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Ability to respond promptly at the dispute site

Egypt will host a donors conference on the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip on October 12 in Cairo following the recent conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant movement Hamas, the Egyptian foreign minister said on Tuesday.
Rebuilding Gaza will cost $7.8 billion, the Palestinian Authority said this month, in the most comprehensive assessment yet of damage from a seven-week war with Israel during which whole neighborhoods and vital infrastructure were flattened.
The cost of rebuilding 17, 000 Gazan homes razed by Israeli bombings would be $2.5 billion, the Authority said, and the energy sector needed $250 million after the Strip's only power plant was destroyed by two Israeli missiles..
I think that a rapid correspondence about that is possible for Japan.Because Japan aims at the permanent member of the United Nations, Japan offers investment and support to all parts of the world.However Japan is always lacking something.
German Prime Minister Merkel continues immediate response to arbitrate Russia and EU from the early stage of the dispute in Ukraine, on the other hand at last Japan does actions for relations improvement with Russia but it cannot be connected to the arbitration between USA , Russia and EU.
Former Prime Minister Mori visits Russia with a personal letter from Prime Minister Abe, but he apologize deeply many times about Japan's economic sanctions for Russia.The Russian high government official insisted that Japan was to blame for that matter of the worsened diplomatic relations between Japan and Russia and he spoke dissatisfaction that it takes time for trust recovery.
The thing which Kremlin needs is the peaceful arbitration between the United States and Russia, or between Russia and EU.Kremlin does not hope for Japan to be nice to its superiors.Kremlin needs the peaceful arbitration.Japan should find an instant need and solutions for Kremlin.
The Japanese political ideas aren't charming. A Japanese politician is not handsome as a person.I often feel that German Prime Minister Merkel is a splendid woman with the motherly love and she is also handsome as a person.I think Germany will become the permanent member earlier than Japan.

Japan should arbitrate between Israel and Gaza, and between Israel and Palestine more quickly.Japan must do an inventive idea definitely how Japan can arbitrate it.Japan should learn ability to respond promptly at the dispute site.It is only one way for Japan to survive.
Cheney ex-vice President
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Ohhhhhh.There is something creepy Nazism about them?They are no spring chickens.なに?このきしょいナチズムのおっさんらぁ?いい年こいてんのに。。。。
Cheney scatters Nazism and a reign of terror and a dispute in the world everywhere to get big hegemony by China's world conquest plan.And Cheney intends to make Japan be a sacrifice for his overweening ambition.Cheney is different in a scale from a Japanese politician called Ozawa who was the wirepuller of once wicked politics .As for the financial power of Cheney, the military power of Cheney, and the strategy of Cheney is just a level of the god of death. However, there is only one method to defeat the god of death.It is a true courage.The only way for Japan to survive is to arbitrate bravely.Japanese valour should be the admiration of the world.
And Prime Minister Abe should vindicate it about Nazism's photograph of the cabinet ministers of the Abe Cabinet.
The flow of the fund of kazunari Yamada should be required of a check by the Public Security. The Public Security should watch the flow of his fund from "the neo-conservatives which Cheney leads " to Kazunari Yamada .
1.  I would like to hope that Obama Administration would watch the flow of his fund from "the neo-conservatives which Cheney leads " to Kazunari Yamada , too because Cheney scatters Nazism and a reign of terror and a dispute in the world everywhere to get big hegemony by China's world conquest plan.

