killed afterwards.
The survivor testifies,"Many people whom there were in a building seemed to be killed by flame. Even if they have survived, they were strangled.." "Right wing sector and ultras" set fire to them after having shut up innocent people in a building. "Right wing sector and ultras" strangled the people who survived without being burnt to death and "Right wing sector and ultras" hit "the people who survived yet" by each stick and killed them. Meanwhile, the police didn't stop their slaughter act at all.
In the photographs of labor union Hall in Odessa, we can see "Male charred body who seemed to be thrown chemical agents and was burnt to death by being ignited fire" or "corpse of the men and women whose necks were broken their bone of their necks by being twisted".
"Right wing sector and ultras" is the perverts' murder group."Right wing sector and ultras" must be drug addicts.

"Right wing sector and ultras" will become the threat for every Ukrainian oligarch, soon. They seem to want to kill all Jewish people and all Russian Ukrainians. If "Right wing sector and ultras" holds power in the armed forces, I think that they execute Ukrainian oligarchs in order to seize their private property.
China and Cheney always use radicals and discontented elements of society of other countries very much.Of course, this does present you with a chicken-and-egg problem.It is unknown which point in time they are related with "Right wing sector and ultras" from.Even if "the organization which backed up "Right wing sector and ultras" at first " may not be them, I think that they relate together like the mites now to infest in "Right wing sector and ultras".However, they have wisdom to always seize property of other countries.
Because there was the demonstration that Ukrainian citizens insist that government should attack Pro-Russian separatists, if President Poroshenko didn't cancel a cease-fire to start an attack, President Poroshenko might have lost his own position.
This might have been an agonizing choice to make in order to avoid the new coup in Ukraine.However, the Ukrainian government should arrest each executive member of "Right wing sector and ultras" and should give priority to purge "Right wing sector and ultras" from Ukrainian army, before starting an attack in earnest.
It might trigger World War 3.In order to avoid to cause World War 3, President Poroshenko should purge "Right wing sector and ultras" with responsibility.It leads to trust of the global community.I would like to hope that President Poroshenko behaves responsibly.

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In Peaceful plan of the President of Ukraine on the settlement of the situation in eastern regions of Ukraine, it is declared in Article 2 that "Amnesty for those who laid falling weapons and didn't commit serious crimes."
If President Poroshenko hopes that Pro-Russian separatists will trust Article 2 , President Poroshenko should purge "Right wing sector and ultras" with responsibility ,now.
President Poroshenko should keep losses to a minimum because many countries contributed economic assistance to Ukraine.
  At least Japan did not contribute a fund of the genocide.Japanese people believe that Japan have contributed a fund of the peace to Ukraine.
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