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war and peace

Dear sir,
Prime Minister Netanyahu,
Israel's prime minister vowed Friday to press forward with a broad military offensive in the Gaza Strip, saying international pressure will not stop what he said was a determined effort to halt rocket fire by Palestinian militants as the death toll from the four-day-old conflict rose above 100.
Addressing a news conference, Prime Minister Netanyahu brushed off a question about possible ceasefire efforts, signalling there was no end in sight to the operation.

However,PrimeMinister Netanyahu, do you think who caused this dispute?
Neither Hamas does so nor Israeli government does so,I think.
We must think about who profits from this dispute of Israel and the Gaza Strip most.
Just the criminal abducted three Israeli boys first and killed.
I must not say such a thing, but I feel by intuition that this criminal who let some persons kill 3 boys is Cheney .Because Cheney wants to make more fortune by his own military affairs industry, Cheney desires to cause World War 3 somehow.
I think that Cheney murdered three innocent Israeli boys because Cheney desires preventing Iran nuclear talks in order to cause World War 3.
Cheney is the fourth knight of the Apocalypse. Cheney has a duty of the god of death in an extinction plan of the human race.Cheney is watching this dispute sneeringly as a mere spectator through TV in his living room.
But I'll say what I want to say clearly,"4 knights of the Apocalypse and 4 horses of the Apocalypse lose their positions by all means, and die out, too."
Probably Cheney will try to come close soon to Prime Minister Netanyahu. But Prime Minister Netanyahu will fall in terrible fate if Prime Minister Netanyahu does not leave Cheney.
God saves all the souls of all the persons who prevent the last war and who build the peaceful society.

Wings To Fly
I pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu that Prime Minister Netanyahu can side with the side of God.
Fortune favors the brave.
I believe Prime Minister Netanyahu overcomes the wicked fool plot of Cheney and clears a hurdle.

Sincerely, yours,
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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