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I'll expose an impostor of Devil chameleon Abe

Ummmm...It is as fine a piece of work as has not been seen for many a year. 
Only the stock prices rose in Abenomix, but the stock prices is going to stop just soon.Prime Minister Abe required the wage increase to every Japan's company, but there is no compelling force really.Japan reduced taxes of the corporation tax, but Japan should punish "the major companies which does not rise a wage" by the penalty to put each heavy corporation tax on the basis of capital .Because Prime Minister Abe wants the political donation from each company, he can't carry it out.Prime Minister Abe acted that way only because he acquires vested rights.It is only the major companies which have each headquarters' building in Tokyo to be able to do the wage increase.TV produces the false story that Japan's economy rises by the increases both in sales and profits of the company.The prices of all products rise by a tax increase and weak yen, and Japan's economy retrogresses.The exchange became 107 yen per 1 dollar, too. This situation will be 110 yen soon.The euro raises a price, too.It is the global weak yen.Most reduce the individual consumption of import goods of Japan.And a price of the oil has a sudden price jump in Japan without energy resources, and Japan increases the trade deficit more and more.
Abenomix rattles off a barefaced lie .
Warning!The economy of India is the twelfth place in the world and is 1/3 of the Japanese economic scale, but India outran Japan on purchasing power parity (PPP) base.
Japan should let all Japanese companies move from "China whose personnel expenses became high" to India in order to reduce each cost, and Japan must increase consumption more and more.
Both Prime Minister Abe and the Governor of the Bank of Japan cause unnecessary weak yen in order to raise the stock prices. However, Japan keeps 1 dollar 100 yen and should change direction so that Japan can buy energy resources cheaply.Their economic policies, grandiosely dubbed the "Economic Revolution", are not particularly revolutionary.It's an only monkey performance.Till when will they continue a monkey performance?It will be said that Abenomix has failed unless a wage increase is possible.
And I hope that the United States and Russia, Russia and EU will get along well if possible.
Though a trade deficit of Japan is serious by the sudden rise of energy resources, Japan cannot advance the plan to expand a natural gas pipeline and the oil pipeline from Russia now.If USA and Russia, Russia and EU are not reconciled, Japan will lose the livelihood.Please get along well,please.

And Boss of Devil chameleon Abe is Cheney. We must expel the God of death from Japan.
This fellow intends to change his plan into China's world conquest plan and intends to monopolize the oil's rights of Saudi Arabia .This fellow hopes that Israel will ruin and he will do a bloodbath of every neo-conservative in order to monopolize the American hegemony.
In addition, this fellow hopes that Japan will ruin,too.......
We must expel the God of death from this world.He is the world's strongest tough guy which has the steel's heart .
Why doesn't the thunder fall to his steel's heart ?
It is because Cheney puts on the special lightning rod called Devil chameleon Abe.
Aozora Japanese Resistance

Lyric:Goodbye Isaac
(Singer,Lyric writer and composer: Motohiro Hata)
Let's open our future positively.
The new wind is blowing.
Dreams come true.
We protect the Emperor and the Empress at the risk of life.
It means that Japanese people defend the mother country Japan.

Therefore,Aozora will fight against Cheney's plot.
It leads the World Peace.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance

Ah 転がる石 少しずつ日々にすり減って落ちてく
そう 試されてる いつまで運命に逆らえないまま?

引力に負けそうで 無理だろって へたりこんじゃう前に
この際 ノンストップで ゴールラインも駆け抜けろ 今

決定的な君だけのステップを 刻んでよ 踏み出してよ
消極的で弱気なロジックは 破いてよ 捨て去ってよ
未だ見ぬステージへ 壊せ 君を閉ざす殻

Ah 描いているほど現実はうまくいかなくて
そう 誰だってね がんばっているから もどかしくなる

安定を口実に 楽な方に逃げたくなるけれど
一回きりだろって 奮い立たせて 突き抜けろ 今

衝撃的なジャイアントステップを 記してよ 繰り出してよ
劣等感も ほら 最大の武器になるんだろう
絶望的なピンチの場面でも 狙ってよ 打ち克ってよ
積み上げた昨日に きっと 嘘はないから

失敗か成功かなんて 最後までわからないけれど
とことん 信じきって フルスピードで 飛び上がれ 今

絶対的な君だけのステップを 刻んでよ 踏み出してよ
圧倒的で鮮烈なジャンプを 決めてよ 蹴散らしてよ
最高のイメージの先へ 跳ねる 君のストライド

Ah, A rolling stone wears down little by little for days and falls down
Yes. Till when will we be attempted without going against fate ?

Before giving out by impossible because seeming to be daunted by gravitation,
Run through the goal line nonstop at this juncture, now!

Furnish with only your decisive steps! Step forward!
A few centimeters would change the future.
Tear a piece of the negative, bearish logic!Throw away it!
To the stage not to yet watch! Break!The shells into which shuts you!

Ah because the reality does not go well enough to wish,
Yes.because anyone does his best, it becomes irritating.

Everyone wants to run away to the comfortable one on the pretext of stability.
Braces yourself up because it is only once!Break through, now!

Perform shocking giant step!March out!
See!The inferiority complex will become the maximum weapon , too.
Aim at even scene in a hopeless pinch!Overcome it!
Because surely yesterday of your incessant having practised has no lie!

We can not see it will be failure or success till the last.
Trust it thoroughly, and fly up at full speed, now.

Furnish with only your absolute steps! Step forward!
A few centimeters may let the miracle happen!
Perform an overwhelming, vivid jump ! Kick off!
You can jump into the point of the best image. That is your stride.



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