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Universality of the Mediterranean trade

"Polenta which is made from corn " with slices of white truffle 

Mushrooms soup with slices of white truffle
 (chihiro masui)

This good white truffle unit's price is approximately 600,000 yen(5,874US$) per 1 kilogram 
Because Japan has developed a technique of the mass production of the white truffle, if Japan can base in Palestine for trade of the Mediterranean , both Japan and Palestine can get big wealth.
I know Israel can't cancel the blockade of port and airport "of" Gaza Strip because Israel is concerned about the smuggling of the weapons of Hamas.I think that "the idea to carry the artefact of a white truffle and the white truffle between Mediterranean coast countries and Palestine by some Japanese airplanes and ships after the Israeli inspection " is not bad .
"Ship and the airplane" only for Mediterranean trade need not be so large.
Though my idea is not the perfect opening of a port or an airport, my idea saves Palestine from poverty and the starvation.
On the other hand, because Israeli Desalination System to change sea water to fresh water has a world's best technique, I hope to suggest that Japan introduce this into the area of the shortage of water among African countries and the Pakistan .The factor of Africa and the Pakistani trouble spot is shortage of water.
And I hope to suggest that "Israeli Desalination System to change sea water to fresh water" brings agriculture reform there in order to let "the plan expanding delicious food artefact industry of Japan" come true.

Because the Japanese processed food is particularly delicious, I think "the Japanese processed food" would become popular to "working women of all over the world" by all means.
Of course ‘these two ideas which are "Plan of Mediterranean trade of the white truffle" and "Plan to introduce Israeli Desalination System into the areas of the shortage of water" ’ are useful for each three country of Israel, Palestine, and Japan.

It is important that Japan should extend food artefact industry so that Japan raises the economic growth rate.I think that my idea of food artefact industry of Japan saves many countries from starvation and the poverty.

And, for the cultivation of the white truffle, I would like to hope that Israel would cooperate so that Japan can introduce Israeli Desalination System into Gaza Strip.
It leads to Israel and a settlement of Palestine.
I think that the Japanese superior technique becomes the driving force to change the world peacefully.
I want to change "my mother country , Japan which I love" so that the world needs Japan.
I never forget women who suffered from war crimes of Japan.
I want to be active so that the compensation for damages for victims and national apology will come true.
Japan paid the compensation for damages too much in "Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea" which was included in the hush money of the issue of sex slaves.
From this time of 1965,Japan continues ignoring the compensation to each victim.
Japan must help the souls of the victims from the severe memory of hell.
However hard I try to stop World War 3 , Japan will be ruined one day if almost Japanese politicians are crazy like the pre-war period .
Does Japan continue to tell a lie if former Japan's army had destroyed evidence?
Japan must walk in good faith so that Japan is loved from the world so that Japan is required from the world.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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