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I can overturn all evidences that Ukrainian government provides

1.It is said that this image of a displayed display was saved in the country military headquarters in eastern Ukraine by the contents which Igor Strelkov wrote in at Vkontakte of the largest communication's site .
However, someone might have written it at Vkontakte through a PC of Igor Strelkov by remote control.
2. News site "Ukraine Pravda" (Ukrainska Pravda, the Ukrainian truth) of opposition party which strongly supported the Ukrainian government origin released ‘the voice that Ukrainian government intercepts and recorded the conversation that the member of the pro-Russia group and a Russian agent talked after shooting "the Boeing 777-200 of Malaysian Airline System" down.'
"We just downed a plane," a rebel the recording identifies as Bes (Demon) tells an alleged Russian military intelligency officer.Another recording shows one alleged fighter reporting from the site of the plane's remains that it was "100% certain this is a civilian aircraft."He spits out a Russian expletive when asked whether there were a lot of passengers on board.'We have seized missiles' The VK post was soon removed -- but not before its screen grab was captured and distributed in an English-language press release by the military headquarters of Kiev's eastern campaign.
The agent can trump up this tape.
It is a Satanist to name Bes (Demon) for his own name. It is an idea of the neo-Nazi obviously. Hitler was a Satanist. I think that "Pro-Russian separatists" does not announce their own name of a Satanist themselves. It is strange that they announce the devil's name themselves although they believe justice and fight. It is a suspicious story.It is unnatural.
The combatant should talk being conscious of what is listened in on. Will the combatant say the curse that it would be discovered to have shot a civilian airplane by mistake in Russian?
They should usually talk in cipher. I think that the tape of language used in ordinary conversation have no credibility.It is unnatural.
Because the armed forces are vertical society, the combatant does not curse the officer of the boss.The attitude will affect a lift in his career.It is unnatural.
3. Ukraine Government announced that "the Boeing 777-200 of Malaysian Airline System" was shot down by a missile made in the Soviet Union of Buk SA-11. And Pro-Russian separatists own Buk SA-11.
Land-to-air missile system "Buk" was introduced into the Ukrainian military in 1983 of Soviet Union Era. The Ukrainian army held 60 missiles of land-to-air missile system "BukM1" at the point of 2013 year.
Ukrainian neo-Nazi might have carried BUK SAM missile secretly to Donetsk and might have shot "the Boeing 777-200 of Malaysian Airline System".
In Donetsk and a Russian border, Ukrainian neo-Nazi often bombarded the Russia territory.
The fact that airplane had been shot down by BUK SAM missile does not become the evidence that a criminal is Pro-Russian separatists at all .
Such the evidences are far from satisfactory.It is like a shabby scenarios of 911 accident which Cheney wrote.It is foolish ideas if World War 3 will be caused by such a shabby scenario.We have had enough of wars.
By the flight plan of the MH17 service, it was requested to fly at an altitude of 10, 660 meters (35, 000 feet) over Ukraine territory.
However, by the Ukrainian air traffic controller's demand, the MH17 service couldn't but fly at an altitude of 10, 060 meters (33, 000 feet).
Ummmmmmmmmmmmm,strange.....!They have plenty motivation to shoot the airplane. This Ukrainian air traffic controller was quite enterprising in order to induce so that neo-Nazi could shoot an airplane. .It seems President Putin can afford about this incident.
Ukrainian neo-Nazi was going to frame a criminal who had shot the airplane on Pro-Russian separatists but President Putin might have obtained the information that Ukrainian neo-Nazi had shown the cloven hoof in the end.
An evil deed may be discovered because "an international investigating group" will make a field survey of the area.
"The place where the Malaysian plane crashed" was in the interception zone of two batteries of Ukrainian land-to-air missile system "S200" and three launching pads of "BukM1".
Information Telegram Agency of Russia(ИТАР-ТАСС) told as information of the Russian Department of Defense.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm,strange.....!‘Ukrainian land-to-air missile system "S200" and three launching pads of "BukM1"' may include the possibility enough to shoot the Boeing 777-200 of Malaysian Airline System down.
Aozora has said for a long time that the Ukrainian neo-Nazi might do a dangerous thing one day .The Ukrainian neo-Nazis might have shot down the airplane of other countries in order to frame a snipers on "Pro-Russian separatists" .The Western countries and USA had better change a policy about Ukrainian neo-Nazi quickly.They may extend power as radicals organization rather than "Pro-Russian separatists".
  There are some the human beings who want to expand an internal disturbance in Ukraine into World War 3 .
However, I want to do my best to stop
World War 3.
A sound mind in a sound body.
A necessary thing is truce talks between Ukraine and Pro-Russian separatists now.
Hold My Hand ,please.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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