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Truce collapses between Gaza and Israel

Gaza-strip20140801-1.jpg A cease-fire in Gaza appeared to be unraveling Friday only hours after it took effect as both sides accused each other of violating the fledgling truce.
If a cease-fire fails, who will profit?
Neither Hamas nor Israel army will profit.

I think that each military affairs industry that carries in a weapon to the each sides each profits.Possibly the counterfeit soldier might have attacked the others in order to prevent a cease-fire.If my reasoning power is right, "the collapse of the cease-fire" will be repeated again and again.Even if an attack reopens by all means, they should begin truce talks forcibly.
When both sides say ”The talks do not work to a terrorist.” or ”The talks do not work in the Israeli government.”, the peace never come.I think that we need the courage to do talks without being discouraged.
The Israeli side is accounted extremely low number of casualties compared with Gaza Strip, but the Israeli citizens taste great fear for Hamas's Rocket missiles and the Israeli citizens intend to survive from a missile strike of the Hamas desperately.Almost Israeli citizens insist that they become each victim of mean spin control of the Hamas as if they were bad persons.
The Israel citizen insists that the world media writes that Israel slaughters the Gaza citizens in order to put inappropriate pressure on Israel from the foreign countries although it is the tactics of the Hamas to put Gaza citizens in the dangerous area .
Because Hamas always uses many tunnels under the ground to abduct Israeli citizens and soldiers or because Hamas always uses many tunnels for various suicide bombings , the Israel citizens insist that Israel must destroy all tunnels under the ground, and the Israel citizens insist that Israel cannot cancel a blockade of Gaza Strip.
The Israeli citizens do not want to die by being murdered, too .
But I hear that Israel created Hamas back in 1970s to counter Arafats PLO back then by Prime Minister Golda Meir.I think that Prime Minister Golda Meir regrets it in heaven.

I think that the Israeli citizens don't want to know how desperately Gaza citizens are persecuted because Israeli citizens' minds go blank in the terror for Hamas.

We must make peaceful environment like that Hamas stops any suicide bombings without abducting any Israeli citizens and Israeli soldiers.It is not right to kill Hamas and Gaza citizen together.God would never hope such a thing.

