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Peace is...

On Saturday night, footage showing the beheading of the British hostage David Haines was released by the Islamic State (Isis) – shortly after his family had appealed for the group to contact them to discuss his release.
This abnormal murder incident rocked the entire world.UK Prime Minister David Cameron is warning ,"ISIS Have Planned And Continue To Plan Attacks Across Europe And In OUR Country!"
Aozora already warned UK Prime Minister David Cameron on November 6 of the last year that England should deliver Assange to the United States because Assange built a network to be burnt to the ground by terrorists.But UK Prime Minister David Cameron ignored my warning.
The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in Revelation chapter 6, verses 1-8. ISIS talks many unemployed persons of EU to participate in ISIS on the Internet in the whole EU, but I am convinced that it is Assange to have led this mainly.Red horse of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse is Assange,I think.
And I read an information that ISIL terrorists sponsored by Saudis, Israel and Cheney.Yes,he is.Cheney is a big spy of China ,who intends to change his plan into China's world conquest plan .
And I read also an information that Rothchild contributed money of support of 2 billion dollars to ISIS.Probably I think the dispute of ISIS will be the war by proxy of the oil rights between Rothchild and Rockefeller.
Did Cheney suggest about depriving oil rights from both of Iraq and Saudi Arabia by ISIS in order to monopolize it together?
Probably I think that Cheney does each same suggestion for both of Rothchild and Rockefeller.After that terrorists have trained in ISIS, they will cause many internal disturbances as soon as they go back to EU.This situation may happen actually like the description of the Apocalypse.
Do you understand it?Cheney causes many internal disturbances in whole EU and intends to absorb wealth of Rothchild.
Cheney is the fourth knight of the Apocalypse and is the symbol of the god of death.The temptation of the god of death includes ruin.Cheney works on the areas which have the oil rights. Cheney intends to destroy each country without the oil rights such as Israel and Japan , uncharitably.Cheney does not have attachment for European cultural heritages to destroy it by smuggling of many weapons from China. Cheney is just only the god of death.And Cheney will do a bloodbath of every neo-conservative in order to monopolize the American hegemony.
I'll do five suggestions to prevent a plot of Cheney.
1.I would like to hope that Prime Minister Cameron deliver Assange to the United States as soon as possible.FBI should investigate Assange in order to obtain the information of China's world conquest plan to which Cheney belongs. If Cheney loses his position, beautiful Europe is saved from rushing into the terrible civil war.
2.I suggest that every country should prohibit Bit coin on a global scale. Bit coin becomes the source of funds of the terrorists.
3.I would like to hope that U.K., Israel, and Saudi Arabia would offer all information of ISIS as possible to the Obama Administration .If four countries unite, they can stop the terrorism threat of ISIS.
4.Europe , USA and the Middle East should prohibit all the people who participated in ISIS and Syrian Islamic extremists to entry into each mother country .They become the slaughter robots by narcotic drugs.
5.Cheney is going to cause World War 3 in order to deprive Russian oil rights.ISIS and the Ukrainian right wing radicals become the headshrinker now . They do the same thing.After all it is Cheney to control the Ukrainian right wing radicals.The world should recognize that Cheney rather than President Putin is just a double‐dyed villain against whom the world should fight .President Putin contributes food supports and generators for Russian Ukrainians.We should abandon prejudice about president Putin and we must fight against Cheney.The world must unite to fight against Cheney.
It is the destiny of modern people to build peace kingdom for 1000 years and is a way of the salvation of our souls of the human race.The former Japan forces did the thing that is more terrible than any satanists, but nonetheless they are human beings, and also the descendants are human beings.
As for them, I think that they realize that God permits them if they reform themselves when time of the Apocalypse come.I understand God permits them if they will build peace kingdom for 1000 years.I think that both souls of "the descendants of former Japan forces, and all satanists" cry in each painful chains.However, God prepares an exit for all human beings.It is to build peace kingdom for 1000 years.
Let's unite to fight against Cheney in order to build peace kingdom for 1000 years.

Lyric:Goodbye Isaac
(Singer,Lyric writer and composer: Motohiro Hata)
Let's open our future positively.
The new wind is blowing.
Dreams come true.
Cheney is going to push forward a terrible plan to execute the Emperor's family in Beijing,too.
But we protect the Emperor and the Empress at the risk of life.
It means that Japanese people defend the mother country Japan.

Therefore,Aozora will fight against Cheney's plot.
It leads the World Peace.
By Aozora Japanese Resistance


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