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The civil war in Ukraine develops into World War 3

Berlin Talks
Berlin Talks 
The foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine agreed in Berlin on 2 July to hold three-way talks involving pro-Moscow rebels by Saturday, in order to pave the way for a new ceasefire, despite continued fighting that Kyiv says has now killed 200 of its troops.
I thank heartily for "all people concerned" who work hard to prepare for truce talks because I am convinced that the civil war in Ukraine develops into World War 3.
The people who want to cause World War 3 induce war against Russia by using Ukrainian neo-Nazi.We must make an effort to prevent not only the persecution of the minority race but also the World War 3 about a problem of Ukraine.
Let's examine a slaughter case of Odessa once again to prevent World War 3 and the persecution of the minority race, and to stop a civil war in Ukraine.
The truth of the slaughter of Odessa that the media never talked is uncovered on the left video.
More than 30 people wound "ribbon of St. George" on each arm in order to pretend the pro-Russia group, attacked a soccer team and caused a trouble on May 2."The ribbon of St. George striped of the orange and red" praises a brave man of the Second World War and are the symbol of "the pro-Russia group", now .
More than 30 people have begun to fire at a soccer fan.They angered the soccer fans (Kiev government loyalist) who got angry at firing and brought them to attack the pro-Russia group."Right wing" of the neo-Nazi joined the soccer fan who got furiously angry.And they have begun to run after agitators who pretended to be "the pro-Russia group" in fact.The camera photographed "the situation that "agitators"(point of 1 minutes 14 seconds in Video), disappear into the serried ranks of the police force after finishing an attack" scrupulously.
Agitators hunted down some pro-Russia groups into the direction of the house of Trade Unions.
There was the tent of the pro-Russia group in front of the house of Trade Unions, and there were a lot of important activists of the pro-Russia group.Because agitators set fire to the tent, the pro-Russia group which did not have any weapons escaped in a building to protect themselves and locked from the inside of the room and shut
themselves up.
There were some agitators on the roof, but they had a key to enter the roof beforehand.This agitators seemed to wait to kill the pro-Russia group who shut themselves up in the building.If we consider this photo,it is unnatural that people who put "ribbon of St. George" on each arm attacked the pro-Russia group because this ribbon is the symbol of "the pro-Russia group".
The agitators have begun to hurl the Molotov cocktail which they prepared at a building in sequence.The camera records that young women of Kiev government loyalist worked hard to make mixing a Molotov cocktail at the outside of this building.There was the chaperon who ordered making the Molotov cocktail there.
The pro-Russia group which escaped into labor union Building was surrounded to smoke and has lost a place to escape.Some persons run out of a room and were shot dead . And some persons jumped off window and were dead, and outside, the persons who barely survived were beaten up among neo-Nazi and were thrown into the holding cell at a police station in the end.The number became more than 100 people, but many citizens surrounded the police the next day and the police unbound them.I think that the Ukrainian people recognize that neo-Nazi is wrong.
As for most of the dead people in the building, the head was shot several times.It seemed that the upper body of many corpses had been roasted to hide it.The agitators seemed to have dashed something medicine over the pro-Russia group and seemed to have ignited them.
Napalm is a mixture of a thickening/gelling agent and petroleum or a similar fuel for use in an incendiary device. It is used primarily as an anti-personnel weapon that sticks to skin and causes severe burns when on fire.This medicine seemed to be Napalm.
Although the persons scorched very much, a wooden battery panel, a banister, and the corrugated cardboard were not burnt at all.Blue circle's mark of the photograph points at a table, a chair and the cabinet which were put to block up the entrance.Unlike a charred body near them, these all of objects didn't burn.The mobs of the right wing put these obstacles at the entrance to prevent the people of the pro-Russia group from running away outside.
So we can see that the agitators seemed to have dashed the Napalm over the pro-Russia group and seemed to have ignited them.
In this photo,we can see a lot of white powder of the fire extinguisher under the corpse of this man.
The right wing sector seemed to have put out fire with a fire extinguisher individually so that a building and furniture did not catch fire after having killed people of pro-Russia group.
The dispatched police corps made some agitators hide in serried ranks , and they overlooked tacitly a group mixing a Molotov cocktail.
The problem is that the trained Special Forces and the police authority of Odessa City took part in slaughter of Odessa.
It is unbelievable that human being can do such the cruel things.I think that the former Japan forces would have done more terrible things at the battle front.
