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Happier environment

Nice la mer
Do you know Nice?Nice is a resort area of the Mediterranean Sea coast in southern France.Nice is nice.
I have a experience that I had swum in Nice, and have been surprised that a wave of the Mediterranean Sea was too quiet.
Because Japan is a chain of islands which stays in the middle of the ocean, the wave is very rough.The stillness of the wave of the Mediterranean Sea is surprising for a Japanese.
I notice now that the sea and the sky and the wind where I looked at that time led to Israel and Gaza Strip, and my memory appreciates deeply into my mind.
The Mediterranean Sea coast is an area prospering by trade with foreign countries. I hope that Israel and Palestine become peaceful in order to build the society where each citizens can live happily in peace by all means.

The human being must get over every difficulty, but the too severe experience is not good.However, any persons can stand up if there is hope.A human being needs a happy memory.
We should cooperate with Israel and Palestine to be able to build the society which each citizen can live happily with hope .
I read Hamas's demand at the internet news.
The six conditions for a ceasefire reflect this: the immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces and guarantee of an end to incursions, bombing, and overflights; the end of the siege, opening of crossings, the guarantee of access between the West Bank and Gaza and reopening of an airport and a sea port in Gaza; fishing rights up to 12 nautical miles off Gaza's coast; the elimination of buffer zones;the release of all prisoners particularly those re-imprisoned after the Gilad Shalit deal; the immediate reconstruction of Gaza by the unity government; a donor conference. All are straight from the Hamas playbook. This surely is not a position Abbas or the PLO feel comfortable with, but they have little choice.
The main demands proposed to Egyptian mediators by the Palestinian delegation are a ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza, the end of the siege of the enclave, and opening its border crossings.
All demands look like a minimum demand as a nation.

On the other hand, Israel insists to allow Gaza rebuilding in exchange for disarmament.
Ofer Gendelman told Ma'an that the Israeli government linked the rebuilding of Gaza with disarming factions in the coastal enclave.Gendelman said that Israel was interested in achieving a lasting ceasefire, but he insisted that it was dependent on Hamas' respect of the current 72-hour truce.
This is a just opinion,too.

My suggestion about the disarmament of Gaza Strip
1.  Hamas seems to have another 3, 000 rocket missiles, but if Japan can take a trade-in of these missiles, does it mean Hamas disarms itself ?If it means so,Japan should buy the all,I think.
2.  In addition, if "Iran, Qatar and Turkey" change the policy to provide "financial support and the weapons" from Hamas to "the Rami Hamdallah cabinet" , Gaza city can declare openly that Gaza city is disarmed itself.
3.  I think that Hamas should make a fresh start by the amount of sale of the weapons as a fair vigilance committee.
If a dispute continues as it is, executives of Hamas may turn out miserable like the Major Libyan Gadhafi.They should live without their throwing away their own lives.While there is life there is hope.I think that it leads to civic happiness to function as a country.The making of society which citizens and farmers and fishermen can live in happily is the first priority.
The world needs " the cooperation of Iran , Qatar and Turkey " in order to let "the cancellation of the Gaza Strip blockade" come true.
If disarmament of Gaza Strip come true, I think that "the six conditions which Hamas demands" aren't very difficult to let them come true.
4.  About the guarantee of access between the West Bank and Gaza ,if Japanese company can build a monorail or subway,this problem will be settled.


Dépôt Nostradamus: Siècle 3, Quatrains 97
Nouuelle loy terre neufue occuper
Vers la Syrie, Iudee, & Palestine,
Le grand empire barbare corruer ,
Auant que Phebes son siecle determine .

New law to occupy the new land
Towards Syria, Judea and Palestine.
The great barbarian empire to decay
Before Phebes completes its cycle.

Nostradamus foretells in the first line ,that Syria, Israel, and Palestine are restructured newly as the democratic nations .Current Syria and Israel and Palestine are a military nation or occupation zones. I am convinced that Jerusalem will be under the control of the United Nations, one day.And I am convinced that Palestine is established as a country one day.If the reigns of terror end in Syria and Israel, the nation will find happiness.
There are a lot of scholars who interpret Le grand empire barbare as modern Babylon, but I interpret it as China.China's economy fails soon, and an internal disturbance will happen in China.The time will come soon.
Nostradamus used "the goddess of Moon, Phebes" in the fourth line.Nostradamus often expresses Iran with the word related with Moon.

I think that it means that "Syria, Israel, Palestine" become peace before Iran can decide peace to solve the nuclear issue at the discussion in six countries.

Please make New law to occupy the new land.I hope anyone can find happiness by overcoming the issue about the nationality and each race.
If the Japanese company can build very large reclaimed land in the Israeli shore, I think that both Israel and Palestine can already finish a fight for territory.
The human being is born to build the peaceful times.
As for it, only the human beings being can build peace among all living things.
   I pray that God gives all of the soul of the deceased people each strong fate not to encounter an accident, a case,and a misfortune.
And I pray that they can be reincarnated in the happier environment .
I pray so that the happier environment means future Israel, and future Palestine.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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