Japanese map
I think that the island of Iki Tsushima resembles the U.K.
And Prime Minister Abe should vindicate it about the relation with Cheney in the Diet and should apologize to the nation.Why does Nazism become active in Japan? The Japanese imperial family is people of Lewi group of sacred Aaron. I'm convinced that Prime Minister Abe is an owner of dangerous ideas.
China pushes forward the plan to arrest Japan's imperial family in order to execute them in Beijing for more than 40 years .The internal disturbance plan to assume Ozawa a leader was prevented, and Ozawa lost his position.
But the next of Ozawa is Cheney.Cheney intends to lead Abe Administration to cause Japan-China War and he intends to let Japan defeat for the plan to arrest Japan's imperial family in order to execute them in Beijing.
Because Japan is a power spot of the world, when the Japanese imperial family ruins , also the world ruins. We must fight to keep on protecting the Japanese imperial family from Cheney of the god of death.
Ten Lost Tribes of Israel came to Japan.Because it was a power spot of the world, Ten Lost Tribes of Israel aimed to go to Japan.In Ancient times, Japan has the time when population largely increased suddenly. Many folk songs of the ancient Hebrew are left in the all over Japan.
Japan must arbitrate the world for peace faithfully, and Japan must survive for world peace. Japan must perform an important role in promoting world peace.

Cheney is going to cause several disputes for his ambition, and Cheney watches Israel, Gaza Strip, and Jordanian West Bank as a mere spectator.I think Cheney intends to make ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas, and Hezbollah invade Israel and Saudi Arabia by long war so that Israel and Saudi Arabia can't induce even an aerial bombardment within each country.Many Saudi Arabian citizens participate in ISIS, and I think that Cheney intends to collapse Saudi Arabia from the inside among other things.Cheney wants a right of the Saudi Arabian oil.I think Cheney intends to let China finally drop a nuclear weapon in Israel in order to get big hegemony by world conquest of China.Of course Cheney's ambition will begin one day to evolve into a purge of blood of the American neo-conservatives in order to monopolize big hegemony in the United States,I think.Israel and Saudi Arabia should stop supporting ISIS and Boko Haram and should deliver the reliable informations that Cheney seduced ISIS and Boko Haram to the Obama government.

The Israeli right wing radicals should stop hinting that they may assassinate Prime Minister Netanyahu.If Israel and Palestine fall out with one another, that'll be playing right into Cheney's hands.Because Cheney hates Prime Minister Netanyahu very much, the more the right wing radicals threaten Prime Minister Netanyahu, the more Cheney is pleased.
I hear some informations that a fishing boat was bombarded and four Palestinian fishermen were arrested although a range of the fishery of Palestine was expanded from 5 kilos to 9 kilos by cease-fire agreement.
In order to avoid any mistaken bombing, would the Israeli military already have moved the buoy of the mark at the 9km spot?
2.I would like to hope that the Israeli military would move all buoys to the 9km spot in order to avoid new dispute if the Israeli military has not yet done it.
And I read an article that the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested 22 Palestinians from the West Bank cities of Jenin and Bethlehem in September 2. The Israeli army arrested 17 Palestinian youths from the town of Anza, near Jenin, in the north of the West Bank. PNN received a copy of The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society press release declaring that the IOF broke into the arrestees’ homes and rummaged through their property before arresting them.
In Bethlehem, in the south of the West Bank, Israeli soldiers arrested five Palestinians from the villages of Beit Fajjar and Hussan, after raiding their parents’ homes.
This article is not written about the reason why 22 Palestinian were arrested.Because I do not know the details, I should not say an irresponsible thing, but I feel that Prime Minister Netanyahu is threatened by someone else in order to do a reign of terror.
3.The Israeli right wing radicals should stop hinting that they may assassinate Prime Minister Netanyahu.I would like to hope that Israeli army give each amnesty to 22 Palestinian whom the Israeli military arrested on September 2 in order to restrain the plot of Cheney.

