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What can Japan do to stop World War 3??

BM-30 Smerch
Ukraine BM-30 Smerch launchers
M-30 Smerch rocket launcher of the Ukrainian  
The suburb of Marinka was badly damaged by rockets on Friday and Saturday. Russia has warned of "irreversible consequences" after a man was allegedly killed on its side of the border by a shell fired from Ukraine.
Please imagine a scene of being bombed with a rocket lunch into "the wonderful house with the chimney and with a roof made of fired clay tiles" from Ukraine, one day.
It is not Ukraine . It is Russian territory.
The middle-age man of the center of this photograph looks sorrowful.One man dies, and some of the family are injured seriously.
His family has lived in the single-family house which he built, and his family has grown some plants in the flowerpots in their garden with happiness.
I bring up a cucumber and a green pepper, but do not give them the manure.Around the root of a green pepper and the cucumber, if I scatter rice which I had been offered to the souls of ancestors and have removed from them ,when the sparrows come to eat the rice around the root of a green pepper and the cucumber, the sparrows take some shit there.
Because I save the money that I buy manure, the seedling of the cucumber can harvest only one cucumber's fruit in two months without bearing most cucumber's fruits very much .Still one only cucumber made me happy. It is the cucumber of the chemical-free vegetables which I made. It heals each mind to bring up a plant.
Abenomix causes weak yen by Bank of Japan printing a large quantity of money and only raised the numeric data of the average of Japan to the 15,000 yen(147.64$) level by force, but the economy does not improve. Most Japanese people save the money to live.When Japan does not keep at a rate of 100 yen per dollar if Japan's rate against dollar goes up more, the amount of import of oil rises and it causes a trade deficit in Japan.A chronic trade deficit is the true identity of Abenomix, and both Bank of Japan and Prime Minister Abe think that they can deceive Japanese people if the stock prices are high because the nation is stupid.
Therefore,because I save the money that I buy manure, the seedling of the cucumber can harvest only one cucumber's fruit in two months without bearing most cucumber's fruits very much .The overseas leaders should not praise Prime Minister Abe very much . I am disgusting by it.

On the other hand,the man of this photograph prepared spray for protecting against insects for his garden plants. He is different from me, and he's nice for his plant.
He was still young, and the loan of his house might be left, too.Someone else destroys his house of such a good person, and it is wrong to murder and to hurt his family . The Russian people has a right to live happily,too.
The Ukrainian right wing sector often bombards the territory of Russia in order to cause World War 3.The BM-30 Smerch is the most powerful multiple launch rocket system in the world and Ukrainian army has BM-30 Smerch .The Ukrainian neo-Nazi can use BM-30 Smerch freely, and they think of Russian people as if Russian people were an insect.
Reason why the Ukrainian government can't perform cease-fire with Pro-Russian separatists is because Ukrainian neo-Nazi is brutal.
The Ukrainian cease-fire is not realized even if western countries strengthen economic sanctions only to Russia. 1brgn5_e0line.gif
Because western countries do things one sided as if President Putin were a bad person seriously, I sympathize with President Putin .
I had the same experience with President Putin.I had a experience to have made the younger child of the relative cry, in my childhood, but because the child angered me badly and was amused, I kicked flying the boy .The boy said aloud ,"The bullying is wrong !" and he cried out.Neighboring adults made me apologize to the boy without hearing my say entirely.
President Putin may say that I will not be the same level with President Putin.But I understand his feelings well.Although President Poroshenko may say that the bullying is wrong , but President Poroshenko has "many terrible neo‐Nazi's followers under his orders" and President Poroshenko has many "terrible M-30 Smerch rocket launchers of the Ukrainian".
The Ukrainian right wing sector intends to anger President Putin in order to cause World War 3 obviously.If President Poroshenko can't punish right wing sector and neo-Nazi, the Western countries should punish right wing sector and neo-Nazi of Ukraine.
They are main members who caused the slaughter of Odessa.
They are something like 5 spent nuclear fuels.Besides, they often anger President Putin in order to cause World War 3.
Andriy Volodymyrovych Parubiy
Andriy Volodymyrovych Parubiy
The Secretary of the National Security
and Defence Council of Ukraine
He had lead the anti-government protests
in the 2014 Ukrainian revolution and purged
former Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko. 
Dmytro Yarosh
Dmytro Yarosh
The vice Secretary of
the National Security and
Defence Council of Ukraine
The leader of
the far-right Right Sector organization
Oleh Tyahnybok
Oleh Tyahnybok
The leader of
nationalist Svoboda political party
Dmitry Fucheji
Dmitry Fucheji colonel
who acted as Secretary of police of Odessa

Volodymir Nemirovsky
Chairman of the Odessa regional government
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.How maniac they are!!!They are all ill-looking men!!!!!!
They have each face of the villain who seems to appear in some Japanese third class animated cartoons.The Ukrainian neo-Nazi society is just a black fantasy.

