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We should offer a silent prayer for the souls of the victims.

The judgment of the pilot of Malaysian Airline System which passed over a trouble spot has a big problem.It's preposterous to do a thing like that.I think that the pilot had lacked consideration to keep the security for all passengers.It is unbelievable that a stupid person passed the pilot's employment examination of the Malaysia Airlines so as not to understand that it is wrong to fly at 10,000 meters over a trouble spot.Malaysia is nice as a country but I decided not to use Malaysian Airlines throughout my life .It is not an issue of no-fly zone and it is an issue whether the pilot has the good faith .All the Japanese pilots have already avoided an Ukrainian route before this incident of the Boeing 777-200 crash.The technique of the missile develops every day.It is too late as coping that other pilots avoid an Ukrainian air route after the plane crash .It will be necessary for passengers to confirm it at an airport in future whether the airplane does not fly over a trouble spot when passengers board an airplane.We must not believe the judgment of the pilot blindly these days.
However, it is heartrending that a lot of citizens of the innocence that dreamed of a pleasant trip became dead. That was a very painful incident.We should offer a silent prayer for the souls of the victims.
Both Ukrainian government and Pro-Russian separatists should should offer flowers and pray in silence for a few moments, as a tribute to the dead for a week at least.
Both sides should accept a cease-fire for peace, and it is necessary to talk.
It is the good faith for the souls of persons who were dead in a plane accident.
3-story container temporary housing which is fully air-conditioned 
Probably I think that the Ukrainian refugees along the Russian border suffer from many mosquitos or heat stroke now.Japan should put itself in the position of weak people and think.Japan should build temporary housing with a whole heart for the people in a weak position.
That will bring about peace.
The most superior temporary housing at the Tohoku great earthquake disaster is 3-story container temporary housing which Mr. Shigeru Ban of the architect designed .Dew condensation does not come out in winter either, and this is most suitable for winter in Russia to live warmly.
I think the ODA business of Japan can complete temporary housing for all refugees in autumn before coming Russian serious winter if it starts construction of temporary housing along the Russian border now.
It is the sole way to survive for Japan which does not have the energy resources without the armaments .
If Japan behaves faithfully to arbitrate for peace , the world needs Japan, and Japan is never ruined.
Japan must do the arbitration faithfully now between the United States and Russia, between EU and Russia and between Ukraine and Russia .

Shima uta(Island song) 
Even if "a serious disturbance of the world" happens by war , even if the ground becomes the wilderness seriously, let's plant the seed of the peace.
A bud will spring up , and it will become a tree, and it will become a bush, and it will become a forest.
In the forest, a brook begins to flow before long, and a small bird begins to sing.
Let's plant the seed of the peace.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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