Self-run-type crusher ZR950JC
The hatred between Israel and Palestine will be relaxed by all means if Japan pushes forward a plan to build the reclaimed land as soon as possible at the Israeli Mediterranean Sea coast.I think that the Hitachi can reuse the debris of Gaza for Israeli reclaimed land.It is useful for both Israel and Gaza Strip if work of the debris processing of Gaza Strip will be given to Hitachi of Japan .Japan contributes the money of support of only 500 million yen to Gaza Strip , but I think that it is fewer than are necessary.The area of Miyagi is 7, 285 km². And Miyagi prefecture cost a total of 770 billion yen (7,213,360,000$)for the disposal of disaster wastes of Tohoku great earthquake disaster.That is why " Gaza Strip of 360km²" needs approximately 38 billion yen (355,984,000) for the disposal of disaster wastes .The Palestine National Authority showed a prospect that 7, 800 million dollars (approximately 830 billion yen) was necessary for Gaza revival.
4.  Japan should do the financial support of 50 billion yen(467,850,000$) at least into debris processing of Gaza Strip, and Japan should introduce a technique of Hitachi to Gaza Strip.The Hitachi can reuse the debris of Gaza for Israeli reclaimed land.Hitachi has the highest grade technique for the revival of the stricken area in Japan.
In addition, I read the news that 7 years old Palestinian child and a 12-year-old Palestinian child were arrested because they threw stones towards a checkpoint in the West Bank on Tuesday of September 9.When I watched the photograph of the 7-year-old child who cried taken to the Israeli soldier, it breaks my heart to think of it.
5.  Because they threw stones to the checkpoint but not to any Israeli soldiers, these children did not hurt anyone. I would like to hope that Israeli government would give each amnesty if possible.Israeli soldier might be ordered that they arrest the child who threw a stone at a soldier, but these children did not throw out a stone to any soldiers at least.It is a checkpoint which says nothing.In the strict sense, to be exact, the arrest of these two children does not enter the range of the order of the military.
We should understand that the Israeli citizens are frightened by fear whether Hamas may purchase a nuclear weapon from North Korea.Israeli citizens are always frightened by a civic kidnapping by Hamas very much.That is why the Israeli military will go for a radical action,I think.If Japan advances a construction project of the Israeli reclaimed land faithfully, Japan should be able to stop a chain of the hatred between Israel and Palestine.
I think arbitration between Israel and Hamas is too difficult to Japan's diplomats and Japan's politicians.The Japanese political ideas aren't charming. The person who did a good job for the arbitration of the ethnic battle should arbitrate between Israel and Palestine,I think.
Yohei Sasagawa established the united organization of the Myanmar minority races, and Japan contributed money of support of 10 billion yen to this organization for full-fledged flood control measures of each village.Yohei Sasagawa who always were unarmed entered the Myanmar armed area and got the trust of many tribe heads and he could establish a unification organization of the minority races in Myanmar.Because Yohei Sasagawa is handsome as a person,he could did the great solution.
6.  I think Yohei Sasagawa can do a peace negotiation between Israel and Hamas well.I think that Yohei Sasagawa makes an effort so that Japan contributes money of financial support soundly peacefully.Israel and Hamas should give the chance to Yohei Sasagawa for a peace negotiation between Israel and Hamas in periods of ten years.

In Japan, there is lightning showers tonight now and a peal of thunder continues sounding.In Israel and Gaza Strip, would an explosion like a sound of such a thunder have continued sounding during war?I think that I almost go mad if this continues every day for 50 days."The dispute between Israel and Palestine" continues until today without being able to be settled really from 1948.By the same way, this problem is never settled . A new method is necessary.
I would like to hope that each member of Hamas would sell all weapons to Japan peacefully .And I would like to hope that each member of Hamas would withdraw bravely from Gaza to Qatar. They should live richly happily .Courageous withdrawal of Hamas is necessary so that occupation of Palestine is over, and so that a blockade of Gaza Strip is over.The realization may be impossible immediately, but I hope that they would live without their throwing away their own lives.We should not force somebody by fear and let's make time to think about a method together to make amicable arrangement for a dispute peacefully .
Only Palestinian people should not aim to rule over Jerusalem by bleeding .
After Palestine became peaceful, the world should talk about Jerusalem's problem together peacefully .

We all have the right to live
And we all have a star to follow,
Despite the challenge we know about
And the sacrifices we make
We have a single road to take
And a single justice to hand out
For those who will come after us,
Don't ever give up!
Please live in your important life .
Please live without thinking that you die.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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