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The day when sorrow turns into hope

Dear sir,
Leader of the Hamas Khaled Masha,
Omar Mukhtar Street Church
Omar Mukhtar Street Church 
A dispute is taking place in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Palestine, Nigeria, and Kenya as if human race falls totally suddenly in war disaster and was heated. These disasters have come like a bolt from the blue.Although many people shed tears, there is a person who watch these pains, and he sneers.
I think that Cheney let someone else murder three Israeli boys because Cheney hopes preventing Iran nuclear talks in order to cause World War 3.
I think that Cheney is probably a criminal. And I think " Hamas didn't cause an incident that criminals murdered three Israeli boys ".Well, the temptation of sudden wealth so easily acquired was too much for Cheney if World War 3 will happen.
But if we are disheartened by trifles like the wicked fool plot of Cheney, we will be unable to accomplish anything in the world.
I want to wipe tears from the face of Leader of the Hamas Khaled Masha.Because I have the blood of the minority race of Okinawa in me, I can understand the constant pain of the minority race and I deeply sympathize with Leader of the Hamas Khaled Masha in your sorrow or suffering.
Even so, the human race must build peace.All the human beings are born to build peaceful society.
If we comprehend prophecy of Apocalypse and Nostradamus, enough, we can see "The human can evade "the extinction by the nuclear war and the famine and the epidemic and the civil war".
Dépôt Nostradamus: Siècle 3, Quatrains 97  
Nouuelle loy terre neufue occuper
Vers la Syrie, Iudee, & Palestine,
Le grand empire barbare corruer ,
Auant que Phebes son siecle determine .

New law to occupy the new land
Towards Syria, Judea and Palestine.
The great barbarian empire to decay
Before Phebes completes its cycle.

Nostradamus had foretold that Syria, Israel, and Palestine become peaceful.For peace of Syria, Israel, and Palestine, I want to believe in miracles!Time works wonders.
The great barbarian empire is just China,I think.I think that Nostradamus had foretold too that China will start ruining before peace will be established at the Six-Nation Talks between Iran and six countries.
The great barbarian empire is not Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.ISIL is a menace for human race, but is not yet an empire. "Phebes" means goddess of the Moon in ancient mythology and it means Iran in the predictions of Nostradamus.
And then,China and Cheney always use radicals and discontented elements of society of other countries very much.And Cheney is always connected to China for some reason.China and Cheney intend to let China's economy grow up on military industry by causing World War 3 in order to get the huge wealth.
However, China struggles with adversity now, too. China's real estate bubble starts to ruin now. An income gain (rent income) by the housing investment reaches the situation less than the interest rate of bank deposits as a result that a property price of China soared too much. In 2014 , the drop in price of the property price began in each Chinese urban area. In a situation that rate of return of the real estate is less than deposit rates , "a drop in price of the real estate" spreads, and the process of the bubble burst in China begins . Even if the Chinese Communist Party performs "the control of the property price", it will not be useful by serious environmental pollution. And the struggle for power of the Chinese government intensifies, and several plots to assassinate Xi Jinping which is feigned to be terrorism of the Uygur occur frequently. Water pollution and air pollution escalated into an out-of-control environmental pollution that involved the entire nation in China. China's environmental pollution is caused in the urban areas by political corruption of the Chinese Communist Party. Because they can no longer live in China by environmental pollution, the Chinese well off emigrate to the foreign territory. In this situation China will become only PM 2.5 and poor people.The world's companies should already withdraw from China. If I say frankly, I think the coup d'etat of the Chinese military authorities is imminent.One party rule of Chinese Communist Party is the root of all evil.
Just now, before the peaceful settlement of the nuclear discussion of Iran, the collapse of China begins. The collapse of China is starting now."From more than 500 cases to 800 cases in a day" of "demonstrations and terrorisms" has occurred every day in the whole land of China since the end of 2013.
And the Apocalypse prophesies collapse of China, too.
Aozora wants to explain my own decryption of a message of "The Scripture prophecies of the Apocalypse" for Leader of the Hamas Khaled Masha, and Zionists of all over the world about "the international affairs".Please listen to me.
The book of Revelation describes to a red dragon and two beasts .
Contents of this book of Revelation is as follows.
1.1 Beast from the sea
1.2 Beast from the earth
1.3 Image of the beast
1.4 Mark of the beast
1.5 Fate of the beast and false prophet

Please click these contents in order to take a look at something.
I don't know who is the Woman Israel, but I interpreted that the red dragon is Chinese Communist Party, Beast from the sea is Chinese navy, and Beast from the earth is the Chinese military.
They let "the dead bodies of members of the resistance of Turkestan and Tibet and Fǎlún Gōng" change into many Mummy and exhibited them at several human body exhibitions.
In the African Continent, they smuggled many weapons in many armed groups and caused the holocaust of African people and China got vast wealth in order to accomplish economic growth.
Because Muslims ,Jews and Buddhists believe in God deeply, I don't interpret they are anti-Christ.God loves a Christian ,a Jew ,a Muslim and a Buddhist as dear his children equally. God bless them equally.

