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The distance not to hurt together

Ben Gurion Airport 
On August 17, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu showed posture not to make concessions to full-scale cease-fire negotiations with the Hamas unless the peace and order of Israel were restored.
When we see people of Gaza Strip are crying , it breaks our hearts to think of it.But we should understand that the Israeli citizen are in a state of panic for fear to many rocket missiles of Hamas.
How can Gaza Strip open a port and the airport, without being smuggled of any rocket missiles such as Khaibar-1 of Hamas ?
The answer to that question is quite simple.
Because the Israeli airports and ports have the most superior monitoring system of X-ray check in the world , if transportation of merchandise would be received in Gaza Strip after having been examined by the monitoring system of the Israeli airport and port, the smuggling of the weapons are prevented.If transportation of merchandise would go by way of an Israeli airport and port before entering Gaza Strip, it will be no problem with the simplicity of Columbus' egg.
kozakana.jpgI hear the fishermen of Gaza can't fish only small fish because the fishery area recognized in Gaza is only less than 5.5 kilos now from the shore.
The culture of tunas is possible enough if the fishery area recognized in Gaza is only less than 5.5 kilos now from the shore.Because tuna becomes the adult fish from 30 kg to 50 kg in 1.5-3 years, I think that it will be profitable.If Japan provides technical assistance for the tuna farming to Gaza Strip, even if something troubles will be happened, I would like to hope to ask for Prime Minister Netanyahu so that Israel does not bomb the nursery of tunas .
The settlement will be early if the world considers to extend ODA business in both of Israel and Palestine fairly .
I suggest that Japan will provide the cultured technique of farming sturgeon to Israel.The sturgeon needs nine years for growing until they harvest caviar.As for the sturgeon, the soup of the dorsal fin is very delicious in high-quality fish.
Because they can get vast wealth if they succeed in Mediterranean trade, Israel and Palestine had better become peace to escalate trade than continuing war. Israel and Palestine should secure peace and prosperity
It is 0:00 a.m. on August 19 in Israeli time that a cease-fire expires.
It is 6:00 a.m. on August 19 in Japan time.
I can't do anything but pray.
I want to do what I can now with all my might.
I pray for peace of both of Israel and Gaza Strip.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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