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I wish that Ukraine will advance to the next step.

air crash  In the left photograph,a Malaysian air crash investigator holds a bag at a crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in the village of Rozsypne, eastern Ukraine, on July 22, 2014.I know one of piece of the airplane fell in a sunflower field.I know how beautiful the sunflower field seeming infinitely vast is .The blossoms of the sunflower fields will be in full blossom in a few days.I feel the souls of the victims will stare at the sunflower field wonderingly.For the souls of the victims, I think that it is good faith to let a cease-fire come true.
Ukrainian President Poroshenko announced that Ukrainian President Poroshenk has directed related military institutions to evade the military operation to the armed group of the pro-Russia group in the range of a radius of 40 kilos around a crash site on July 21.But 2 Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jets were shot down on Wednesday in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border. The planes were downed in an area of heavy fighting between government forces and Russian-backed separatists, near where a Malaysia Airlines jet was blown out of the sky last week and drawing international dismay.
The encroachment of air space is a provocation.President Poroshenko seems to provoke Pro-Russian separatists many times.Why does President Poroshenko hope to provoke them? I don't know the details.If it is right now, I have a feeling that I can clearly say it.I can say that the case of Malaysia Airlines plane crash will remain unsolved forever because there is no conclusive evidence to discover the true criminal.
Philippe Egalité
Louis Philippe Joseph d'Orléans,Duke of Orléans
(13 April 1747 – 6 November 1793)  
Will President Poroshenko sweep away Pro-Russian separatists?
And will President Poroshenko persecute all Russian Ukrainians?
And then will President Poroshenko prohibit Russian in future in Ukraine?
President Poroshenko ,how do you deal with power expansion of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi?
  President Poroshenko's image often put the image of Duke of Orléans into my head.President Poroshenko's image often remind me of the last end of Duke of Orléans.
Duke of Orléans who was the eminent millionaires had the vast domains such as 5% of French kingdoms . And Duke of Orléans was a sponsor of the French Revolution although the Orleans was one of the branch families of the Bourbons.Duke of Orléans sheltered a large number of revolutionists in Palais-Royal and he induced Storming of the Bastille and caused the execution of Louis XVI and queen Marie Antoinette.
The person who had scattered excessive slander against queen Marie Antoinette is Duke of Orléans . Duke of Orléans was the grotesque person as if he were a Yakuza (current Japanese mafia).On March 27, 1793, Dumouriez general plotted overthrowing the revolution government, in order to help Duke of Orléans assume the throne, but because Dumouriez general failed, Duke of Orléans were arrested and all the Bourbons left in France, including Duke of Orléans, were arrested on 5 April 1793.As a member of the House of Bourbon, Louis Philippe was shortlisted for a trial, and effectively tried and guillotined in the space of one day on 6 November 1793. Accounts of his incarceration and execution mention his calmness. He was granted a final wish to have a gracious dinner before his execution but, having been stripped of all assets upon his arrest, was unable to take advantage of this concession.
Louis XVI was executed on January 21, 1793.Marie Antoinette was executed on October 16, 1793.Duke of Orléans was executed on 6 November 1793.Ironically it is ‘all the three people’ were executed in 1973.It is a retribution for his evil deed of Duke of Orléans,I think.
By the way,President Poroshenko ,how do you deal with power expansion of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi? Please tell me about it.Ukrainian neo-Nazi is an Ukrainian monster.
President Poroshenko will be eaten by an Ukrainian monster if President Poroshenko does not target somebody after having persecuted Pro-Russian separatists and Russian Ukrainians,I think.
President Poroshenko ,whom do you target after having persecuted Pro-Russian separatists and Russian Ukrainians?
All Ukrainian oligarchs??Oh......terrible...Do you hang them to the Guillotine?Do you decide to execute all Ukrainian oligarchs by guillotine?The Ukrainian neo-Nazi intends to persecute not only the Russian Ukrainians but also the Jews.I am convinced that Cheney aims at all property of Ukrainian oligarchs.I think that Cheney always exists in the background of the neo-Nazi's thought by all means.I am convinced that Cheney hopes to let Ukrainian neo-Nazi confiscate all assets of Ukrainian oligarchs, and I think that Cheney will hope to sell various long-distance missiles to Ukraine.
President Poroshenko ,whom do you target after having persecuted all Ukrainian oligarchs?
President Poroshenko , you may invade neighboring countries?Oh......terrible..I am afraid of your digression which will be escalating more and more.
President Poroshenko must end Ukrainian civil war before Ukrainian neo-Nazi can gain control of the armed forces of Ukraine .
Support fund which were gathered from the countries of all over the world will disappear by a civil war in Ukraine immediately,I think.There is a time for everything.President Poroshenko does not persecute any Russian Ukrainians and should admit acknowledgment of autonomy and the use of Russian language for Russian Ukrainians in order to carry out the cease-fire of the civil war in Ukraine.
I believe President Poroshenko has the excellence in his ability.Please show me about it.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was a scheduled international passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that disappeared on 8 March 2014 at 01:20 MYT (17:20 UTC, 7 March),after losing contact with air traffic control less than an hour after takeoff.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down on July 17 .

Twin-engine turboprop ATR 72 aircraft attempting to land in stormy weather crashed on a small Taiwanese island late Wednesday, killing 48 people and wrecking houses and cars on the ground on July 23.

And A missing Air Algerie plane that lost contact en route from Burkina Faso is an Airbus A320 carrying 110 passengers to Algiers, an Algerian official said on Thursday July 24.

4 airplane in this year!!!!! It's eerie.The recent frequency of plane accidents make us nervous.Recently airplanes fall so often!!!Does Cheney plot something bad?I don't think Pro-Russian separatists shot down the plane. If all accidents are plotted by Cheney, everyone will think it may be a possible story.Recently there are too much airplane's accidents!!!It's eerie.Cheney has the green blood in Cheney such as the green caterpillar although his heart is made of steel. The monster of the green caterpillar!!!This caterpillar can't become a beautiful butterfly because this caterpillar always eats "the banknotes full of the suitcase" ,not "cabbage".
Cheney is rolling in money.Oh eerie green caterpillar.....Is there anything you want more than a bundle of money?Hey Cheney, try to click here.Your legs will be shaking slightly.

Fais Moi La Paix 
One of piece of the airplane fell in a sunflower field.
I know how beautiful the sunflower field seeming infinitely vast is .
The blossoms of the sunflower fields will be in full blossom in a few days.
I feel the souls of the victims will stare at the sunflower field wonderingly.
For the souls of the victims, I think that it is good faith to let a cease-fire come true.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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