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Economic cooperation with Lebanon

Dear sir,
President Michel Suleiman
Lebanon.jpg  I read the article that Northern Israel hit by rockets from Lebanon.Two rockets fired from Lebanon have hit northern Israel, the military said, adding that no casualties were reported. Two rockets fired from Lebanon hit uninhabited areas in the Nahariya region, a coastal town around 12 kilometres (seven miles) from the border with Lebanon.Israel responded with artillery fire targeting the firing points.
Yesterday's attack followed three rockets launches of a Katyusha rocket from southern Lebanon into Israel early Friday, also without causing casualties or damage.
The attacks from Lebanon to Israel are simple warning shots.
Because there were "155 persons who were dead " and "more than 1000 persons who were injured " in the present days in this dispute, Lebanon should stop warning shots from Lebanon to Israel.I think the warning shots from Lebanon to Israel had the opposite effect.
We need a strong will changing the times peacefully.Japan pushes forward economic cooperation by Japan's high technique with Middle Eastern countries and Israel and must extend peaceful society in this area.
My dream is that Japan arbitrates the peace of the Middle East countries or African countries positively, in order to let this local economic growth come true .
These areas revive if they enlarge the three major education by "an idea that the bribery politics destroys a country", "promotion of right patriotism", and "promotion of the world peace" that we focused on .The economy grows up in the peaceful society .Education develops the country.
President Michel Suleiman,please imagine the peaceful Middle East countries or the peaceful African countries .
Lebanon had better introduce the wonderful technique of the Japanese planting to enlarge the production of the Lebanon cedar because the times to be in the big construction rush of houses in the Middle Eastern countries and African Continent come if my dream plan is realized.
According to Japan's technique of the planting, Japan's experts crush "the hard limestone layers like dry lands and the half dry lands " distributed over with some dynamites and they make Clark which opened widely more than 50 cm in depth for trees to take in precipitation to the maximum and seem to be able to raise growth rate.
Of course the promotion of right education is essential.Sooner or later, by collapse of China, the human race will learn from bottom of their heart that the bribery destroys a country .The era that Gulf countries will be booming with its railroad rush from Lebanon to the whole African Continent comes in the future if my dream plan is realized.
If the era to divide Jerusalem in Islam and Christianity and Judaism peacefully, and to govern Jerusalem by the United Nations comes true, every dispute is finished.
The human race scrambled for Jerusalem and hated each other.But surely God hopes that three religions compromise and forgive each other.It is the method of resolving problems of Jerusalem that God gave us to make mutual concessions. It is not an answer to rob at gunpoint or by means of some other threat. The human race must give the correct answer or solution to the problems of Jerusalem.
By the way, it is Japan to have the highest technique of the railroad construction of the high mountain area. More than 70% of Japan are mountainous districts.Naturally, because President Michel Suleiman should give priority to Lebanese safety, I recommend Japanese Hitachi for railroad construction to start from Lebanon to African Continent. Hitachi is No.1 for railroad construction in the world.
And then,in Lebanon, I hear that too many farm products remain through abundant aquatic resources, and ”the price of farm products" slump suddenly. And I hear that Lebanese delicious vegetables and fruit become the bait of the domestic animals.
80% of vegetables are crushed by bulldozer in order to protect each vegetable's price in Japan.However, many companies of the side dish industry purchase these vegetables before crushing these vegetables by bulldozer from the farmhouses , make process food and sell them as the western-style convenience foods.Japan's side dish industry gets sales of 6 trillion yen(59,172,000,000$) every year. The western-style convenience foods which Japanese people made is very delicious.Therefore the Japan's side dish industry makes a big success.
If President Michel Suleiman would hope to introduce the skill of Japan's side dish industry, I recommend Warabeya Nichiyo co., LTD. Warabeya Nichiyo co., LTD is No.1 for the western-style convenience foods in the world.The side dish of "the Warabeya Nichiyo CO., LTD" is cheap, and its calorie balance is considered and is full of variety deliciously.Because this company investigate local needs well, this company can make a lot of hot seller.

Wings To Fly 
President Michel Suleiman,the world will change in the right peaceful direction,I think.
Both Apocalypse and Nostradamus prophesy that the peaceful times will come.
It isn't so far future.
We just stand now at a historic moment to realize the peaceful times when God hopes.
We just stand at the turning point of the Apocalypse.

Sincerely, yours,
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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