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False charge

A surface-to-air missile struck a Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 298 people that went down today in Ukraine near the Russian border.U. S. intelligence and analysis of the situation determined that it was a single missile that struck the Boeing 777-200 aircraft while at cruising altitude. It is unclear whether the missile was fired from inside Ukrainian or Russian territory and who fired it.
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with 283 passengers and 15 crew members. The airline had earlier said there were 280 passengers.

This is a plot to let the United States participate in the civil war of Ukraine in order to cause World War 3.
The Nazism is the base of Cheney's thought. There is Cheney by all means behind right wing sector who is based on the Ukrainian Nazis's thought .The Ukrainian right wing sector often provoked President Putin all the time in order to cause World War 3 and continued bombarding the Russians in Russian territory.
Both President Poroshenko and Ukrainian right wing sector are suspected whether they may be going to cause World War 3 or not very for a long time.On the other hand,Pro-Russian separatists never hope the World War 3.
President Poroshenko and Ukrainian right wing sector tries to accuse Pro-Russian separatists falsely as if Pro-Russian separatists had attacked a Malaysia Airlines plane.
As for this case, who profits?
This criminals are persons who want to cause World War 3 and they can profit.We can remember a face of Cheney who has "the huge defence industry" .
Ukrainian right wing sector never profit from this case at all.It is Cheney to profit from this case.
The evidence of this case that the Ukrainian government shows has surely the possibility to be a forgery for making a false charge on Pro-Russian separatists.
Ukrainian S-125-2D surface-to-air missiles
Ukrainian S-125-2D surface-to-air missiles 
Additionally, in 2010–2011, Aerotekhnika MLT, a plant based in the town of Makariv in the Kiev region, delivered four upgraded S-125 anti-aircraft missile systems to Uganda with each system including radar, a control cabin and four launchers.
Uganda has used Ukrainian arms to battle the domestic Lord Resistance Army guerrilla group and provide support to groups in Sudan and Rwanda.
Since 2010, Ukraine has also supplied 200 tanks to Ethiopia worth $100 million, and ten upgraded S-125-2D surface-to-air missiles were exported to an undisclosed African country.
Ukrainian S-125-2D surface-to-air missiles is much superior to "BUK SAM missile made in the former Soviet Union".Land-to-air missile system "Buk" was introduced into the Ukrainian military in 1983 of Soviet Union Era. The Ukrainian army held 60 missiles of land-to-air missile system "BukM1" at the point of 2013 year.
9M36 Buk SA-11 Gadfly
  Because Ukraine has the technique that the Ukrainian military makes superior surface-to-air missiles, I think that the Ukrainian military can imitate "BUK SAM missile made in the former Soviet Union" which Pro-Russian separatists has only one.
   About "the tape of the conversation that the Ukrainian government intercepted", can Ukraine's government establish the authenticity of "the fact that Ukraine's government has never tampered the tape with the purpose of deception" ?
   Because the Ukrainian government never punish any members of the neo-Nazi who led slaughter of Odessa in a crime at all, I doubt the credibility of the Ukraine's government's assertion.
I never forget the terrible slaughter of Odessa that Pro-Russian separatists were burnt alive by the neo-Nazi of Ukraine.I can never trust the Nazis.The Nazis is the dangerous thought of the professional organizations practicing the mass slaughter reasonably.
I am worry about the terrorism that Ukrainian Nazis's thought escalates power very much.

Shima uta(Island song) 
Head of state avoiding World War 3 is brave.
It is not necessary for any important U. S. soldiers to shed blood for a plot of wicked Cheney.
I would like to hope heartily that President Obama would do a brave wise decision to avoid World War 3.
I will sue at President Obama's feet for mercy so that President Obama never be tricked by Cheney's plot.
I believe President Obama leads the world to the peace.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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