It is important that the human race should stand up to prevent the militarism.The militarism let human beings be mad.
An ugly thing is not the all of the world.
The beautiful thing certainly exists in the world.
Therefore we must watch a beautiful thing with courage.
They are something like three spent nuclear fuels.
Andriy Volodymyrovych Parubiy
Andriy Volodymyrovych Parubiy
The Secretary of the National Security
and Defence Council of Ukraine
He had lead the anti-government protests
in the 2014 Ukrainian revolution and purged
former Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko. 
Dmytro Yarosh
Dmytro Yarosh
The vice Secretary of
the National Security and
Defence Council of Ukraine
The leader of
the far-right Right Sector organization
Oleh Tyahnybok
Oleh Tyahnybok
The leader of
nationalist Svoboda political party
Stalin performed the Holodomor once which was a man-made famine in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from 1932 year to 1933 year that killed up to 7.5 million Ukrainians.I think the hatred for Ukrainian Russia to be very serious by this Holodomor and reign of terror of the later former Soviet Union.
Even the number of people of war dead of the terrible Okinawa war is 200,000 people .7.5 million!!!!Holodomor had been just starvation hell. I am horrified by the scenes of famine by the photo of Holodomor.I think that Ukraine had overflowed with the corpses of the starvers in whole country.
I think that historic fear for Ukrainian Russia produces neo-Nazi. There is an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear of simple things or social situations in each Ukrainian.The Ukrainian neo-Nazi is radical anti-Stalin, and they think the slaughter of Odessa to be justice.The Ukrainian neo-Nazi worships Hitler simply just because they are radical anti-Stalin.
Therefore, it is possible that Ukraine rushes into the unprecedented military regime, and Ukrainian neo-Nazi has charisma power.
It is not healed by the brutal suppression thought for an Ukrainians to get over each fear of the genocide of Stalin.And Russian Ukrainians never submit to their terrorism.If the attack to Russian Ukrainians continues, two patterns are thought about.
One of them is that the antiwar movements will be triggered in whole country of all EU. The Russian Ukrainians become guerrillas, and the civil war is prolonged, I thinkAnd many photographs about the tragedy are introduced into the world by journalists of the world, and the antiwar movements will be triggered in whole country of all EU.And "the government of each country of EU" and "the current Ukraine government" may become to be in the situation to be considered as devil persons by public opinions .
Another pattern is to cause World War 3.
I think that Cheney and China which want to cause World War 3 are becoming taking part in Ukrainian neo-Nazi .Cheney is going to recommend world conquest by China. He seems to want to become Asian King and sells American plutonium illegally in Asian each place and is going to cause a military regime affiliated with Cheney.Cheney wants to help China from the collapse than waiting for collapse of China.
Cheney controls Prime Minister Abe to stand up in a military regime affiliated with Cheney. Prime Minister Abe analyzes and studies statecraft of Hitler. And Prime Minister Abe uses Nazi's statecraft and Nazi's media strategy as the same way that Ukrainian neo-Nazi worships Hitler.Hitler changed a constitution by the power grasp of the Nazi party, and Weimar Constitution established forcibly.
Prime Minister Abe used the same way as Hitler to let "a Japanese bill named National Secret Bill" have established by the numerical power forcibly without discussing it so much.
In addition,Prime Minister Abe used the same way as Hitler to let "the right of many nations to defend themselves as a group " have established by "a change of the constitution interpretation" by the secret room discussion in the ruling party without discussing it so much , either.
In order to make them Hitler's fan, Hitler had treated "German former noble women " ,"the celebs' women ", and " entertainers " very tenderly by special treatment .And Hitler had used them for media strategy.
Prime Minister Abe insists on the development of the activity of the women, too and Prime Minister Abe treats some entertainers and some commentators very tenderly by special treatment in order to make them the puppets of Prime Minister Abe.
Japanese people must cause Japan's own Tokyo trial again and we should bring an action against Prime Minister Abe in order to restrain an ambition of Cheney if we prevent a military regime.
Because I fight to prevent that "Prime Minister Abe who admires the Nazism deeply" rushes into the military regime, I am convinced that Cheney is going to make power of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi spread.
And if I can say clearly, EU should keep off both patterns of Ukraine . If "the right wing sector" provokes President Putin to foam with anger, the World War 3 will break out.However, I think that President Putin is smarter than Stalin.President Putin does not starve the nation.I think that President Putin hopes to have top priority that Russian economy grows up.
