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I propose conditions for exchange

In the talks, Israel is calling for Gaza to be demilitarized, demanding that Hamas, which controls the territory, and other militant groups lay down their arms. Hamas leader Izzat Risheq said Monday that the group's weapons were "for self-defense" against Israel.
Rebuilding Gaza for the future Gaza residents returning home Steinitz: Gaza demilitarization main objective "But when we have our own Palestinian state with its own national army to protect its citizens, there will be no need for any party to carry any kind of weapons," he said.
Speaking on condition of anonymity Monday, a Hamas leader said the Israelis had "submitted impossible demands on the Palestinians such as the issue of demilitarization, destroying the tunnels and the issue of preventing Palestinians from developing their missiles technology."
The Israelis, he said, "want everything and want to give nothing."
Palestinians say Israel's blockade is throttling the economy of the small, impoverished strip of land and the lives of its inhabitants.
Among their demands are the rebuilding and reopening of Gaza's airport and the establishment of a seaport.
But Israeli authorities -- who retain control of Gaza's airspace, Mediterranean waters and their shared border -- say that releasing their grip on what goes into and out of the territory isn't feasible while Hamas and other groups are still building up their arsenals of weapons.
The Israeli dignitary blamed by an interview with CNN that ‘the Hamas continued "producing of the rocket bombs" and " the construction of the basement tunnel" which the Israeli side knows' although Hamas hopes standdown .

Aozora hopes to propose conditions for exchange.
1.  Because Israeli citizens are in a state of panic for the fear of rocket missiles such as Khaibar-1 of the Hamas, I hope to suggest that Japan buys all remaining Khaibar-1.
I hope that the Israeli government would recognize that Hamas reduced weapons by Japan's purchase of all remaining Khaibar-1.Israel should accept Hamas may hold the weapons except missiles as the vigilance committee of Hamas.
2.  Because Israeli citizens are in a state of panic for the fear of the abductions of Israeli citizens through underpass, I suggest that Japan buys "all the machine such as DRILL JUMBO series or Painting robot series" and "all the pickaxes" digging the underground passage which Hamas owns.
3.  Under the terms of this agreements of my suggestions No.1 and No.2, I suggest that Israel would recognize Hamas' demands of "the rebuilding and reopening of Gaza's airport" and "the establishment of a seaport".
Israel can get vast profit of the material of the coastal line highway construction of the Gaza district by ""Rainbow bridge revival system" " which I have already suggested.My suggestions will have large benefits to both sides.Because there is a long time when Israel and Palestine have hated each other more than 66 years, several years are necessary for Israel and Palestine to build the trust.

Of course I think that the evil deed of the former Japan forces is far much terrible than the tyranny of the Israeli soldier. But it is not a hero act that an Israeli soldier arrests a Palestinian unfairly.And it is not a hero act that an Israeli soldier damages instruments of Palestinian.
And then, it is not a hero act that a Palestinian abducts an Israeli citizen through an underpass.It is not a hero act that a Palestinian commits suicide by a suicide bombing after coming through underpass.Of course although I'm a Japanese I can't have any qualifications that I say it because the former Japan forces abducted a lot of women of the whole area of Asia .

But I can feel the same pain of both of Israel and Palestine simply just because I know the history of the ruin of the former Japan forces.Several years are necessary for Israel and Palestine to build the trust.
It is impossible that Israel and Palestine may completely solve all of the problems at the one time, but, I hope that Israel and Palestine would compromise for world peace.

Let's build a rainbow over the sky between Israel and Palestine.
The beautiful thing exists by all means in the world.
Let's look up at the sky with courage.
Let's look up at the sky under the burning midsummer sun .
Let's feel the wind of peace.
The human being is born to build the peaceful society.
We should live to build the peaceful society.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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