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Ukraine crisis

Ukrainian government army's soldiers confiscate weapons captured
from rebels in the city of Slovyansk, Donetsk Region, eastern Ukraine, on Saturday.
Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine are reported to be regrouping in Donetsk after government forces retook some of their main strongholds.Sloviansk had been considered a focal point of the rebellion, and was the military centre of the self-declared separatist People's Republic of Donetsk.On Saturday, Ukrainian forces raised the national flag over the city hall after the rebels left the city following a night of mortar shelling apparently orchestrated by the breakaway region's military commander, Igor Strelkov.
Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said some rebels had surrendered or were trying to escape by blending in with the civilian population.But those that remained appeared to be heading next for the town of Horlivka, he said on his Facebook page, and were being confronted on the road by government troops.And other reports said Kramatorsk city, near Sloviansk, had also been recaptured.
Ukrainian President Poroshenko said in his televised remarks,'This is not a complete victory yet, and it is not the time for fireworks displays. But the cleansing of Sloviansk from gangs who are armed to the teeth is of huge symbolic importance. This is the start of a turning point in the fight against the militants'.
The press service of the Anti-Terrorist Operation, which is spearheading the offensive against rebels, said: 'We have also started the process of solving problem issues of receiving cash for payment of pensions, stipends and wages to the local population,' after claiming total control of Sloviansk.
President Poroshenko let the pro-Russia group be careless by "suggesting of a ceasefire agreement with the pro-Russia group from July 5" and launched the all-out attack on the bases of the pro-Russia group and recaptured "Slovyansk of Donetsk Region in eastern Ukraine" and " Kramatorsk city near Sloviansk",too.
I think President Poroshenko would be a crafty schemer.
"Minister of Foreign Affairs' talks" was held in Berlin on July 2 and a cease-fire from July 5 was discussed at Germany, France, Russia, of Ukraine. And President Poroshenko conveyed "a thought to be ready to stop a battle again if a pro-Russia group stopped an attack" to Vice President Biden of USA in a telephone conference on July 3.
It means President Poroshenko would have deceived Germany, France, Russia, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice President Biden if President Poroshenko had given Ukrainian troops an order for launching an all-out attack on a base of Pro-Russian separatists without intention of the cancellation of truce talks expressing even if President Poroshenko was not able to hold the Ukrainian government and truce talks of Pro-Russian separatists on July 5 because Pro-Russian separatists continued attacking Ukrainian troops.
If President Poroshenko is the boss of the Mafia or the leader of night thief group, it may be permitted even if President Poroshenko behaves in such a method, but President Poroshenko is head of state of one country of Ukraine.
Because the internal disturbance in Ukraine may become World War 3 or the long civil war by the guerrillas, President Poroshenko would not be permitted the action that President Poroshenko deceives high government officials of other countries.The internal disturbance in Ukraine is different from the domain rivalry of the yakuza which is Japanese mafia.President Poroshenko would have begun being criticized in the Japanese net about that Ukrainian President behaves like a yakuza.

If an antiwar movement expands to EU, how would the Poroshenko President cope with it?

If a large-scale antiwar movement expands in EU, President Poroshenko will give a great trouble to "people who made efforts to realize truce talks" and EU.I would like to hope that President Poroshenko would move in a behavior which is appropriate to the head of state.
And Poroshenko President would be suspected in Sankei newspaper of Japan whether Poroshenko President may provoke President Putin to cause World War 3 or not.
President Poroshenko should issue a proclamation immediately that ‘Ukrainian government will punish each criminal by a court-martial as a heavy offense in more strict terms if "the members of the neo-Nazi" slaughter, torture , do any sexual harassment acts and rob toward the innocent citizens of Donetsk and Luhansk .'
Of course President Poroshenko should issue a proclamation immediately that ‘Ukrainian government will prohibit that all of soldiers do "an action designated as a war crime by an international treaty".'
Please open the corridor which evacuates to Russia so that soldiers of the rebel army can survive.
President Poroshenko has never opened the corridor which evacuates to Russia yet even if it had been while being even cease-fire.President Poroshenko should absolutely keep the promise as a head of state.
Please stop using of cluster bomb and the incendiary which are prohibited in the international treaty.
Using of cluster bomb and the incendiary will cause an antiwar movement which expands to EU.I think that the journalists send these photographs to the world soon.Bad news travels quickly.
Because Germany, France, Russia, and Ukraine were going to prepare for a cease-fire of July 5, please cease fire while at least Pro-Russian separatists escape from Ukraine to Russia.
The Japanese Government should cancel Ukraine visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs Kishi of the visit plan in July if President Poroshenko does not found a corridor for "Pro-Russian separatists and the Russian soldiers hiding " to escape from Ukraine to Russia.
Japan should arbitrate peace of Ukraine and Russia and between United States and Russia rather than getting immediate profit.
Because there may be some good method, Aozora would like to hope that President Obama and President Putin would do talks.
Aozora is powerless.I want to save people's lives as much as possible even if it is just killing time.

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More than 100 nuclear warheads of China adjust each aim to Japan and China waits for World War 3.
A crisis of Ukraine is a crisis of Japan.
I pray the peace for Ukraine every day.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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