The Western countries should move so that they receive an Interpol notice describing the wanted persons.  
In addition, the Western countries should pressure President Poroshenko to extradite them. 
Of course the Western countries freeze the assets of five of them and should blockade it financially not to be able to remit to them from the other countries.
Not only did they cause the slaughter of Odessa, they also anger President Putin in order to cause World War 3.

I think President Putin has endured the provocation of the right wing sector considerably in order to avoid World War 3.The Western countries never blame President Poroshenko although President Poroshenko never blame the provocation of the right wing sector against President Putin at all .The Western countries tend to extend favouritism towards President Poroshenko.However, it is Russian President Putin to make an effort desperately to stop World War 3 .And President Poroshenko never make an effort to stop World War 3 at all."The reason why President Poroshenko is not going to accept a cease-fire now" is because President Poroshenko acts selfishly for a while.

Defence Minister Valeriy Heletey said the plane was flying at an altitude of about 6, 500 metres (21, 300 feet), which he said was too high to be reached with the weapons used by the separatists. Rebels are known to have Igla portable surface-to-air missiles, which work up to about 3, 500 metres.
Ukraine's Security Council spokesman Andrei Lysenko said data from the plane's surviving crew suggested the rocket was either a surface-to-air Pantsir missile or a missile fired by a plane from Russia's Millerovo Air Force base.
But we can't start World War 3.The world should act as an adult so that every citizen won't worry.
Ukraine should accept truce talks as soon as possible.

Because President Poroshenko hates to lose, President Poroshenko does not want to accept truce talks until President Poroshenko can kill numerical Pro-Russian separatists of the quota that he decided.But it is not the act as an adult.
If Ukraine can't accept truce talks as soon as possible,the Western countries should examine the economic sanctions to Ukraine, too in order to avoid World War 3.
Japan should contribute to the mediation between Russia and Ukraine positively.
If Japan wants to let the issue of northern territories progress, Japan should cooperate for the construction of temporary housing for Ukrainian refugees along the borders from a humanitarian standpoint because Russia receives economic sanctions.

If Japan starts construction of temporary housing now, it will be completed in autumn before coming Russian severe winter.
By construction of temporary housing, Japan can offer the employment to the Ukrainian refugees.
Assembly hall of the Rostov-on-Don city
Assembly hall of the Rostov-on-Don city 
rostov-on-don church
the inside of church of the Rostov-on-Don city 
Especially Rostov-on-Don city in the Russia territory exists near the borderline between Russia and Ukraine. And Rostov-on-Don is the center of railway lines and "the communication point of the transportation by water".And Rostov-on-Don city is the entrances to Caucasus which has rich metal and rich oil.
If Japan arbitrates Russia and Caucasus Emirate, and if Japan offers ODA business of the oil patch to Caucasus Emirate, Japan can enlarge the auto industry by cheap energy resources in Rostov-on-Don city of the Russia and can provide the big employments to Ukrainian refugees and area inhabitants of Rostov-on-Don city.
Because there is no war between Caucasus Emirate and Japan , it comes to be possible for the living that every citizen of Caucasus Emirate will be rich by the Japanese superior technique, and I think that the dispute between Russia and Caucasus Emirate are relieved.
The stable employment is necessary for Caucasus Emirate.If Caucasus Emirate can build the subway of Hitachi of Japan, the civic living of Caucasus Emirate becomes easier than now.I think the economic cooperation of Rostov-on-Don city , Caucasus Emirate and Japan will be useful for every citizen of Caucasus Emirate , Russia and the Ukrainian refugees.
The pretty and beautiful shapes of the buildings of Rostov-on-Don city seem the cute wedding cake and if Japanese car industry can enter in Rostov-on-Don city , many Japanese tourists will visit in Rostov-on-Don city .
Am I an impertinent fellow for President Poroshenko?I'm very sorry about that. I think that President Poroshenko will soon come around because Kishida ATM(Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida) visits Ukraine soon. A large quantity of Japanese Yen comes out of a mouth of Kishida if President Poroshenko pushes the eyelids of Kishida.
Well, I'll make a pitch for chocolate of the splendid highest grade of ROSHEN for all over the world,here.

Korol_desert_B.jpg400r_vishnya_v_shocolade_157.jpg   The product's window of ROSHEN in Japan
The product's window of ROSHEN in USA
The product's window of ROSHEN in Hungaria and England
The product's window of ROSHEN in Russia
The product's window of ROSHEN in China
The product's window of ROSHEN in Kazakhstan
The product's window of ROSHEN in gloval area

Shima uta(Island song) 
The life of the person is more important than "the pride and the ego" of persons who possess powerful authority.
The human race is paralyzed to the number of casualties these days.
The human life is not simple data.
The head of state must have intention to save more lives as much as possible.
The life of the person is not a toy.
Every life which is given by God is beautiful.

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