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Stratagem of Prime Minister Abe

Prime Minister Abe
Prime Minister Abe tries golf hard, but he can't get rid of his stomach flab. However, his taste in golf wear is worst.If Prime Minister stood at least, we might see him thin a little more. Why will he wear the golf wear of the expansion-colored orange?
Because reshuffle personnel affairs of Abe cabinet approach, there are no politicians who can refute against Prime Minister Abe in the Liberal Democratic Party now.Prime Minister Abe behaves like adolf hitler in the Liberal Democratic Party.

Prime Minister Abe intends to let "surprise visit in North Korea" come true in this September or the end of August.
While world interest is concentrated in Gaza Strip, Iraq and Ukraine, Prime Minister Abe intends to carry "surprise visit in North Korea" out.
Prime Minister Abe himself shows extraordinary will for the visit to North Korea. The Abe popularity recurs if Prime Minister Abe visits North Korea to rescue larger number of abductees than former Prime Minister Koizumi's visit to North Korea.
If Prime Minister Abe can drive the force by rescuing only 30 abductees and dissolve the House of Representatives and start the general election, the Liberal Democratic Party overwhelms the general election even if Prime Minister Abe can't get rid of his stomach flab.
If Prime Minister Abe says that a crow is white, the black crow will become white.
Kim Jong-un the supreme leader of DPRK
Because a nuclear weapon may come from the north side of Japan if I speak ill of him,therefore, I would like to refrain from making specific comments at this time.. 
bird-graphics-crow-578304.gifOf which paper money or the gold plate would His Highness desire 2 trillion yen(19,236,000,000$) ?
Prime Minister Abe does not have the mind to rescue all the abductees from approximately 500 to approximately 800 at all.
If Kim Jong-un supreme leader of DPRK suggests to let approximately 30 abductees return to Japan, Prime Minister Abe will take a new weapon development fund of 2 trillion yen secretly to North Korea.

Daniel Tregerman
Daniel Tregerman 
"Current Iron Dome" can intercept missiles with 85% probability.If " the system to let the radar of ‘Iron Dome' overload , by the strong electromagnetic wave attack " is developed , the system will be used in Israel and a battle of Gaza Strip, I think.
However, if Prime Minister Abe contributes a vast nuclear development fund to North Korea at the next Japan-North Korea summit meeting, North Korea will surely develop "the terrible system to produce the electronic jamming" against the interceptor missile and the Aegis-equipped destroyer , and this system will deprive the ability of "Japan ,South Korea and the United States" to intercept Taepodong-2.Japan must not contribute any funds to North Korea.
If North Korea will surely develop "the terrible system to produce the electronic jamming" against the interceptor missile and the Aegis-equipped destroyer , naturally North Korea will develop "the system to let the radar of `Iron Dome' overload, by the strong electromagnetic wave attack", too, I think.
I read an article that Daniel Tregerman who was 4 year old was killed by mortar shells fired at a kibbutz near the Gaza border on August 22, 2014.Daniel is a pretty boy like the angel whom Raphael often painted.I pray for Daniel's happiness in the next life.Of course,I pray for 307 Palestinian dead children's happiness in the next life,too.I pray so that both an Israeli child and the Palestinian child will live without dying by the war damage.

However, the war of Gaza becomes more miserable if Prime Minister Abe brings a new weapon development fund of 2 trillion yen secretly into North Korea.
All countries of the world  should stand up in order to prevent a visit of Prime Minister Abe to North Korea.
It is wrong that Japan contributes the vast development fund of a terrible weapon to North Korea. Japan must not inappropriately change the subject from "the flow of a wicked fund secretly" to "a major humanitarian issue about the abduction issue".
North Korea collapses soon if we ignore the demand about financial support of North Korea.Japan, the United States and South Korea should negotiate about acceptance of the exile of Kim Jong-Un with North Korea when North Korea will ruin, on condition that Japan, the United States and South Korea can rescue all hostages who were abducted from the whole world and 3 countries can perform "the liberation of all concentration camps".
It is the only right rescue method for abductees who live in North Korea.

China has a strategy to occupy all the nuclear weapon facilities when North Korea ruins.
When Kim Jong-un takes refuges, and when Kim Jong-un negotiates with Japan, the United States and South Korea, naturally Kim Jong-un should sell all North Korean nuclear sites to the U. S. forces to vacate all North Korean nuclear sites.
Kim Jong-un can live in new country after taking refuges on the amount of sale of all North Korean nuclear sites .

If Prime Minister Abe persists in his ego, all abductees can't be rescued and all the North Korean concentration camp can't be released.North Korea holds from 8 to 12 nuclear weapons , and North Korean power of the nuclear bomb is around 3 times of Little Boy. If a new weapon is developed by 2 trillion yen that Prime Minister Abe brings North Korea, 7,200,000 citizens will be burnt to death.
Families of the abductees must not persist in their ego, too.If they think that they need not think about the consequences if even their children are rescued, they are too egoists.

Prime Minister Abe is going to try the devil's trade for self-interest.In the first place Prime Minister Abe is going to retain the Chongryon headquarters on the condition that North Korea returns less than 30 abductees to though the Chongryon headquarters does Japanese abduction, imprisonment, a torture abuse show now.
Though the High Court decided that the Chongryon headquarters is sold to the Marunaka Holdings in by the seizure of the debt, the Supreme Court stops effect of the sale permission decision temporarily with the proviso that the Chongryon headquarters pays deposited money of 100 million yen(962,600$).
3 powers of the administrative, legislative, and judiciary are separated in Japan and The idea of separation of powers was common in Japanese people, but its ambiguity often triggeres some cases of infringement of judicial power . Because Prime Minister Abe overturns a judicial decision right by ignoring the violation of separation of threes powers of administration, Prime Minister Abe commits "a crime called abuse of a government employee's authority" as the prime minister clearly.We cannot watch the collapse of the building of the Chongryon headquarters unless Prime Minister Abe loses his position under the present conditions.Prime Minister Abe acts based on devilish desires such as the lust to dominate and so forth.

I suggest that Prime Minister Abe should try an ice bucket challenge in order to cool off.I wish from the heart that Prime Minister Abe would leave from the political world.The brave persons must cause Japan's original Tokyo trial in order to prevent that Japan rushes into the military regime.
At the setout,the Japan-North Korea meeting should be quitted the very day.The Japan-North Korea summit meeting in North Korea is out of the question.
18 Gaza citizens were executed by the crime to have informed about the place where the executives of Hamas exist.
In the Okinawa war, the former Japan forces executed much people of Okinawa by each spy punishment for the U.S. armed forces.
The former Japan forces had beat them to death enough to lose each form of each face .
The former Japan forces in Okinawa island was nothing more than current Hamas.
Tears stream down my cheeks .
Though I do not live in the time, why will the scene occur to me?
I think that every soul is connected together.
If the rulers disturb that the citizens live under their law to expect, the rulers depend on a principle of the terrible tyranny .
Gaza Strip is in a period of brutal suppression thought to resemble the Reign of Terror in France.
Should they sacrifice more persons?
Courageous decision is necessary for Israel and Hamas.
And Japan must not rush into the military regime again, too. Courageous decision is necessary for Japan,too.

Even if the world's mind become morally ruined,
let's plant a seed of the peace on the earth with conviction.
The seed sends out buds and it becomes the tree and becomes the bush.
And it becomes the forest before long, and a river begins to flow,
and a small bird begins to sing.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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