Then another sign appeared in heaven.(Chapter 12-3)
It means ," The Saturn approaches Libra now, but the Saturn goes to Virgo in the middle of May, 2013, and the Saturn comes back to Libra again in September, 2013 .After that the Saturn stays near Libra for a while, but moves to neighboring Scorpius one time in January, 2015."
Another sign which appeared in heaven means that the Saturn comes back to Libra again in September, 2013.That is "another sign which appeared in heaven.".
Please confirm it at No.5 of this blog.

The red dragon has 7 heads.

The red dragon has ten corners. too.
The Chinese people usually call "the Chinese Communist Party" a red dragon, and "the top group of the Chinese Communist Party" is formed by seven people.

Everybody knows Bo Xilai's trial. But Bo Xilai's trial will be the starting point of the second China's revolution.
Bo Xilai received the life sentence for bribe-taking, 15 years for embezzlement and seven years for abuse of power.
Bo Xilai is a former rising political star who fell from power amid a scandal involving murder, betrayal and financial skullduggery -- was convicted of bribe-taking, embezzlement and abuse of power.
One day after a court in eastern China sentenced him to life in prison for corruption, former Communist Party official Bo Xilai appealed his verdict and sentencing. I suppose that Bo Xilai was entrapped in the plot of Xi Jinping clearly.However, how do you think why Bo Xilai will have a contemptuous smile from beginning to end?It is because Bo Xilai has already retaliated for Xi Jinping.
The court recognized "embezzlement of 5 million yuan (approximately 80 million yen(809,120$) as bribery" and " the 20,450,000 yuan (approximately 330 million yen(3,337,620$) equivalency" for Bo Xilai.
However, the New York Times brought a fact to light that Xi Jinping held unjust moneymaking of 20 billion yen(202,380,000$), while Wen Jiabao held unjust moneymaking of 200 billion yen(2,023,800,000$).
This incident of "the bribery and the embezzlement of Bo Xilai" is only the tip of the iceberg of total amount to spend the money in Chinese Communist Party .
I suppose that Bo Xilai has told the whereabouts of property of the unjust moneymaking of Xi Jinping and other big-name politicians and he had suggested something to the military authorities to confiscate property of the unjust moneymaking of Xi Jinping and other big-name politicians by a coup d'etat .
Yes,it is....Bo Xilai's trial will be the starting point of the second China's revolution.
Xi Jinping caused Bo Xilai's trial for self-protection, but Xi Jinping perishes by Bo Xilai's trial.
The internal disturbance in China will happen soon.
What is the most important thing is that the United States should unite in order to accomplish economic growth by the second China's revolution.This is no time that the Democratic and Republican parties fight together. The United States must unite.
Although the United States can boast a relatively high per capita GDP, there is still a large number of people living in poverty.The American poor receives the distribution of the meal, and a kind of mild famine is taking place.
Besides it only delights China that the Republican Party brings an action against President Obama.
The United States becomes the great power more if the United States can carry out a tax increase of rich people.If the United States becomes the great power more, the United States can enlarge a right of the weapon supply of China's civil war more.The tax increase of rich people will match to their own profit by all means for rich people.
Israel should begin to pump the water of the sea by Japan's technology in order to expand the double territory into the Mediterranean Sea so that Israel and Palestine can go ahead through the pacific solution.And the chance comes so that the United States and Iran are reconciled with each other.
military regions
Under the General Staff Headquarters are the seven military regions:
Shenyang Military Region
Beijing Military Region
Lanzhou Military Region
Jinan Military Region
Nanjing Military Region
Guangzhou Military Region
Chengdu Military Region
Beast has 7 heads, too.
Shenyang MRAF HQ
Major Air Force Units are 10.
Beast has ten corners. too.
The human race will evade "the extinction by the nuclear war" by Chinese second revolution.All countries should provide the environment that summit meeting between the United States and Iran will come true for world peace.
Leader of the Hamas Khaled Masha,Leader of the Hamas Khaled Masha, please, please bear to stop firing any rocket bombs against Israel.
If Leader of the Hamas Khaled Masha decides to fire a rocket bomb in Israel, the terrible invasion of Gaza Strip by Israeli army breaks out, and many Palestinians may die.
Leader of the Hamas Khaled Masha, please, please bear now to stop firing any rocket bombs against Israel .
And it may be an unbelievable thing, but the times when Syria and Israel and Palestine become peaceful come true.
It will not be so far future when Syria and Israel and Palestine become peaceful come true.

Because Japan did not have energy resources, and there were not the armaments, I think that Japan has worked many times harder than any other countries in order to polish the ability,the skill and the technique.
I think that the Japanese technique can contribute to the peace between Middle East and Israel.I want to contribute to boosting Japan's presence.
I have an idea that the Middle Eastern countries would provide huge sand of the desert for Japan's company in order to make the reclaimed land at the Israeli coast . On the other hand, Japan's company can plant palm trees at the place that removed sand at the desert by introducing "Water desalination plant" of Israel.
I'll continue suggestion to build the wide reclaimed land into Israel by the Japanese wonderful technique sincerely, and I want to end the times of the persecution of Palestinian people.

Wings To Fly
It is my dream.
I want to love both Israel and Palestine.
It is important for human race to love the both of Israel and Palestine.
1,000 years' kingdom of the peace which is written in the Apocalypse originates from Syria, Israel, and Palestine .
Palestinian people is now in anxiety of mind, and Palestinian people suffer continually between hope and fear now, I think.
But the day when sorrow turns into hope surely comes.

Sincerely, yours,
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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