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Devil chameleon Abe

Devil chameleon Abe11
Oh?It may be a cute chameleon. Anyone can not scold this chameleon for very love.
Prime Minister Abe has many faces as a multidimensional personality.
In order to isolate Russia, Cheney intends making up many stories as if President Putin were a bad person , but Prime Minister Abe dispatched former Prime Minister Mori to Russia in order to improve the relations between Japan and Russia.On the other hand,I think he transmitted the information into the U. K. about an incident that two women cabinet ministers of the Abe Cabinet had photographed with a leader of Nazism group , in order to explain that he is faithful to Cheney.
When Former Prime Minister Mori handed a personal letter of Prime Minister Abe, President Putin read it on the spot at once and seemed to be very glad.But , after the case of the photograph of the Nazism of ministers of the Abe's Cabinet , an ambassador of the Russian Embassy announced the postponement of "President Putin's visit to Japan in this autumn " .
By the history when Hitler's army invaded the former Soviet Union , Russian citizens bear a deep-rooted grudge against Nazism yet.
The fact is, Devil chameleon Abe is one of those men who are too clever to be believed.Prime Minister Abe does not understand the risk of the Nazism.Though the former Prime Minister Mori went to Russia with the express purpose, Prime Minister Abe did a stupid thing .Prime Minister Abe is surprised at information of the postponement of President Putin's visit to Japan very much and he turned pale as if he were a true chameleon .

Hey!!Devil chameleon Abe!!!! 5 items to regulate driving into Nazism recklessly should be added in National Secret Bill.

1.  An item in National Secret Bill should apply "a crime called abuse of a government employee's authority" for Prime Minister , deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, the chief secretary, Commissioner General of the National Police Agency ,and Chief of Joint Staff Office, JSO of Japan Self-Defense Forces, JSDF.
2.  An item in National Secret Bill is necessary so that Japan's opposition parties can reproduce Japan's original Tokyo trial when Cabinet, the police, and the Self-Defense Forces rush into Nazism and a reign of terror.
3.  An item in National Secret Bill is necessary so that Japan's opposition parties can build the system which chooses the jurymen except the politician from the various quarters to perform Japan's original Tokyo trial.
4.  An item prohibiting the establishment of the concentration camp is necessary  in National Secret Bill .
5.  Neither Japanese citizens nor "any citizens of other countries" should not be kidnapped unjustly in military purposes.
An item forbidding abducting the citizen is necessary.

A bill not to let the confidential information of the ally leak out is enough for Japan.

不公平でしょうが  デヴィル カメレオン 安倍 
It is a howler if you think that you can deceive the citizens. Tiresome old fool!
National Secret Bill can arrest the citizens unfairly.
why are not "Abe cabinet , the police, and the Self-Defense Forces" punished in National Secret Bill ?
It will be unfair,Devil chameleon Abe

Devil chameleon Abe wick

It was found out that the Asahi Shimbun described on-site contents of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant exaggeratedly, and Asahi Shimbun's president apologized today.In addition, Asahi Shimbun's president stated that the description of the charity dame of Jeju Island had an error and apologized.
However, Prime Minister Abe must not use the apology of Asahi Shimbun's president for a political performance.I am convinced that the former Japan forces kidnapped many women in Jeju Island.If Asahi Shimbun is the journalists' company, Asahi Shimbun should cooperate with the Korean government to push forward the investigation whether inhabitants of Jeju Island received bribery to bear false witness.Because Prime Minister Abe is going to let Asahi Shimbun go bankrupt, Asahi Shimbun should fight.

Prime Minister Abe glosses over essence and is going to deceive the nation to enter into Nazism.
Warning!Prime Minister Abe insists to found Japanese FEMA but actually, he is going to establish many concentration camps.
Already, it is not necessary that the Asahi Shimbun is liked by Prime Minister Abe.
The Asahi Shimbun should expose every hypocrisy of Prime Minister Abe thoroughly so that Japan does not enter into Nazism.
It is only one way that the Asahi Shimbun can survive.

The apology as the head of state of Prime Minister Abe is important for the future in Japan.And Japan should pay compensation for damages of 100 million yen per a victim as a nation in order to restore "honors and the human rights" of women of the victim .
Japan must not say any excuses until honor and the human rights of the victims are restored.
Japan loses trust more and more if Japan continues the crazy excuses.
Japan should show courage to get rid of unfair abduction from the world to get rid of sex violence of the war.
I have never forgotten the existences of women of the victims.
The hypocrisy of Japanese politics is not simple.
Japanese politicians act hypocritically that way only because they don't want to lose their position.
I can't apologize enough but Japan always torments the victims more really .
It is truly regrettable.
I am with you hand in hand in my heart.
Therefore, please live long.
I fight to restore your honor and your human rights by all means.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


歌 :Jupiter

Every day I listen to my heart
出会えた奇跡 教えてくれる

Every day I listen to my heart

私のこの両手で 何ができるの?



あなたのその涙 私のものに


いつまでも歌うわ あなたのために     

Song :Jupiter
A singer: Ayaka Hirahara
Lyrics: Yumi Yoshimoto
Composition: G.Holst

Every day I listen to my heart.
You are not alone.
Hearts as one firmly in the centre of my chest.
A star shining over the boundless time
can teach us the miracle.

Every day I listen to my heart.
You are not alone.
With being hugged in the will of this space.

What can I do with my these both hands?
Let's touch our pains, and close our eyes quietly.
More sad thing than losing a dream
is the fact not able to believe ourselves.

If there is loneliness to learn a dream,
A meaningless things do not happen.

Listen to the quietness of the heart carefully .

I'll go anywhere if you call me.
I'll change your tears into mine.

Please hug yourself now.
Please feel warmth of the life.

None of us is alone.
We are loved by being natural all the time.
I'll sing the bright future for you
so that you can live as you hope .


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