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Peace lies in the middle course.

This child tiger seems to be called Sky, the dog seems to be called Panjo.Panjo seems to go to Sky for greetings every morning, and they always play in a chummy manner for a while .
Because I am a human being who loves my own time or space, as for the dog wanting to play with someone endlessly like Panjo, it is heavy for me.
I think utterly that Sky is a really gentle child tiger patiently.I dislike that a dog licks indiscriminately.Because I do not want to become the fresh ingredients for dinner, I don't want to live with a tiger together but I love cats far more than dogs.
The reason why Panjo can get along well with Sky so much is because their mom loves them impartially,I think.
The world media targets Prime Minister Netanyahu as an unspeakable rascal, but Israel and Hamas can't somehow find a way of coming together in such situation.Israel oppresses surely Gaza citizens in various terrible methods but I think that Hamas can't justify the tunnel to dig the underground passage for many suicide bombings, or for Hamas in order to often kidnap Israeli citizens.The secret tunnels under the ground are several supply road of food, but and it is a fact that abducted Israeli citizens are brought through these secret tunnels and it is a fact that several abducted Israeli citizens are abused and killed by Hamas,too.
If there is a charisma leader like Gandhi in both Israel and Hamas, they may be able to come by a peaceful settlement.However, Gandhi is a charisma leader born as only one person per 1000 years.I think that God hopes that the human race should solve problems peacefully by mediation without a charisma leader now.

And Hamas itself rules the Gaza citizens by a reign of terror, and the Gaza citizens can't go against Hamas at all, and it is a fact that the Gaza citizens remain silent while shaking.Because I have Okinawa's ethnic minorities' blood in me, I can feel various shouts of Gaza citizens' souls even if I never contact with any Gaza citizens.
Hamas lets Gaza citizens stand in the arsenals of the rocket missiles forcibly and lets many children play there .When I stare at the photographs of the Gaza citizens for a while, I can feel that Gaza citizens have great fear for Hamas.It is the sorrow and painfulness for a minority race's weak luck .The Gaza citizens grieve by both tyranny and oppression of both of Israel and Hamas.Gaza citizens suffer hell on earth.
The minority race intends to believe in God without being discouraged at their own weak luck and intends to walk in the right way, but they often feel their own weak luck is sometimes sad and regretful .

The world media must not criticize only one person of Prime Minister Netanyahu.It does not become the peaceful settlement.It can't be settled peacefully because there is no love.

The Israeli citizen has a panic for fear for a rocket missile and a suicide bombing and a kidnapping of Hamas. Prime Minister Netanyahu cannot but fight in order to protect all Israeli citizens . I feel that Prime Minister Netanyahu steels himself against compassion for Gaza citizens when I stared with his photograph.

I think that there are some methods to get out of this vicious circle.

The provisional united cabinet which assumes Rami Hamdallah the prime minister on June 2, 2014 started under President Mahmoud Abbas. This is the cabinet which both of Fatah and hamas recognize.
1.  I would like to hope that "Iran , Qatar and Turkey which supported Hamas" would remit money of support to "the Rami Hamdallah cabinet" directly in future.
2.  And I would like to hope that " Iran , Qatar and Turkey " would negotiate with Rami Hamdallah's cabinet directly about the weapon problem .
3.  I would like to hope that " Iran , Qatar and Turkey " would persuade Hamas so that Hamas would try a fresh start as a healthy vigilance committee heartily.
I would like to hope that "Iran, Qatar, Turkey" would take consideration for the importance of the tears of Gaza citizens suffering from double tyranny.
I would like to hope that "Iran, Qatar, and Turkey" would feel the importance of human lives of ethnic minorities.
I would love "Iran, Qatar, and Turkey" and I would write my blog with sincerity for "Iran, Qatar, and Turkey" in order to suggest several good ideas.It will be the important step-up in order to let " a historic moment for the cancellation of the blockade of the Gaza Strip" come true.
I read various remarks of soldiers of Hamas at the internet.And I felt that they might have grown up in very severe training them. I think their family's upbringing are very strict.In severe environment, they can't but live like that,I think.
However, the child need not become the human being who is convenient for the parents. The child does not exist for the honor of the parents.Even if the child does not excel than a person, even if the child may be strange a little bit, the child must be loved as important existence .As a result of having watched the behavior of soldiers of Hamas, I felt that they thought that they were unworthy to be loved if they were not outstandingly superior to a general person.If the human being is going to get something more generously than his own fate, the human being falls into various misfortunes.The human being walks on the wrong way if the human being wants a position and honor and property so greedily.And the human being will become so that he can't make a right decision "by too high position and too much honor and too much property far more than his fate".
Even if even anyone might think in dissatisfaction why the fellow is president or leader, I think that every person is different in fate and a duty each.
Even if a violet longs for becoming a rose, the violet can't become a rose.
Even if a rose longs for becoming a violet, a rose can't become a violet.
A rose has the beauty of the rose, and a violet has the beauty of the violet.
The beauty of each flower is important for the world, too.
If the flower intends to make it bloom in its fate as much as possible it is nice.

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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