"From 500 children to 700 children" of Palestine who were arrested as the criminals for the stone-throwing" are put on a military trial every year, and 202 children stay in the prison at this point of the end of June, 2014.I hear that these children live in harsh and poor environments without receiving enough educations.I think that the arrests of children of Palestinian cause the abduction of "Israeli citizens and Israeli soldiers by Hamas" and the suicide bombings of the Hamas , in order to get children back.
1The Israeli military should release "202 children who were arrested as the criminals for the stone-throwing" immediately, and then abductions and the suicide bombings will be settled surely.Hamas should release all Israeli citizens and the Israeli soldiers whom Hamas abducted.
Because there is a city hall near my elementary school in Japan in my childhood, I had aimed and had hit at a councilor by a water gun from the third floor of the elementary school at the lunch break.
It is strange that I say but any children are not permitted for the stone-throwing in any countries.The stone-throwing hurts someone else.I have never thrown any stones to any councilors.Of course the smart child must not hit the councilor with a water gun.But in this case, I think Palestinian children feel stress for the Israeli army of occupation, too."
2  If the Israeli military finish destroying all tunnels", an occupation army should withdraw from Gaza Strip.
If an occupation army disappears, the arrest of the child is gone. The abduction of "Israeli citizens and Israeli soldiers by Hamas" and the suicide bombings of the Hamas disappear,too.
3 While Japan begins to build Israeli very large reclaimed land at the Mediterranean coast, synchronously I suggest Japan should purchase an Israeli "plant facilities which generate high-purity fresh water from sea water" to deploy it in Gaza Strip.
The water is the root of the life. If water is stable to be supplied, I am convinced that the dispute will be surely calmed.
4  A supply road should be inaugurated between Egypt and Gaza Strip.
Especially children of Gaza Strip, they are short without enough nourishment .If there are abundant water and abundant food in Gaza Strip, an Israeli citizen does not have to be afraid in Hamas's suicide bombing and Hamas's kidnapping.Because the Israeli military forces a reign of terror, Hamas becomes ferocious.Like " an episode of the north wind and the sun" in the Aesop story , the Israeli government should change present situation into the sun's policy in order to protect Israeli citizens peacefully.The Israeli government fails in a policy of the north wind for a long time of these 66 years,I think.With financial support of Japan, I think that the Israeli government can change into a solar policy.
5  In Egypt's territory along the borderline between Gaza Strip and Egypt, I would like to hope to give a chance to build temporary housing of the Gaza refugees to Japan.
I want to let Gaza citizens escape from there.I would like to hope that the United Nations would cooperate with Japan for "the construction of temporary housing" and " the opening to traffic of the supply road between Egypt and Gaza Strip", in order to be able to save lives as much as possible.
6  I suggest Japan should offer a technique of farming tuna and the mass production of the white truffle to Gaza Strip and Gaza Strip would export the canned food of the tuna which they seasoned with a delicious white truffle as Gaza Strip's brand .
I hope that the technique of the mass production of the white truffle is provided only by Palestine of Gaza Strip and the West Bank in order to let Palestine prosper, in honor of faith to God of the Palestinian people who endured occupation. I think the West Bank's goods will make a hit if they brand "olive oil with a white truffle and the dressing with a white truffle" .The freshness of a white truffle does not last long, but it will become the popular item if they make a white truffle an artefact.With the artefact of the white truffle, even the person who is poor at the cooking will become able to make a delicious dish,I think.The oil of the canned food of the tuna will change every menu into special foods,I think.
With farming tuna and the mass production of the white truffle ,the poor growth of the children in Gaza Strip will be improved, too.
6  Gaza city and Israel should do the plan of truce talks behind closed doors without the media.I think it is enough that the truce talks will be ex post facto approval for the media.
I think that each military affairs industry that carries in a weapon to the each sides each profits.Possibly the counterfeit soldier might have attacked the others in order to prevent a cease-fire.Someone may sympathize with the unfortunate but someone wishes unhappiness to others, in order to gain by weapon business.
The truce talks between Gaza city and Israel should be held behind closed doors without the media.I think that they may do truce talks during a battle.
7  The VIP of all the countries of the world and the officials of the United Nations should persuade not only Prime Minister Netanyahu but also the Israeli right wing radicals about sun's policy.They are Ehud Barak Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister,Benny Gantz Chief of the General Staffi,Mr. Avi Felder, IMI President & CEO,Joseph Weiss IAI's President and CEO (Ziv Koren/IAI) ,Rafi Maor, Chairman of the Board of IAI, Yoram Cohen chief of Shin Bet (Shabak), the Israel Security Agency,Tamir Pardo, the current Director of the Mossad,and Maj. Gen. Aviv Kokhavi , the commander of the Gaza Division.
Because Israeli Prime minister may be assassinated by the Israeli right wing radicals if Israeli Prime minister solves "a blockade of Gaza Strip" unconditionally humanely and "withdrawal of the Israeli occupation army", as for the problem, it is not easy.Prime Minister Netanyahu can't push the sun's policy for Gaza Strip by himself of only one person because Israeli citizens' minds go blank in the terror for Hamas.Almost Israel citizens become violently angry for Hamas very much , because Hamas fires a lot of rocket missiles although Israeli government always pays " all electricity bills", "water service charges" and "the gas charges" for Gaza Strip" from the tax of Israel'.
However, children of Gaza Strip can't study by electric lack at night, and the Gaza citizen is not brought up vegetables and fruits into the crops enough by shortage of water either.
Because there is a strong isolation wall around Gaza Strip, I think that an Israeli soldier does not have to occupy Gaza Strip by brutal suppression thought to resemble the Reign of Terror in France.
If Japan can continue building the very large reclaimed land for the Israeli citizens, I think that the Israeli government does not have to occupy Gaza Strip.I think that it is a chance to forgive each other.
Japan has little information about Hamas, but I often hear the information that the executives of Hamas embezzle a part of the money support from Middle East in order to live very, very luxuriously.However, even if Gaza citizens go against Hamas because they will be murdered , there is some persons who testify that the Gaza citizen remains silent for tyranny of Hamas .
But the provisional united cabinet which assumes Rami Hamdallah the prime minister on June 2, 2014 started. The foreign countries should support Rami Hamdallah cabinet so that Rami Hamdallah cabinet can release the details of money support to be gathered from the Middle Eastern countries definitely , and Rami Hamdallah cabinet should support so that this fund is not monopolized by Hamas. It is necessary for Hamas to change as a healthy vigilance committee.

A new policy and a new talks method are necessary to improve the future in Israel and Gaza city.Japan was able to change from the times of a terrible reign of terror after the end of the war of World War II. Israel can establish the peaceful society like Japan, too.It is difficult to break the vicious circle of Israel and Hamas but the courage is necessary for getting out of the vicious circle.I would like to hope that Israel would become a gentle and strong country which is loved from all over the world.Of course I would like to hope that Palestine would start newly as a peaceful country of the olive.
  Japan must not watch the dispute of other countries calmly.
Japan's government should make the peaceful environment like that Hamas need not fire a missile in Israel.
Japan should arbitrate every dispute faithfully to regain world trust.
This is only one course that Japan can survive in this society in the future .
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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