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The bone of the horse like Prime Minister Abe

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visiting Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo on Dec. 26 ,2013.
I read an article ,"ISIS Apparently A Fan Of CIA's Waterboarding Techniques". Oh yes...I'm convinced that Cheney is a wirepuller of ISIS.It's now come out that ISIS has been waterboarding prisoners, including reporter James Foley whom they recently beheaded. Waterboarding, of course, was one of the CIA's favorite torture techniques.Its practice is designed to nearly drown a subject and make them think they're going to die. It was just like Cheney to do that.
Many people suspect that Cheney tries to let Prime Minister Abe rush into the military regime affiliated with Cheney for Japan's defeat by Japan-China War in order to execute the Emperor's family in Beijing.
Prime Minister Abe, do you hope CIA's Waterboarding Techniques to Japanese people,too? By a Japanese bill named National Secret Bill which you forced to pass ,you can torture Japanese citizens on CIA's Waterboarding Techniques.Shades of Hitler! How terrible!
How did Cheney say to you?It is temptation of the god of death. I think Prime Minister Abe gave way to temptation.
When Japan will be defeated by Japan-China War, and when Emperor's family was executed in Beijing, did Cheney say that Cheney founded Abe dynasty in Japan?
Cheney is the fourth knight who gets on blue horse which the Apocalypse foretold and Cheney is a symbol of the god of death.I think a nuclear weapon made in China will fall on Abe new King's head. And more than 100 nuclear weapons will fall into the all over Japan.Temptation of the god of death is such a thing after all.
His Majesty the Emperor is a great Shinto priest, and only the human being of holy Aaron's lineage can become Japan's Emperor. Emperor's family are members of the Hebrew tribe of Levi which would be especially the branch that provided male assistants to the temple priests.
It turns out on August 27 that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a written message on April 29 to an annual memorial ceremony honoring Class-A criminals and other war criminals, and he wrote there that those executed by the Allied powers had become "the foundation of their nation."
Prime Minister Abe sent his message the above to the Koyasan Okuno-in temple, which has a compound honouring war criminals.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visiting Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo on Dec. 26 ,2013.Prime Minister Abe is an obstinate militarist who analyze and study Nazism.Nazism exists by all means behind Cheney.
Prime Minister Abe should learn the importance of fate far more than Nazism behind Cheney.I want Prime Minister Abe to appreciate the value of life.But Prime Minister Abe has no ear to hear such things because Prime Minister Abe was kissed by the god of death.
Cheney ex-vice President
abe731aircraft.gif o0300041711144151485.jpg
Prime Minister Abe,in the first place why does Illuminati card announce Japanese militarism previously?The Rising Sun Flag is the military flag of Japan.The naval ensign and a modified version of the war flag continue to be used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces.Prime Minister Abe, why does Illuminati card announce Japanese militarism previously?Please tell me.
In Japan, the bone of the horse means "the doubtful person who does not understand the identity" or "a person of whose past know nothing".
The bone of the horse like Prime Minister Abe can become neither King nor Emperor .
The prime minister, Shinzo ABE is one of the descendants of Prime Ministers . Ex-Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi is his grandfather. Ex-Prime Minister Shintaro Abe is his father.Prime Minister Abe just only is a bone of the horses if Japanese people compare Prime Minister Abe with Emperor's family who would be holy Aaron's lineage.
At least , Prime Minister Abe should stop urging for Japan's politicians to forge Japan's history, as if there were no fact that the former Japan forced abducted many women to become prostitutes for Japanese soldiers .If Prime Minister Abe can cause Japan-China War if many Japanese politicians speak like that, and if it can cross out Emperor's family by defeat of Japan, and if Prime Minister Abe thinks to become a King, you are a terrible fool king.
Because a sacred barrier against evil is set for the Emperor's family by a clan, Cheney and you will ruin completely one day.
Japan must never deny that the former Japan forces abducted many women in the whole area of Asia.
It is a trap of Cheney to cause Japan-China War and is an awful ambition of Prime Minister Abe.
Not the president of Asahi Shimbun newspaper but Prime Minister Abe should apologize to Asian women victims and Japan should guarantee to all damaged women .
Did the Korean government admit that the former Japan forces did not abduct any woman in Jeju Island?Probably the former Japan forces did large-scale evidence destruction and Seiji Yoshida of the witness was threatened by someone else and might have overturned his testimony.The inhabitants of Jeju Island that testified that there had not been the abduction of the woman by the former Japan forces might have received some bribes from Japanese staffs.
It seems a suspicious performance of a play for me.If I think about the testimonies of the Netherlands women who were in Indonesia, the testimonies of the women of Philippines, the testimonies of women of the whole area of Asia, it is unnatural that the former Japan forces did not abduct any women in only Jeju Island.
The Asahi Shimbun reported that the woman of Jeju Island called Kim Hak-sun had testified that she was deceived as if she could labor in a factory as JoshI Teishintai (Women's Volunteer Corps), and Kim Hak-sun had testified that she had been forced to be a prostitute for Japanese soldiers there.On the other hand, testimony disagrees with it because Kim Hak-sun testified that she had been sold by her parents in Korea. So, the Japanese Government insists that her testimony has no credibility.The Abe Administration wants to distort the history somehow or other.
Probably I think that her parents understood that the fact that Kim Hak-sun could labor in a factory as JoshI TeishintaI (Women's Volunteer Corps) might be a lie, but I think that her parents got money from the former Japan forces in order to let their daughter go to the factory.
Because Jeju Island was an exile place of the political offense of Korea and was a particularly poor area, I think that "such a fact that parents sell their daughter" was possible .
I have read an article that the Taiwanese woman was assigned to work as JoshI Teishintai (Women's Volunteer Corps) for the repair of the military uniforms, but she testified that she had been forced to have been prostitute of the Japanese soldier partner at night .The former Japan forces had prepared with official work in order to hide the work of darkness in order to be able to explain it away even if an evil deed was found out.
If Asahi Shimbun cooperates with the Korean government in order to report the details of Jeju Island, the new fact like that Prime Minister Abe may lose his position will be found out.
The Mayor of Hashimoto Osaka criticizes the Asahi Shimbun by various TV programs as soon as the news that an article of the Asahi Shimbun was a forgery is reported, but he is stupid utterly.The Mayor of Hashimoto Osaka can't understand that he is used in propaganda of Prime Minister Abe .Because Prime Minister Abe does not want to apologize to all victims, Prime Minister Abe uses the Mayor of Hashimoto Osaka in political propaganda.
Japan has the proverb,"There is no medicine to apply a medicine for a fool."It means "No medicine can cure folly."
Japan should say its excuse, after that Japanese head of state will apologize to all victims and Japan should pay each compensation for damages individually from the public purse.

