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Ukraine's Tomorrow

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida
Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida
Fumio has a square face like ATM(an automated teller machine ). 
Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida plans to visit Kyrgyzstan on July 16 and 17 for a meeting with the foreign ministers of five Central Asian countries to discuss security and economic cooperation, Japanese government sources said Monday.After the meeting in Kyrgyzstan, the Japanese foreign minister is scheduled to visit Ukraine.Kishida intends describing Japan's will so that Japan will be contributed to the financial support to both " politics" and "economic reform for stability" in Ukraine.He intends to convey the intention to carry out "the support of the up to 150 billion yen scale(1,478,100,000$)" steadily.
150 billion yen scale(1,478,100,000$)!!!!
Hey!!Kishida!!! Do you give me 150 billion yen if I default on the gas rates ?The Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs is the very very weak existence at the same level as the carrier pigeon just like the soccer of Japan .There is meaning in participating for them. They seem a carrier pigeons from Abe Prime Minister.
Japan is thought as if Japan were ATM from all over the world because Japanese politician can't say any opinions to foreign countries.President Poroshenko thinks that a large quantity of Japanese Yen comes out of a mouth of Kishida if President Poroshenko pushes the eyelids of Kishida.
Kishida ATM is available even if North Korea fires short range missiles. Kishida ATM is very convenient.
To Kishida ATM , doesn't someone attach a voice guide system before visiting Ukraine?
"Ladies and Gentlemen! Attention ,please.....Because any criminals never be charged with any crimes about "the slaughter of Odessa" and "the persecutions to Pro-Russian separatists that the neo-Nazi group performed" at all, Ukurainian government should allow "Pro-Russian separatists and Russian soldiers hiding" to escape secretly at least in order to let them live in Russia.Thank you!!!"
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