EU and Ukrainian President Poroshenko had better wash their hands from Ukrainian neo-Nazi and should grope for a method to be reconciled with Russia now.
The best method is that USA, EU, and Russia should unite to arrest 3 members of the neo-Nazi who are Andriy Volodymyrovych Parubiy , Dmytro Yarosh and Oleh Tyahnybok, on condition that President Putin accepts Ukraine participation to EU , and on condition that President Putin will not retaliate against EU and Ukraine.Because these three people are personality disorder, these three people are not fit to be the politicians, and each country should think that they are something like three spent nuclear fuels.
If the arrest of 3 members of the neo-Nazi who are Andriy Volodymyrovych Parubiy, Dmytro Yarosh and Oleh Tyahnybok come true, USA, EU, and Russia can be reconciled with each other, and I think that the Russian Ukrainians can put each weapon.
Of course, if the Russian Ukrainians can put each weapon, the world should cancel the economic sanctions for Russia as soon as possible.

In the house of Trade Unions at the time of the slaughter of Odessa
Because the practice criminals of the slaughter of Odessa covered each face, nobody can see who they are.Please imagine the scene that the practice criminals who wore each black mask set fire to each human being in sequence, and, please imagine each death-cry of each victims .
In the left photo,we can see that a man of "the pro-Russia group" is going to escape in a half-landing.In that Video above(point of two minutes 13 seconds), we do not know whether that "the persons who covers each face with each black mask in the house of Trade Unions" are neo-Nazi or a pro-Russia group ."Black mask's men" take action with people running about in this building as if "black mask's men" were the friends of "the pro-Russia group".I think that these black mask's men might have changed into the slayers suddenly.
We must stop "the insane world" expands.
People suspected of complicity include city council members, elections workers, police, relatives of former police officers, and active anti-Maidan campaigners. Twelve people were arrested, but their names were not disclosed.Why?
Since the internal disturbance in Ukraine may develop into World War 3, and because many countries of the world contributed for money of financial support, Ukrainian President Poroshenko should announce 12 arrestees of the slaughter of Odessa to the world.

I would like to hope that the person concerned of the truce talks of next four countries would tell Ukraine to announce 12 arrestees of Odessa .
It is not fair that Ukraine conceals the people related slaughter of Odessa which is the source of the World War 3 although Ukraine receives the money of support from all the countries of the world.Though Japan's consumption tax went up from 5% to 8% from April, each salary of most of Japanese nations does not rise .If President Poroshenko would think as if Japan were ATM, it is a mistake.
And I think that the four people should be arrested as "the persons who related with this slaughter of Odessa". And I want to know whether 12 arrestees included them .They are " Dmitry Fucheji colonel who acted as Secretary of police of Odessa, but disappeared after the slaughter of Odessa","Chairman of the Odessa regional government Volodymir Nemirovsky","Deputy neonazi Svoboda party Olesya Orobetz",and Svoboda deputy Irina Farion.Although Olesya Orobetz looks pretty, although Irina Farion is an Ukrainian beautiful woman, I am surprised that both women say such nasty things.The Ukrainian woman has characteristic to say directly too straightly, but ummmmmmmmmm.......these two people are too stupid women.I think that all handsome boys of all over the world will escape from Olesya and Irina. Even members of the neo-Nazi will think that Olesya and Irina are stupid,I think.Probably Olesya and Irina will be easy to float in the water because they have the big chests and because their head are empty, I think.
Because Aozora is a Japanese, I may be flat-chested. But, because Aozora has a nice head which is full of brain, Aozora isn't easy to float in the water and is good at diving without any diving equipments in the beautiful Okinawa's sea. At least, I don't want to be a woman like Olesya and Irina.The woman should have her gentle mind to love.Even if her chests are huge, and however her face is beautiful, the woman who has an empty heart and a empty head is the worst.
Because Olesya and Irina are Svoboda deputies, Svoboda party is not so much of party,I think.
If the United States and EU and Russia can unite, both of Svoboda party and Right wing sector will ruin in a twinkling and the world will change in an instant.

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More than 100 nuclear warheads of China adjust each aim to Japan and China waits for World War 3.
A crisis of Ukraine is a crisis of Japan.
I pray the peace for Ukraine every day.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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