Prime Minister Abe is a suspicious old man.Prime Minister Abe is going to try various devil's trade for self-interest.In the first place Prime Minister Abe is going to retain the Chongryon headquarters on the condition that North Korea returns less than 30 abductees to though the Chongryon headquarters does Japanese abduction, imprisonment, a torture abuse show now.
Though the High Court decided that the Chongryon headquarters is sold to the Marunaka Holdings in by the seizure of the debt, the Supreme Court stops effect of the sale permission decision temporarily with the proviso that the Chongryon headquarters pays deposited money of 100 million yen(962,600$).
3 powers of the administrative, legislative, and judiciary are separated in Japan and The idea of separation of powers was common in Japanese people, but its ambiguity often triggeres some cases of infringement of judicial power . Because Prime Minister Abe overturns a judicial decision right by ignoring the violation of separation of threes powers of administration, Prime Minister Abe commits "a crime called abuse of a government employee's authority" as the prime minister clearly.We cannot watch the collapse of the building of the Chongryon headquarters unless Prime Minister Abe loses his position under the present conditions.Prime Minister Abe acts based on devilish desires such as the lust to dominate and so forth.
If Kim Jong-un supreme leader of DPRK suggests to let approximately 30 abductees return to Japan, Prime Minister Abe will take a new weapon development fund of 2 trillion yen(19,236,000,000$) for " the new system of the electromagnetic wave attack" secretly to North Korea.
The brave persons must cause Japan's original Tokyo trial in order to prevent that Japan rushes into the military regime.
At the setout,the Japan-North Korea meeting should be quitted the very day.The Japan-North Korea summit meeting in North Korea is out of the question.
Fight between Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki
Warning!Obama Administration should watch the flow of the fund of Antonio Inoki and his own movement about BIT coins.

Japanese politician and former wrestler Antonio Inoki 
Japanese politician and former wrestler Antonio Inoki, best known for Muhammad Ali fight, attempts Professional wrestling festival as a novel way of rebuilding ties with Pyongyang..Antonio Inoki visits Pyongyang now.Antonio Inoki has square-jawed face with keen eyes and his frightening look is never my favorite type.In the first place I dislike the professional wrestling.I feel creepy to abnormal air when I watch what the audience is excited at in spite of a player being covered with blood, and fighting.I think that the professional wrestling is based on both of sadism and masochism.What can an abnormal former professional wrestler do? He does not think about a good thing anyway,I think.Prime Minister Abe intends to let "surprise visit in North Korea" come true in this September.
Because reshuffle personnel affairs of Abe cabinet approach, there are no politicians who can refute against Prime Minister Abe in the Liberal Democratic Party now.Prime Minister Abe behaves like adolf hitler in the Liberal Democratic Party.
But I think that Prime Minister Abe loses his position in approximately . If Bank of Japan maintains 1 dollar 100 yen, Japan can switch to a trade surplus because the import prices of the oil decreases, but the Governor of the Bank of Japan does not perform any faithful method for fear of a stock plunge at all because the Governor of the Bank of Japan is a marionette of Prime Minister Abe.Because a trade deficit lasts 26 months,I think the Abe Administration will not be able to keep the long-term government.

Zazie/ Je Suis Un Homme
Head of state avoiding World War 3 is a really brave politician.
Of course in order to avoid Japan-China War,Japan must not be used in propaganda of Prime Minister Abe .
Japan must never deny that the former Japan forces abducted many women in the whole area of Asia.
Everybody wants to walk in peace.
Everyone hopes it very much.
Prime Minister Abe is going to do such an action to let each painful wound grow bigger because of scratching.
Prime Minister Abe,although you have such self-protection, and awful worldly desires, yet you are still human beings. .

Aozora Japanese Resistance


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