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India and Japan

As India's new prime minister, Narendra Modi, begins to outline a vision for his diplomatic policy, he is on a five-day tour of Japan this week, where he and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have emphasized rapidly growing ties between Asia's two biggest democracies, as well as a budding personal friendship between them.
The leaders of Japan and India pledged to step up defense and economic cooperation Monday as the two Asian powers aim to build a strategic counterweight to China.
They welcomed progress on talks to transfer Japan's defense and nuclear technology to India.
Mr. Abe unveiled a plan to double the amount of Japan's direct investment and the number of Japanese companies operating in India in five years, and pledged a total of 3.5 trillion yen in Japanese investment over the next five years. Mr. Abe also expressed hopes to introduce Japan's shinkansen bullet-train technology to India.
Splendid. I always curse Prime Minister Abe, but the economic cooperation with India is important to Japan.
Prime Minister Abe has a wrong thought which is based on Nazism, and I think that Prime Minister Abe gained weight more than 7 kg these days by dining together with a lot of politicians or journalists every day, as if the neck of Prime Minister Abe screamed to seek help by a Y neckband and a tie, but I think that his political ability is high .
Because China came to have high personnel expenses, China's housing bubble collapses and the riot and demonstration from 500 to 800 per a day happen every day. As for the advance of the Japanese company in China, there is not a merit anymore.
The sign of the internal disturbance is already taking place in China from the end of 2013, and the struggle for power of Xi Jinping continues until January, 2015, and afterwards I predict it that a fierce military internal disturbance will get up for approximately 27 years.
Because it is predicted that a blow of the economy that is more terrible than Lehman shock happens, the Japanese company should finish withdrawal from China by January, 2015.The shift change to India is a good idea.The inexpensiveness of personnel expenses of India is attractive.Because the position of the middle of the Indian Ocean is conveniently located, Indian economy will grow up widely in future.
The Japanese Government should speedily cope to prepare the grant so that each company can move from China to India until January, 2015.
1.  The Japanese Government should support the withdrawal positively by establishing a specialized team so that each major company can sell each factory in China to the local corporation .
It leads to keep China's civic employments after the withdrawal of the Japanese companies.
The Japanese Government should provide 20% of the withdrawal expense of each major company as a grant.
2.  Japanese Government should do talks with China so that Japan's companies need not offer their assets free of charge without any compensation by canceling a joint venture contract .
3.  The withdrawal cost of the medium and small-sized business is necessary for 100 million yen. The major bank should finance with the withdrawal's cost of each company to move from China to India at low interest.
Probably I think that Japan supports it to them with pleasure, but we must not forget the existence of the refugee camp of the Rohingya people group in India And India Prime Minister Modi said that he hoped Japan's support to the Indian poor .Probably I think that Japan supports it to them with pleasure, but we must not forget the existence of the refugee camp of the Rohingya people group in India.
If Japan wants to become the permanent member of the United Nations, Japan should build the high-rise building for refugees positively.I think that children are frozen with horror.The sex violence of the Indian poor becomes the problem as long-continued abuse, and I read an article of Iran radio that women and children of Rohingya people always become the target .It seems pictures depicting hell.
Japan should move so that they can live in "each room of the building of the steel reinforced concrete" except a tent.
What will God be doing?I always ask it to God.I always hear it from various persons that God waits for the human race to notice, but I feel sometimes it is cold-blooded.The intention of God is beyond my grasp.
But I pray to God so that Japan helps them as soon as possible.If work force is necessary for the construction of Tokyo Olympics, I want to suggest that Japan accepts migrant workers of Rohingya people .However, Japan can never accept the Indian poor who often cause problems of the sex violence as migrant workers because Japan must maintain the peace and order.Because I have a deep love for Japan, I want to say this definitely.And Japan should accept the women's workers of fatherless families of Rohingya people as the cleaners of the Olympics meeting place.I think that India Prime Minister Modi should make an effort for promotion of the education of the poor.Just education improves the peace and order.
Even if the world's mind become morally ruined,
let's plant a seed of the peace on the earth with conviction.
The seed sends out buds and it becomes the tree and becomes the bush.
And it becomes the forest before long, and a river begins to flow,
and a small bird begins to sing.
Aozora Japanese Resistance

Like flowers dancing in the wind
Like rain moistening the earth
Although this world thrives on interdependence
Why do people hurt each other?
Why do we have to part?

Even if you're faraway
In the depths of this heart
Completely filled with that gentle smile
The pieces of you that I held tight
Are still connected in spite of pain, so
I believe that we'll meet again
I'm waiting for your love

I love you
I trust you
Share your loneliness with me
I love you
I trust you
Even in light, even in darkness
Because we're together we can believe in each other
Don't leave me

Who watched the world end?
Who proclaimed the end of the journey?
It's a long night, and we cannot see the answers
Still I hope you keep to the road you believed in
Because at the end, light is waiting.

The song that you taught me
Is still, in the deepest reaches of my heart
Echoing, along with that gentle voice.
Overflowing droplets of feelings
Warmly run down my cheeks
"Become stronger
We're connected"

I love you
I trust you
The tears I've shed for you
I love you
I trust you
Have taught me what love is
No matter how lost you get
I'll be by your side

I love you
I trust you
Share your loneliness with me
I love you
I trust you
Even in light, even in darkness
I love you
I trust you
Even in sadness, even in happiness
I love you
I trust you
I want to protect everything that's yours

No matter how lost you get
I'll be by your side
Because we're together we can believe in each other
Don't leave me
I'm always by your side



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