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Qatari distinguished importance

hostage.jpgPeter Theo Curtis was released "Finally he is returning home," US Secretary of State John Kerry said late Sunday, confirming the release of Peter Theo Curtis, a 45-year-old author and freelance journalist whose disappearance had not been previously reported.
Curtis was handed over to UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights and after undergoing a medical checkup was transferred to US representatives, the United Nations said.
News of his release came less than a week after a grisly video surfaced showing the beheading of American reporter James Foley at the hands of a masked Islamic State militant.
Such cruel treatment for James Foley was unlooked‐for,I think.If Islamic State believes in existence of God, I think that they could'nt do such a cruel thing.Whom they believe?God never hope so.I pray for the repose of the soul of James Foley.
The radicals of Islamic State are far more dangerous than regular Yakuza(Japanese mafia) we are talking about.Islamic State's scale of drug traffic and arms smuggling is far different from Yakuza .Islamic State smuggles crude oil by oil field capture in Iraq and earns 200 million yen a day.I think Japan's Yakuza will be white with shock to hear the news of Islamic State.
But Peter Theo Curtis is fortune's favourite.
According to the family's statement, Curtis was captured shortly before he crossed into Syria in October 2012 and was held since then "by the militant group Jabhat al-Nusra or by splinter groups allied with Jabhat al-Nusra."
Details of Curtis' release remain unclear. His mother said the family was "repeatedly told by representatives of the Qatari government that they were mediating for Theo's release on a humanitarian basis without the payment of money."
On the heels of false starts and pricey ransom demands ranging from $3 million to $25 million, the family told the newspaper that there was progress after Qatar got involved.
We should appreciate the results of Qatar and should pay attention to Qatari ability. I think Qatar's prospects are brilliant.

We wondered for the thousandth time for the blockade of Gaza.The blockade of Gaza is not canceled at all even if we repeat the same thing.I think the solutions such as the cancellation of Gaza's blockade , the peace of Syria, and the end of the terrorism of ISIS and Boko Haram to be able to come true if the world pays attention to Qatari distinguished importance.
UN resolutionOn the other hand,EU states and U.S. pursue UN resolution to end Israel-Gaza fighting.
Germany, France and Britain have begun working on a UN Security Council resolution that would end the fighting in the Gaza Strip.
On Tuesday, they circulated a document to diplomats at UN headquarters in New York outlining the elements they thought such a resolution should contain. These include returning Gaza to the Palestinian Authority's control, reconstructing the Strip under international supervision to prevent Hamas from rearming, and restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks on the basis of the pre-1967 lines.
The two-page document, a copy of which was obtained by Haaretz, bears the laconic title “Elements.”
On Friday, diplomats said the U. S. joined the initiative.
Because of the sensitivity of the issue,Jerusalem obtained the document through other diplomatic channels.
The two-page document,“Elements” says about following.
1.  The return of control of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority.
2.  Security arrangements to prevent the resumption of hostilities.
3.  The prohibition of the sale or supply of all weapons and munitions to the Gaza Strip, unless authorized by the PA.
4.  A commitment to prevent the financing of terrorism.
5.  The lifting of “economic and humanitarian restrictions” on the Gaza Strip in order to enable the reconstruction, economic rehabilitation and development of the territory.
6.  The full reopening of all border crossings with the Gaza Strip, “taking into account the 2005 Agreement on Movement and Access.” This U.S.-brokered agreement between Israel and the PA was supposed to govern the operation of the crossings following Israel’s 2005 withdrawal from the Strip.
I think that this is the wonderful rough draft of the peace treaty, but I think they have forgotten something vital.It is Qatari distinguished importance.
The current Israeli citizens are afraid the most that Hamas gets a nuclear weapon from North Korea . Hamas will use it if Hamas get a nuclear weapon.
The two-page document, "Elements" can't prevent that Hamas gets a nuclear weapon from North Korea and can't prevent that Hamas abducts the Israeli citizens through underpass.Probably Israel only ignores the two-page document, "Elements" and will continue tyranny of Gaza ,I think. Effects of convention is weak a little.

It is the most important that the world let the cancellation of the blockade of Gaza come true with the proviso that the organization itself of Hamas takes refuge in Qatar by intermediation of Qatar.
1.  I suggest that Hamas sells all missiles and all underground excavators to Japan, and I suggest that all executives of Hamas take refuge in Qatar with the amount of sale of weapons.
2.  I suggest that the airplanes of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces bring the members of Hamas to Qatar safely.
3.  In exchange for courageous withdrawal of Hamas from Gaza to Qatar, I suggest that the Israeli government cancels the blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Because power of Cheney who is a wirepuller of ISIS and Boko Haram weakens if the cancellation of the blockade of Gaza is realized, the door of the end of the reign of terror of ISIS and Boko Haram opens .

Evening in Doha ,Qatari capital 
By rich oil and natural gas,the future of the Qatari country is attractive, too. Now, Qatar has a high standard of living. With no income tax, Qatar (along with Bahrain) is one of the countries with the lowest tax rates in the world.The per person GDP is 100,260 dollars in Qatar which is the world top-class. The ratio of wealthy household is very high, and it is said that approximately one of seven households holds financial assets 1 million dollars or more.
However, the energy resources dry up sometime. Therefore I want to suggest a plan to plant trees in a part of the Qatari desert by a plan for 20 years.Japan needs sand of a river in large quantities for material of the concrete for the Tokyo Olympics now.When Japan purchases energy resources from Qatar, I think Japan had better purchase the sand of the desert at an advantageous rate from Qatar.
Prime Minister Abe thinks whether Japan is going to purchase sand of a river from North Korea, but Prime Minister Abe must not cooperate with retaining a reign of terror of North Korea.
Prime Minister Abe thinks about only an avaricious dream, but Japan should not revive diplomatic relations with North Korea which are digging many underpasses for Hamas to abduct many Israeli citizens in Gaza Strip.It seems "Birds of a feather flock together."Because Japan must completely end abduction by North Korea, , Prime Minister Abe must not let the Chongryon headquarters continue.Israel must completely end civic abduction by Hamas in Israel, too.

a concrete mixer ship 
I think that Japan's company can use the sand of the Qatari desert as the sand to mix with concrete used for the Israeli reclaimed land.I know there is also a desert in southern Israel.However, but I want to suggest to use the Qatari sand to let the cancellation of the blockade of Gaza Strip come true so that Qatar and Israel can compromise together .When concrete of the parking space for three cars hardens, it takes around four days.If a concrete mixer ship detours around the Arabian Peninsula from Qatar and goes in the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal from the Red Sea, and reaches the Israeli coast, it needs 4 days.The necessary number of days is same.
If Israel, Qatar, Japan, and Hamas can compromise and cooperate for the cancellation of the Gaza blockade, the human race must let it come true.
Power of Qatar is necessary to bring peace to Israel, Palestine, and Syria .If the cancellation of the blockade of Gaza comes true, the door of the end of the terrorism of ISIS and Boko Haram opens.

Even if the world's mind become morally ruined,
let's plant a seed of the peace on the earth with conviction.
The seed sends out buds and it becomes the tree and becomes the bush.
And it becomes the forest before long, and a river begins to flow,
and a small bird begins to sing.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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