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Choice in order to live

Dear sir,
President Mahmoud Abbas,
Gaza city
Gaza city 
When Tohoku great earthquake disaster happened in Japan ,1000 of Palestinian children raised each kite which is painted the Japanese national flag to a blue sky .Palestinian children gave great courage to the Japanese who was almost discouraged by a national crisis .Palestinian people have the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it.
God, what are you doing?
God sometimes looks cold-blooded for human race.
I'll think probably President Mahmoud Abbas would think sometimes about the same as my thought.I'm convinced that a monstrous villain who tricked so that Israel and Palestine caused a dispute certainly exists.
I feel that Cheney often holds out a carrot to a person by contents to conspire, to incite, or to induce a commission of crime. Probably it will be so this time, too.
God,what would God think Cheney to be?
I desire to help all Palestinian children.
I desire to win against Cheney's plot.
God, what are you doing?
All bombs on the earth should pour into Cheney.It is unbelievable that Palestinian people die with a bomb.Of course the Israeli people should not die, too.They should live.
But the Moti Almos spokesman of the Israeli military talked on July 12 by the interview of the local radio,"We continue at least bombing Gaza Strip in future for 24 hours" about a military operation in autonomous Palestinian areas Gaza that principle of Islam organization Hamas controls effectively . He told that there was a target in Gaza still more and showed recognition that an aerial bombardment would continue for the time being.
Probably I think that the Israeli military has the information of the arsenals of weapon of HAMAS.Even if the violent demonstrations of all over the world objects to Israeli attacks to the Gaza Strip is caused, I think that the Israeli government intends to destroy all arsenals of weapon even if they would be the Islam temples of the Gaza Strip.
I think that Israel does not cease fire until Israeli army destroys all of arsenals of weapon in Gaza Strip.
We should reduce damage of Gaza Strip now as much as possible.
I would like to hope that President Mahmoud Abbas would let all citizens around arsenals of weapon in Gaza Strip evacuate from bombing.
I would like to hope that President Mahmoud Abbas and Leader of the Hamas Khaled Masha would improve the way of the organization of HAMAS so that HAMAS functions fairly as a vigilance committee which is not a terrorist organization.
I would like to hope that U. S. Government would prepare for the truce talks of this dispute as soon as possible.
Border of 1967 year between Palestine and Israel should be revived and the Israeli military should withdraw from Palestine.
I think that the dispute in Palestine will be ended further more smoothly if U. S. forces base stays in Palestine rather than the Israeli military continues occupying Palestine .
Japan should prepare the Israeli reclaimed land into the Mediterranean Sea as soon as possible , in order to let "the plan for increasing territories of Israel" go ahead immediately, and we should end a vicious circle between Palestine and Israel.
Japanese Dr. Yoshinori Takano got the patent of the cultivation method of the white truffle, but Dr. Yoshinori Takano is poor yet without getting any sponsors because Japan is not Mediterranean climate.
If economy cooperates between Palestine and Japan about the white truffle, both Government can produce on a large scale of the white truffle. The white truffle of Palestine will become special luxury brand of Palestine , I think . The developing countries working towards economic independence is necessary.
To show Japan's respect to Palestine which endured the occupation for more than 66 years with their profound faith to God, Japan should limit the technical offer of the white truffle only to Palestine.

Wings To Fly
"A good man who is devout" goes ahead for his works to have to do by "his arranging with method", within his own heart.
I pray to God so that President Mahmoud Abbas can lead Palestinian people and steer our efforts in the right direction without falling into various chaos.

Sincerely, yours,
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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