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Prime Minister Abe does far heavier crime than the Asahi Shimbun.

Prime Minister Abe 
Prime Minister Abe insisted that the Asahi Shimbun should try for recovery of the slander of Japan to the world because the Asahi Shimbun canceled an article about the forcible kidnapping of many women in Jeju Island .

That's a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Because the Asahi Shimbun corrected an article, favorite commentators of Prime Minister Abe continued requiring the apology of Asahi Shimbun's president, and President Asahi Shimbun apologized. But apparently there were no such intentions to apologize to all women who were kidnapped by the former Japan forces in order to be forced on being the prostitute of Japan soldiers , in his mind of Prime Minister Abe.
   A hypocrite simulates virtue.Everyone considers Prime Minister Abe a smooth-tongued barefaced hypocrite. The core of the problem is testimony provided by the late Seiji Yoshida to the effect that he "hunted up" Korean women to make them serve as comfort women for Japanese soldiers during World War II.I think Seiji Yoshida might have been threatened by someone and overturned testimony.A part of his writing of Seiji Yoshida might have had the creation such as a sadistic eroticism novel, but the abduction and the human rights violations of the women existed as a historical fact. By reason why there is no history of kidnapping women at World War II, if Prime Minister Abe does not apologize to women of the victims as head of state, Prime Minister Abe is just a swindler. If the Asahi Shimbun must send something to the world, the Asahi Shimbun should send a fact to the world that just Prime Minister Abe should apologize to many damaged women of World War II as head of state, and the Asahi Shimbun should send a fact to the world that Abe Cabinet should add 5 items as follow in National Secret Bill.
1.  An item in National Secret Bill should apply "a crime called abuse of a government employee's authority" for Prime Minister , deputy Prime Minister, Chief Cabinet Secretary,Minister of Defense, the chief secretary, Commissioner General of the National Police Agency ,and Chief of Joint Staff Office, JSO of Japan Self-Defense Forces, JSDF.
Of course this item includes their penal servitudes.
2.  An item in National Secret Bill is necessary so that Japan's opposition parties can reproduce Japan's original Tokyo trial when Cabinet, the police, and the Self-Defense Forces rush into Nazism and a reign of terror.
3.  An item in National Secret Bill is necessary so that Japan's opposition parties can build the system which chooses the jurymen except the politician from the various quarters to perform Japan's original Tokyo trial.
4.  An item prohibiting the establishment of the concentration camp is necessary  in National Secret Bill .
Prime Minister Abe insists to found Japanese FEMA but actually, he is going to establish many concentration camps.
5.  Neither Japanese citizens nor "any citizens of other countries" should not be kidnapped unjustly in military purposes.
An item forbidding abducting any citizens is necessary.
Cheney ex-vice President
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Prime Minister Abe,in the first place why does Illuminati card announce Japanese militarism previously?The Rising Sun Flag is the military flag of Japan.The naval ensign and a modified version of the war flag continue to be used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces.Prime Minister Abe, why does Illuminati card announce Japanese militarism previously?Please tell me.


A smooth-tongued barefaced hypocrite
不公平でしょうが  デヴィル カメレオン 安倍 
It is a howler if you think that you can deceive the citizens. Tiresome old fool!
National Secret Bill can arrest the citizens unfairly.
why are not "Abe cabinet , the police, and the Self-Defense Forces" punished in National Secret Bill ?
It will be unfair,Devil chameleon Abe

Devil chameleon Abe wick

I have never forgotten the existences of women of the victims.
I fight to restore their honors and their human rights by all means.
We should understand God permits us if Japan will build peace kingdom for 1000 years.
God prepares an exit for Japan.
It is the first step for building peace kingdom for 1000 years to restore "their honors and their human rights" of kidnapped women by the former Japan forces at World War II .
I'll love women of the victim as if they were my mother.
And I'll hug the women of victims .
And I will grasp that hand of yours gently.
Aozora Japanese Resistance


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