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Expectation of the world

The Hāmid Karzai's government embezzled money of vast financial support from Japan, and cabinet ministers purchased several Mercedes-Benz for private use.Therefore the money of support that Japan provided with much effort did not reach children of the poor farm village's areas for a long time.Although many Japanese people knew this, the Japanese did not perform any demonstrations to prevent that Japan provided money of support to Afghanistan at all.Because the Japanese hoped that the financial support of Japan would reach to Afghanistani children of poor farm areas, the Japanese did not do an opposition movement.
Because Japan was a defeated nation, I often thought Japan could not decline it if Japan would be told to provide Afghanistan support by the United Nations.
However, Japan was squeezed too much by "Hāmid Karzai President and aides" although Japan had never invaded Afghanistan.This is killing me.I can't take it much longer if Afghanistani politicians embezzle the tax of Japan more in the near future too.
I think that "the reason why Afghanistan was not able to prevent that the weapon flows into Taliban from China" is because Hāmid Karzai ex-President got a vast bribe from China. Hāmid Karzai ex-President had never made Chinese companies get out from Afghanistan at all to prevent the inflow of weapons from China to Taliban.
If Mr.Ashraf Gani becomes the Afghanistani President, I think that a weapon flows into Taliban from China continues from now on.It is because Taliban caused terrorism that was advantageous to Mr. Ashraf Gani by a presidential election clearly, and a large number of people died.Besides, Hāmid Karzai ex-President supported Mr.Ashraf Gani.The story was too pat and everybody got rather suspicious.
I has been waiting for a long time that Mr. Abdullah Abdullah would become the Afghanistani President one day .I think that Mr. Abdullah Abdullah can make "the weapon's routes from China to Taliban" disappear.And I think that Mr. Abdullah Abdullah can revive economy of Afghanistan.If the new Afghanistani government expels all Chinese companies from Afghanistan in order to nationalize the facilities, the new Afghanistani government can succeed enhancing employment growth of Afghanistan.Corruption of just the Chinese companies staying in Afghanistan is eating at the heart of the country of Afghanistan.I think that Mr. Abdullah Abdullah can change the organization itself of Taliban and privatize it into the proper company.
Only a noble-minded politician like Mr. Abdullah Abdullah can push forward this reform.
Everybody hopes Mr. Abdullah Abdullah will succeed.

Wings To Fly
Yes,he does.
Everybody hopes Mr. Abdullah Abdullah will succeed.
God,please give Mr. Abdullah Abdullah Wings To Fly,please .

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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